Finding the right drum set could be daunting, especially if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start.

Below is a list of a selection of the best sets of drums and the best drum brands that I have personally reviewed for you on Zerotodrum.

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Zero to Drum selected for you the best small drum sets for you based on how small they are, such as the, click here to find out => small drum kit?

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Which drum kits are the best?

Drum Kits

There are so many drum kits on the market today. Each manufacturer shares a few features that are good in their products. However, not all of them are good.

The drum kits come from a famous brand. And we have several brands that are running the market.

With its Imperialstar 6-piece drum set, Tama offers a classic example of affordability and quality. Then there is DW, one of the best manufacturers. Their DW Collector’s Series 7-Piece Series is among the best high-end acoustic kits.

Other brands like Yamaha, Pearl, PDP Ludwig, Mapex, and Gretsch make the best drum kits. And the best part is you have all the options from affordable to higher-end products.

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    • Hey Simon,

      Happy that you like the article and glad that you found it helpful! My aim is always to provide the best drumming tips to get the best model, and product that you are looking for. Top recommendation for top drummer only, like you! All the best Andrea

  1. Hey Andrea, this articles about drum set is amazing. I was looking to buy an elecronic drum set for my daughter and I think that the Roland is the right one I should go through, because it sounds well and it is not too expensive. What do you think?

    • Hey John, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I think that the Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK drum set is a perfect drum set for your daughter, considering its great quality, the sound, and the perfect functionality for beginners. Please let me know if you need extra help 🙂

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