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A drummer needs to have a drum kit, cymbals, drumsticks, and necessary hardware to begin playing. But these are just the basic equipment.

What are the Best Drum Accessories for drummers?

Hence, you may be wondering what accessories are the best for drummers. Perhaps you want to buy one a gift, but you are not sure where to begin.

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will introduce you to several aids that make a drummer’s life easier. And by the end, we shall have answer the three most important questions in the industry:

There are a bunch of other drum accessories they should have. It is not all about hitting the drums for the best sounds, but how comfortable they are when doing so, such as drumming shoes or the best stereo amplifier.

What do drummers use?

Ok, let’s get right in.

We already know a drummer needs a drum kit, cymbals, hardware, drumsticks, and protection for the ears. But that is not enough.

If you are a beginner, there are several things to must be aware of. Here is a list of the ten most essential accessories for drummers. 

What do you buy a drummer?

Buying a gift for a drummer is not easy. There are so many products and gifts you can pick from.

The most important thing is to ensure anything you buy is useful to the drummer. For a start, you can buy them a full drum set. 

This is particularly important for beginners, as you give them a chance to own the most essential tools. Also, you can check out the accessories we have discussed above and buy them one or several. 

Besides, consider the following gifts:

  • A Meini 6 inch practice pad. There is nothing more important to a drummer than having humble practice time. And this pad has become very popular because it is affordable and portable.
  • Drum sticks. Drum sticks make a great gift. Since drum sticks often don’t last long, especially wooden ones, you can add a few on their collection. If you light lights, on this page you will find the Best Light-Up Drumsticks.
  • Sounds rods and drum brushes. Drummers use hot rods to produce a sound somewhere between brushes and drum sticks. Drum brushes, on the other hand, brings sound down right, yet audible. Hence, you can get a drummer some Promark L-rods Lightning Rods or some Stagg SBRU20-RM Telescopic Brushes, and you will brighten up their day.
  • Drinks holder. These are very easy yet powerful gifts for drummers. They can put their drinks here while playing or practicing. 
  • An electronic drum kit. If you are willing to spend more, then I suggest you go for an e-kit like the TourTech TT-16s Electronic Drum Kit.

1. Best Headphones For Electronic Drums 

Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro 250 Ohm Headphone 1

Headphones have become some of the essential items on the list of drumming accessories. It is used for listening to the metronome click.

Also, you can use these devices to play along your favorite track. In the world where electronic drum sets have become popular, headphones cannot be ignored. 

Besides, you need ear protection ear. And this is one of the roles that headphones play. Hence, a product like Vic Firth SIH 1 or Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro 250 will do you good.

Headphones help drummers play more silently, especially those who live in an apartment building with lots of other people. They can practice their playing anywhere and anytime without interrupting other people.

Also, one can mix their kits with several additional microphones to keep the studio atmosphere more professional. 

2. Microphone for drum

Pyle Pro Pdkm7 Mic
Pyle Pro Pdkm7 Mic

The Pyle Pro PDKM7 is a standard drum microphone that lets you get the best amplification from your drum set. This is an all-inclusive package from Pyle that comes with everything you need to set up your gig.

Akg’s D 112 Mkii
Akg’s D 112 Mkii

The bass drum of an acoustic drum set offers very deep sounds. As such, a drummer must ensure the sound blends well with the rest of the gear. 

Hence, one can use a microphone to amplify the bass drum for more texture and thickness.There are several options on the market today. My favorite is the t.bone. It is both practical and very affordable. I have also enjoyed using the BD 300 bundle. It comes with a microphone and a tripod. 

And if you are looking for something more expensive and on a higher line, I would suggest the AKG’s D 112 MKII. It is effortless to use the product with direct connectivity to the mixer. As simple as that, you are ready to start using it.

3. Drumstick Holder

Donner Drum Stick Holder
Donner Drum Stick Holder

When it comes to getting the right drum accessories, there are certain things that most people often forget. Drum stick holders are one of them.

The first consideration for getting the right drumstick holder is our needs. There is no need to spend so much on a bag when plastic holders are offered a cheaper and durable alternative. And you have a lot to choose from depending on preference.

