Calvin Rodgers, The Great Drummer From Music-Loving Family

Chicago-born Drummer Calvin Rodgers is recognized for transforming the sound of gospel drumming. Growing up in a musical family, Calvin Rodgers always knew music would be his career choice.

After mastering the drums from an early age, he has gone on to become one of the best drummers on the scene today. Drawing influence from various genres, he can capture the energy of any performance with his unique style.

In this article, we take a look at how Calvin got started and explored his career, as well as some of his musical influences. We’ll also discuss how Calvin uses his music to empower others and the various projects he is involved in.

Who is Calvin Rodgers?

Calvin Rodgers
Calvin Rodgers

Calvin Rodgers is a talented gospel drummer who comes from a family that loves music. At a very young age, Calvin’s parents realized that he had a passion for music and an even greater love of the drums. Both parents worked and put in a lot of effort to contribute as much as they could to their son’s promising future.

Calvin started his career in music by working as his father’s personal drummer when he was about nine years old. Calvin’s father is a well-known gospel musician and songwriter. Moreover, his father frequently brought him along to late-night rehearsals and recording sessions so that he could observe and pick up tips from the seasoned musicians with whom his father often collaborated.

As the years went by, Calvin’s reputation grew as he performed at nearby churches alongside various solo performers, groups, and choirs.

Music career journey

Calvin Rodgers Drumming Solo

Calvin Rodgers has enjoyed a long and successful career as a drummer, beginning with performing at local churches with a church set and then touring around the globe. His passion for his craft allowed him to develop a unique drumming style that incorporated elements from various genres.

Since he decided to pursue a music career, he’s already focusing on gospel drumming. At such a young age, specifically at 15, Calvin was privileged to perform alongside the newly GRAMMY-nominated choir, Ricky Dillard & New Generation Chorale. He was touring with them by the time he started high school.

Calvin also started traveling with other gospel musicians like John P. Kee. He began to gain a reputation in Chicago as a first-call first-call studio session drummer for anything from smooth jazz to commercials for radio and television. Some of the fantastic musicians he ever worked with are Aretha Franklin, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Sapp, and a long list of other artists.

Calvin also runs a regular schedule as a private lessons tutor. In Chicago, you can always find Calvin playing the drums at New Life Covenant, his home church.

Grammy Nominations

Calvin Rodgers Drummer
Calvin Rodgers Drummer

As his reputation grew, he began collaborating with well-known producers and released several albums. Throughout his career, Calvin has been able to use his music to empower others, making him an in-demand drummer among GRAMMY’s awardees.

Calvin was hired as a touring drummer of R. Kelly, who is a GRAMMY Award winner. Calvin began touring with Kelly, but after doing a world tour for two years, Calvin decided to answer a greater calling and go back to his gospel music roots.

However, Calvin still accepted the music director position offered by the GRAMMY winner Fred Hammond. He is currently Hammond’s main co-writer and co-producer.

Final Thought

From his humble beginnings performing with other musicians at local churches to becoming one of the most sought-after gospel drummers in the world, Calvin Rodgers has shown how talented and serious he is in crafting his art.

His unique style of drumming, which draws from multiple genres, has earned him recognition and allowed him to empower others with his music. It is clear that the solid musical heritage of his family has been passed down to him, giving him the tools he needs to be successful.

Through years of hard work and dedication, Calvin Rodgers continues to be an inspiring example of what can be accomplished with the right mindset and positive attitude.

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