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Trym Torson Feature

Trym, The world’s most Famous Black Metal Drummer

Trym Torson or just “Trym” is one of those drummers who makes you feel like you can do anything. His simplistic and yet complex approach to drumming is something not of this world. Those who have listened to the drummer would agree there are very few who can play to his level. The Norwegian drummer

Vinny Appice Feature

Vinny Appice, A Drummer whose skills translate over generations

Vinny Appice may not be the most recognized drummer because his brother often overshadows him, but he is certainly one worth studying. His work can be seen in some of the most outstanding heavy metal recordings throughout the past several decades. Most of his recognizable work is with Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell.

Teresa Taylor Feature

Teresa Taylor, Behind The Success Of Butthole Surfers

Teresa Taylor is a musician and actress from the United States of America. She was born in 1962 in Arlington, Texas. She is known as Teresa Nervosa, a name that she proudly accepts. She is also known as the drummer of the American punk band Butthole Surfers. Teresa Taylor plays drums, and her favorite music

Pete Sandoval Feature

Pete Sandoval, Innovation, Power and Speed in Drums

Born May 21, 1964, Pedro Rigoberto “Pete” Sandoval is an American death metal drummer from Salvador. Many know him as the father of the blast beat. That is his signature style, and it’s something that has been with him throughout his career. When talking about Pete Sandoval, many will be quick to recognize him for

Scott Rockenfield Feature

Scott Rockenfield, Bridging The Heavy Metal & Progressive rock genres

Drumming is like an addiction; once it gets in your blood, it drives you to want to play all the time. The best way to explain this is by looking at Scott Rockenfield. This is one of the most influential hard rock and metal drummers of all time. He has always been a great influence

Shiho Yamanoha Feature

Shiho Yamanoha, the Stunning Japanese New-Age Drummer

Yamanoha Shiho, famously known by her stage name SHIHO is a Japanese female musician born on the 18th of October 1990 in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Yamanoha Shiho is currently living in Setagaya, Tokyo. She is a new age drummer who is still fresh in the music industry, and is already rocking with sweet melodies. Her

95.5 Klos And The Whisky A Go Go Present Rock Against Ms All Star Benefit Concert

Nick Menza, The Force Behind Megadeth’s Revolution

When you talk about Megabeth’s revolutionary album “Rust in Peace,” the drumming is typically the forefront of conversation. It is a piece in which the highest level of drumming skills is displayed. It’s the late drummer Nick Menza who did the stick work. He is one of the most talented drummers in the history of

George Kollias Feature

George Kollias, The Enduring Player

Drumming requires great endurance. And there are very few who have it like George Kollias. The Nile’s skin man is a true representation of what greatness looks like. He is the longest man to enthrone the Egyptian-themed metal set. He started slow but has managed to lift himself up, persevering through “An Evening With” tour

Akane Hirose Feature

Akane Hirose, Beauty And The Beat

A drummer often gains attention from his/her gear and playing style. And in this case, Akane Hirose is one of the few drummers of the modern age who have left a considerable mark on modern drumming. Well, she is still leaving a mark, but she is already a reputable performer.  Akane Hirose is the band

Matt Sorum Feature

Matt Sorum, The Backbone of Guns N’ Roses

Drumming may not be easy, but Matt Sorum sure makes it seem like it is. When looking at the best drummers, we often consider the bands their bands. In this case, Matt Sorum is best known for his work with the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. He recorded three studio albums with the group.

Philthy Taylor Feature

Philthy ‘Animal’ Taylor, The Animal Behind The Kit

Phil’ Philthy’ Animal Taylor is one of the greatest drumming influences in the development of metal. If you need proof, visit YouTube and look for a 2011 video titled “the big four.” It shows just how important of a drummer he is to the style. It is a video of the four founding bands of

Jen Ledger Feature

Jen Ledger, Drumming’s innovator

Jen Ledger was born in Coventry, England in 1989. She did not start playing drums until she was 13, at which time she had shown a great passion for the instrument. Ledger attended Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School, and passed the GCSE. From an early age, Jen Ledger always seemed to have a

A.j Pero Feature

A.J Pero, A Drumming Inspiration

The heavy metal drumming community has seen its fair share of excellent drummers. And when you mention the best of the best, A.J Pero will not miss the list.  The late Perp from Twisted Sister was one of the most remarkable stickmen in heavy music history. Most every modern drummer has probably directly or indirectly learned

Christoph Schneider Feature

Christoph Schneider, Rammstein’s Best Drummer Ever!

Very few drummers can plan play like Christoph Schneider. He is one of the fastest and most influential drummers in the world of rock and metal. His giftedness has not gone unnoticed over his drumming career. Christoph Schneider was born in Berlin, East Germany, and has six siblings. His passion for music started at a

Caroline Corr Feature

Caroline Corr, The Chick with the Stick

Caroline Georgina Corr MBE is an Irish singer and drummer who is a fantastic talent. She was born on the 17th of March in 1973 which is a nationally recognized day in Ireland known as St. Patrick’s day. She was born in Dundalk, Louth, Ireland, located on the east coast of Ireland. Her parents are

John Dolmayan Feature

John Dolmayan, a drummer who dominates speed and agility

John Dolmayan is not a new name in the world of hard rock and metal music. The Armenian-Lebanese-American was born on July 15, 1973. His rise to fame was with System of a Down. He also drums for a band called Indicators. Apart from being a drummer, John Dolmayan is also a songwriter. He is pure

Roxy Petrucci Feature

Roxy Petrucci, The legendary Lady Drummer behind the drums

Roxanne Dora Petrucci is an amazing American drummer with exceptional talent. She was born on the 17th of March 1962 in Rochester, Michigan. Roxy Petrucci was raised in a family of talented musicians. She grew up with music in her heart, and she knew that was the path to take. She is a song composer

Igor Cavalera Feature

Igor Cavalera, the influential drummer of the heavy metal band Sepultura

A drummer is typically recognized by the band he plays or has played for. And in this case, Igor Graziano Cavalera is an example of greatness. Born on September 4, 1970, the Brazilian drummer is best known for his role in his former heavy metal band Sepultura. Igor Cavalera co-founded the band with his brother