Besides, most drummers need and have these holders. It lets you quickly pick another stick when you drop the current one.

Also, mounting capabilities should offer you an insight into a perfect stick holder. Note that most options come with a clamping mechanism for easy attachment.

4. Cymbals locks 

Tama Quick Cymbal Mate
Tama Quick Cymbal Mate

Sometimes playing cymbals can be very tricky. This is true, especially when you don’t have a good holder. 

Therefore, a drummer must get a cymbal lock. And not just any cymbal locks, but those that come with quick-release features. 

With this device, you simply squeeze the buttons and insert a cymbal. And when you want to leave, also squeeze and they will be released.

One such item is the Tama Quick Cymbal Mate. This device is designed to make a drummer’s life easy. It reduces the assembly time of your kit, whereby you don’t have to keep looking for lost cymbals screws. This can be extremely difficult on a dimly lit stage.

5. Tuning key and drum tuner

Tune Bot Studio Tbs 001

No drummer can survive well without a drum tuning key. This device is used to tighten the drums while trying to find the right key. 

It is just like what guitarists use to tighten or loosen their strings. In the same way, drummers have to tighten and loosen drum heads for varying sounds.

Consider something like the Evans drill bit. This is an electric screwdriver adapter that will handle all your screws on a standard drum. 

It help save on maintenance time so that you have more time to gig. You don’t have to go through a lot of trouble trying to fix stuck keys when you have something as easy as this. It makes work much easier and faster.

6. A drum Rug  

Meinl Cymbals Mdr Bk Drum Rug
Meinl Cymbals Mdr Bk Drum Rug

Guitarists enjoy power slides very much. In fact, they love it so much. But not drummers.

A drummer needs a better grip for their gear. They need to mark and hold their territory without many movements. 

Hence something like a drum rug can come in handy.

It keeps the drumming space to the drummer on stage and in the practice room. Even with a large setup, you will always get something to keep you in the right space. 

7. Best Double Bass Pedal

Mapex 500
Mapex 500

Best Double bass drum pedal may not be for heavy music drumming. However, they can be really useful in contemporary kits.

Pearl Demon Drive
Pearl Demon Drive

For instance, Mapex 500 is nice to produce for entry-level drummers. And if you are looking for a more advanced solution, try out Pearl’s Demon Drive. It is one of the best double drum pedals on the market, and you will love it.

8. A side snare

Meinl Drummer Timbale
Meinl Drummer Timbale

Also called an effect drum, this drum is useful in adding funky accents. It also produces a second higher snare sound, different from the main.

It is an excellent way of making your drums sound more professional. In other words, it is an assurance that you know what you are doing.

Millennium produces the 10 Inch Brass Side snare that works magic under the hood. And if you want to keep your percussive sounds broader, consider the Meinl Drummer Timbale

A good effect drum will make you enjoy every second of your drumming career. They make things exciting and unique.

9. Bags for your drums

Ahead Armor
Ahead Armor

Keep your drums safe, especially during transportation, is very important. We all know drums are not cheap, and the last thing you want is your gear getting damaged because you did not care for it well.

Therefore, avoid such issues by investing in high-quality drum bags. I like the Millennium Tour Drum Bag Set Fusion 1. These are products made for the purpose, and they will keep your drum safe from bumps and scratches.

And if you are looking for something that can handle more than just your drums, consider a set of Ahead Armor. You can carry more things with these bags, ensuring you have everything in a single place for easy reach.

10. Best Metronome for Drummers

Tama Rhythm Watch Rw200 1
Tama Rhythm Watch Rw200 1

Have you ever been on stage playing, then one of your band members passes a metronome? They are simply telling you there is an issue with your time signature. 

Korg Ma 1 Portable Metronome
Korg Ma 1 Portable Metronome

It is, therefore, important that a drummer always carries a metronome. And there are all kinds of choices to pick from. Consider the Korg MA-1 or Tama Rw200, for instance. These are items that carry everything you need to keep your timing in check. And this is the best metronome for drummers you can find.

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