10 New Drum Accessories You NEED To Try

I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest drum gadgets and accessories. The ones featured on this list are a must-try.

1) Big Fat Snare Drum Neck Tie

Big Fat Snare Drum Neck Tie Cymbal Topper

The Neck Tie is designed to be draped over any cymbal, adding a “trashy” sizzle effect thanks to its five sets of jingles. It’s universally compatible, easily fitting over any cymbal’s felt, wing nut, or quick-set collar with a 2″ aperture. Its design not only enhances sound variety but also adds a visually appealing “neck-tie” aesthetic to your drum kit.

As a drummer, the addition of the Big Fat Snare Drum Neck Tie to my setup has been a game changer. The installation is straightforward—simply place it atop the cymbal—and it stays securely in place during performances. The jingles add a distinct, lively sizzle to the cymbal tones, perfect for genres that thrive on a bit of sonic chaos, like garage rock or experimental jazz.

2) Tackle Instrument Supply Adjustable Sizzle Chain

Tackle Instrument Supply Adjustable Sizzle Chain - 10.5&Quot;

The Tackle Adjustable Cymbal Chain offers a simple way to add a smoky rivet sound to any cymbal without permanent changes. Its adjustable design allows for easy control over the intensity of the sizzle, suitable for both crash and ride cymbals. Made from durable materials like leather and brass, it ensures quality and longevity. Installation is quick and straightforward, making it a practical choice for drummers.

3) Tama Soft Sound Ring Set

The TAMA Soft Sound Ring Set is a straightforward solution for drummers looking to reduce their kit’s volume. These 6mm-thick foam rubber rings fit easily onto drum heads, effectively dampening sound without hindering playability. The set also includes a Soft Sound Beater for the bass drum, which produces a gentler sound than standard beaters. Many drummers recommend these for controlling volume during practice or in small venues.

4) RTOM Moongel Workout Pad

Image 1
Image 1

The RTOM Moongel Workout Pad is a compact 7″ practice pad that offers minimal rebound, mimicking the feel of practicing on a pillow. This design helps strengthen arm muscles and improves stick control, making it ideal for developing faster and cleaner playing techniques. It’s also extremely quiet, perfect for practicing in noise-sensitive environments like apartments or dorm rooms. Practicing on this pad can significantly enhance your performance on a regular drum kit.

5) Meinl Cymbals Magnetic Cymbal Tuners

Image 2
Image 2

The Meinl Magnetic Cymbal Tuners are a versatile tool for drummers looking to fine-tune their cymbal sounds to suit different venues and styles. By placing these strong magnets in various positions on your cymbals, you can adjust the sustain, tone, and volume to achieve your desired sound. They’re particularly easy to use and reposition, making them ideal for quick adjustments during gigs. The tuners also come with a handy carry tube and carabiner, ensuring they stay organized and accessible in your gear bag.

6) DW John Good Drum Tuning Table

Image 3
Image 3

The DW Drums John Good Tuning Table simplifies the drum tuning process with its innovative Lazy Susan design. It features a carpeted surface that mutes the bottom heads, allowing for more accurate tuning of toms and snares. The table’s frictionless ball bearings enable quick and easy rotation of drums, perfect for fast backstage tune-ups. Additionally, two integrated drum keys make head changes swift and efficient, ideal for any gigging drummer.

7) RimRiser

Image 4
Image 4

The RimRiser 30-ply Maple is a handy accessory that enhances the midrange of your snare drum’s cross stick by attaching easily to the rim and raising the striking surface by one inch. It also mimics the sound of a wooden hoop when played with standard sticking techniques, adding versatility to your snare’s sound palette. This accessory fits a variety of snare drum sizes and comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting. Made in the USA, the RimRiser is a solid choice for drummers looking to refine their snare drum’s performance.

8) Ahead Armor Rolling Hardware Case