Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack

Best Intermediate Drum Set Review


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Is drumming quite interesting, right? And for beginners, it feels so exciting once you know how to play them right.

For a beginner, you don’t need anything too expensive. Beginners, pick drum sets with basic features. They only take those with basic features and cheaper options.

But after hammering your first kit for some time, you will have to move to something a little more. While a beginner drum set if great, they are not the best for progress.

As your skills progress, so should your kit. Hence, you are looking for something with enhanced quality sounds and better usability. 

What to look for in the best Intermediate drum set

The excitement of moving to the be next level can be quite tempting. You may be tempted to start looking for a great professional drum set. 

However, it takes more than just picking a drum set. You are looking for something that is better than what you currently have. 

Hence, an intermediate drummer needs a drum that gives you advanced experience, the sound, and the quality of the best brands. At the same time, you should consider your budget. 

When upgrading drummers come to, I like sharing with them exactly what I needed ion my set. Here are some ideas.

Advanced features

One of the things you will notice about your upgrade is more features. Even the setup up will have changed.

For a startup kit, it is only the drum, the cymbals, and the drumsticks that are important. But when it comes to advanced kits, you are looking at better drum heads, better-sounding cymbals more accessories.

In other words, advanced drum kits require better sound. At this time, you have already learned to keep time, to drum for different genres, and more much more. 

An intermediate drum set is, therefore, not only for practice but for sharpening your skills. Understand that from here; you are moving to professional gear.

The brand 

There are very many brands for beginner drums. This is because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture.

However, intermediate drums come with better features. Hence, the brand matters a lot.

High-end drum manufacturers like DW and Yamaha have always focused on intermediate and high-end functionality. This is why these brands have greatly established in reputation. 

Your budget 

Getting a better drum set call means you will need to dig deeper into your pockets. You may have used just a few bucks to get your beginner kit. 

However, intermediate kits are more costly. Though most of them are still in the affordable range, there are some that cost pretty high. 


Again, beginner drum kits are made for easy setup. This may not be true with intermediate drums. Some of them, for instance, come with more cymbals and drum heads than the entry-level solutions.

How much is a decent drum set?

I believe you are buying an intermediate drum kit because you are ready to commit. The entry-level drum is cheap because they are more like drum testing options.

Hence, you may want to know the price for the next level. 

One thing you must know, they are not cheap.

These drums come at varying prices. There are those that even play as an intermediate option too. Such may be a bit cheaper.

There are several factors that determine prices. First, the price depends on the features of the set. For instance, all electronic mesh drums will cost higher than plastic pads.

Also, there is a brand. Brands like Yamaha, DW, and Roland make high-end acoustic and electronic drum kits. Because of their reputation, they make products that cost a bit more.

On the other hand, we have Alesis, which makes the most affordable, entry-level, and intermediate electronic drum kits. 

Whatever you choose, quality must not be compromised. That is what makes prices go high. Generally, get ready with a few hundreds to get a decent drum set. 

Top 5 drum kits for intermediate players

For those who are still not sure where to begin, here are some products you can rely on. I have picked them according to price, features, and generally functional.

PDP 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack

Pdp 7 Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack 1
Pdp 7 Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack

If you are upgrading from the beginner level, and you need something the is both high-quality and affordable, the PDP by DW may be a great choice. It comes with all the features of a decent drum kit. 

It comes with high-quality functions while ensuring you don’t have to break a bank for it. The drums are boutique-inspired, which made me fall in love with them immediately,

Whether you are playing at home or on stage, this kit will make you feel really good. And since you are looking for better sounds, you can be sure they are here.

It sounds really amazing, which lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. It comes with a bass drum, 7-ply tom, and kick, as well as a 10-ply snare shell.

But you will have to buy cymbals and stands separately. Most high-end drum sets don’t come with cymbals anyway. Luckily, these accessories are easily found online. 

Note also that the kit claims to come with mounting hardware. But chrome hardware promised is but the one connected to the drum already. This means there are drum stands or lifts. Also, you can buy this one cheaply from online stores.

Nevertheless, you should not expect much from such a low price. 

Generally, the kit is excellent in construction. It looks pretty interesting and sounds even better. It is also recommended for playing live on the stage of studios recording.

Drum Workshop is one of the most reputable drum companies in the world. It focuses on high-end drum sets, except for PDPs, which are aimed at the lower market.

For this reason, you can expect the best features of this kit. And if you want to elevate your drumming experience, I would highly recommend this set.


  • Beautiful and responsive construction with aesthetic looks
  • Amazing sounds and tunes
  • Features a chrome mounting software.
  • Good for all playing needs,


  • You will need to buy cymbals separately.
  • It does not also come with a stand, which means you have to purchase them individually too.

Pearl Decade

Pearl Decade
Pearl Decade

Who doesn’t know Pearl in the drumming industry? Chances are you are already using their drums or accessories. Hence, you can expect nothing but the best from the brand. They have been making some of the best entry to mid-level drum sets.

