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Finding the right drum set could be daunting, especially if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start.

Below a list of with a selection of the best sets of drums that I have reviewed for you on Zerotodrum.

Click the images to see the prices of the following items on Amazon.

Have fun and thanks for reading.

Acoustic Drum Sets

Here a list of some of my favorite acoustic drum sets, personally tested and selected for you:

Pearl Export Series red with cymbals

Pearl Export Series is a dynamic and functional set for more experienced drummers that want to move to the next step and buy a really good drum set.

From my experience, I‘ve found the Pearl Export Series is a good drum set because it is highly versatile and suitable for all kinds of drum players. Is that cool, right?

In general, I like the Pearl Drum Sets because of their amazing sound and overall quality.

Ludwig Breakbeats White drum set with cymbals

Questlove, the drummer of The Roots, has been one of the most famous sponsors of the Ludwig Breakbeats, The Design Of A Star, a really good drum set, that is really functional and it comes out at a really good price.

This set is for everyone, especially beginners. It is an excellent deal for:

  • Adult beginners looking for good quality first drum sets
  • Junior players looking for great sound.

The Best Jazz Drum Set

If you are looking for a selection of some of the best Jazz drum sets?

Well click to this link Zerotodrum’s Beginner’s Guide To A Jazz Drum Set

The Best Small Drum Set

Are you looking for a small drum kit? Here at Zero to Drum we selected the best small drum sets for you, based on how small they are, such as the PAXCESS 9 Pads Electric Drum Set, the perfect small electric drum set that you can bring whatever you want.

Paxcess 9 Pads Electronic Drum Set

Even though it looks like a kids drum kit (technically, it is), it is perfect for adult beginners. It offers the feeling of a compact, full drum kit.

It is fully portable that you can tap your rhythm even at the campfire, BBG, or beach party. It comes with a built-in speaker; hence you can play without connecting to external ones.

Looking for other electric drum sets?

Have a look at the amazing selection below!

Electronic Drum Sets

Image of the Alesis Forge drum set

Alesis Forge is for sure one of the best electronic drum set that you can find on the market.

It features an 11” dual-zone snare and three 8” tom pads for great feel and natural response, plus a kick drum pad with pedal.

Three cymbals give you a virtually unlimited range of playing expression and the premium chrome 4-post mounting rack keeps everything solid and secure. 

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit drum set

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit Electronic Drum Kit also is one of the best drum sets that you can find, always from the brand Alesis.

It is definitely a complete drum kit for beginners and intermediate drummers:

  • solid 4-post aluminum rack;
  • 10″ cymbals;
  • Alesis custom-designed hi-hat and
  • kick pedal.
Yamaha Dtx522k Electronic Drum Set Zerotodrum

Are you looking for the perfect electronic drum kit for you to improve your drumming skills?

Yeah, so I recommend you try out the Yamaha DTX522K.

This drum kit is perfect for someone running on a low on budget but in need of creating quality music.

Electronic Drum Sets

If you are looking for kids’ electric drums, here is the page that you are looking for!

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