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[WATCH] Drummer Accidently Throws Drum at Wedding Guest

In a startling twist at a wedding celebration in Çarşamba, Turkey, a drummer’s performance took a dramatic turn when his instrument accidentally flew into an unsuspecting guest.

The incident, which occurred amidst the lively festivities, has since become a widely discussed event, especially after the footage made rounds on social media platforms.

The wedding, set against the backdrop of northern Turkey’s scenic Samsun Province, featured a duo of drummers who were part of the evening’s entertainment. Guests at the celebration were enjoying a vibrant display of music and dance, with the drummers energetically circling the dance floor. It was during one of these rounds that the unforeseen mishap occurred.

Eyewitnesses and video footage reveal that as the drummers swung their instruments in rhythm to the music, the strap of one drummer’s instrument suddenly snapped.

The drum, no longer secured, launched through the air and struck Nazire Karaca, a guest who was recording the festivities on her smartphone.

The impact, while sudden, fortunately resulted in no serious injuries. Ms. Karaca later commented on the incident, noting the lucky intervention of her smartphone which she believes shielded her from a more severe injury.

“I think the phone protected me. I was holding the phone and the drum bounced off and hit my legs. If it wasn’t for the phone, the drum would have hit me in the face,” she explained.

Despite the shock, she was able to continue enjoying the event, much to the relief of everyone involved.

The video capturing this unusual incident has since garnered significant attention online, turning what could have been an unfortunate event into a viral moment. Viewers of the video have expressed both concern and amusement, with many relieved that the situation did not escalate into a more serious accident.

The drummers, while embarrassed by the mishap, were grateful that Ms. Karaca was not badly hurt. The wedding party continued, with the incident adding an unexpected, yet memorable twist to the celebrations.

Such events serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of live performances and the importance of ensuring safety in all aspects of event entertainment.

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