The Pearl Decade Drums come features maple shells. And this is where the incredible sounds come from. This is a top-quality wood that produces excellent tones.

I like the Decade DMP927SP for its quality. I would recommend it to those who need the best mid-level playing experience. 

One of the main features of this set is its quality. Not very many drum sets in this price range come with shells and lugs. This is why the Pearl Decade gives out clearer and resonant sounds.

In addition, it comes with sturdy and durable construction. And the lifetime warranty it comes with assures this.

The fact that it is shells only is pretty attractive. As a buyer, this is something you need to keep in mind. And as far as hardware and cymbals go, you can never ask for more at such prices. 

I will not forget to mention that it is a 7-piece drum set. This means you will get a bass drum, a snare, two floor toms, and three suspended toms.

And if you like your drums to stand out, I am sure you will be proud of the stunning lacquer finish. This makes it look sharp and highly attractive.

All shells are 6-ply and feature 100% maple. This feature makes it produce the high-quality tones you get.

As if that is not enough, the brand ha so included a superior-quality mounting and locking systems. This means your toms are perfectly set in place.

In terms of value for money, you will be glad it comes with a lifetime warranty. This is just to assure its quality and functionality.


  • The Pearl Decade promises excellent tones. This comes from its construction and the type of wood on its shells. 
  • The kit comes ready for gigging. Because of its superior-quality sound, even professional drummers will find it useful.
  • It comes with sturdy construction. Lifetime warranty means it is very durable.


  • This is a shell pack only—no stands, cymbals, or pedals. 

The Roland V-Compact Series (TD-17KV-S)

The Roland V Compact Series Td 17kv S 1
The Roland V Compact Series Td 17kv S 1

When it comes to the best electronic drums, I would like to believe no company beats Roland. And that you have gotten comfortable behind the sticks, it may be a good idea to try out an e-drum set.

Well, both electronic and acoustic drums have benefits and cons. But you can always get the best of both worlds. 

The Roland TD-17KV-S is an excellent choice for intermediate drumming. They are very compact, yet you get a realistic and natural feeling.

Note, however, it is not built to emulate an acoustic setup. If you want more realistic sounds, I would suggest you go for the most expensive choices.

That aside, practicing drums is all about comfort and convenience. The Roland TD-17KV-S comes with a wide collection of presets sample from real instruments. You can also customize it with kits that make you more comfortable.

It comes with everything you need to start playing, including snare, three toms, and three cymbal pads with a hi-hat controller.

The 25 preset kits can be fully customized. Also, plugin your smartphone or stereo to jam along with your best songs.

With the coach mode, you will monitor your drumming progress and improve wherever possible. There is nothing this kit will not do for you.


  • Very portable
  • Great for silent practicing.
  • Realistic sounds and response.


  • An electronic set means you need to but speakers or amplification device. 

Gretsch Drum – Catalina Maple CMI-E605-WG

Gretsch Drum – Catalina Maple Cmi E605 Wg 1
Gretsch Drum – Catalina Maple Cmi E605 Wg 1

Many people have asked me for long whether Gretsch drums are any good. And my answer is always a reference to the Catalina Maple. This is a five-piece kit that really stands out.

It is more compact due to the number of kits. This means it is also very portable.

The kit comes built with a 7-ply maple shell. The five pieces include a bass drum, a snare, and three toms.

It also comes with Gretsch signature locking and mount system. This is echoed with Remo Drum Heads, for enhanced quality. 


  • Easily tuned
  • Quality sounds and response.
  • Recommended for smaller spaces,


  • No hardware and cymbals.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-piece Drum Shell Pack

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack

If you don’t know Yamaha, then you haven’t started drumming yet. And this is one of the best quality kits from the company.

It is a 5-piece drum shell pack containing bass drum, a snare, and three toms. It is more affordable too, yet it comes with mounts and hardware. 

You will get three legs for the toms and a three-hole receiver for the rack toms. This makes everything look so easy and straightforward. 

It is produced with 100% bitch, which why they are affordable. Birch is of poor quality to maple, yet still functional.


  • 100% birch 
  • Great mounting hardware.
  • Excellent sounds.


  • No cymbals and hardware
  • Not kick pedal or a throne.  

Are PDP drums any good?

Yes. PDP drums are some of the best options on the market today. They are made with high-quality material, ensuring you enjoy constant plating.

Also, they are boutique-inspired. Hence, they will look wonderful, no matter where you play them. The Asian Maple wood that makes them is of the best quality. 

What makes a good drum set?

When it comes to an understanding of the best drum set, I will package every feature into functionality. With technology taking over the world, it would be hard to tell for sure which is the best drum set since everyone has their preferences.

However, there are features that should never be compromised. And these include quality material (which brings out quality sound), and sturdy construction (for durability). 


When you are ready for the next level of drumming, the gear you get will determine how much output you get. I hope the reviews in this article has enlightened you. If you are looking for something more portable and functional, I would recommend the Roland. 

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