Drum Accessories

Each drummer should choose the best drum kit, cymbal set, appropriate hardware, drumsticks on hand and if desired, hearing protection.

The best drummers should also choose different elements that will help you have a better experience with your drums.

Below I have selected the best ten tools and instruments to be considered by the perfect drummer, like you!

1. Stick holder

Whether you’re on stage or in your rehearsal room, I suggest you to keep your sticks in the best position, such as a stick bag, but also within reach and ready for action if you loose one while you are playing. You can attach the stick holder to any hi-hat stand or cymbal stand. It’s is available in two models, one for a pair of drumstricks and one for several pairs of drumstricks.

2. Quick release cymbal lock

It is a cool tool to give the buttons a squeeze, insert the Cymbal on the stand and release to lock faster your cymbal on any stand up to 8mm. The Tama Quick Cymbal Mate, reduces a lot the assembly time of your kit, making the process faster that search for misplaced cymbal screws, that you can never find.

3. Tuning key adapter

I suggest to you as a drummer to have a tuning key for your drum set. The Evans drill bit is an electric screwdriver adapter totally compatible to all screws in every standard drums. This will help you save a lot of time on maintenance, so you will have more time to play the drums.

4. Drum rug

Power slides are not good from drummers, so get your drum rug. It will not only prevent slippage but help mark your territory on the stage and in your rehearsal room. It will offers enough coverage for your setups and it is also visually pleasing. As for those interested in different designs, you can choose between camo or the oriental design by Meinl

5. Double bass drum pedal

The double bass pedal is not just an item for metal heads, it will be a useful part of your drumkit. The DW 3002 Pedal is a really good duoble pedal for double bass drummers. Also amongst my favourites on the speed track is Millenium PD-222. As for advanced sprinters, youca choose the Demon Drive from Pearl and you will be super fast.

6. Effect Drum

Do you like funky accents? Try a second higher snare sound with a different sound from the main snare, I suggest for you adding a classic 10” Brass Side Snare by Millennium. Are you looking to broaden your percussive sound? Try to use of the Meinl Drummer Timbale or Piccolo Toms by DW.

7. Drum Bags

If you have to move your stuff, or play on stage,  transport your precious kit. The Millenium Tour Drum Bag Set Fusion 1 is a great choice to protect your drum set from scratches and bumps. You can also get the Ahead Armor bags to carry more stuff. Do you want more protection? Check out these Hardcase Drum Case Set.

8. Metronome

A lot of drummers hate to use the metronome, but it can help you to work on your timing, especially if you play in an electronic project. The Korg MA-1 is a great assistance for time and comes in a handy pocket-size. The Tama Rw30 has multiple functions, it has programmable rhythms and it is not too expensive. Do you think you will need a metronome by your side while on stage… well the Millenium Rhythmpumper is probably the right metrnonome for your, that also comes out wiht a power adapter.

9. Drummer Headphones

As a drummer you definely need headphoines to hear the metronome click or your sound, if you play an electric set, like this one,  or simply play along to your favourite tracks while protecting your ears, then you would love the Vic Firth SIH 1. A good bugetty alternatve could be the t.bone HD 990D headphones.

10. Bass drum microphone

To produce more thickness and texture, try to amplify with a microphone the sound of your bass drum. The t.bone has great practical and affordable assortment, BD 300 Bundle, which includes microphone and tripod. Going up with price,  I recimmend the D 112 MKII by AKG. Connect the cable, send it to your mixer and you will be ready to rumble!

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