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Find out the Best Drummers ever, a selection curated by the team of Zero to Drum, All about Drums and Drumming.

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late night with seth meyers season 3

Tim Alexander – Talent for Drums

The world of drumming has seen many drummers come and go. But there are some whose legacy never departs even when they are long gone. Timothy W. “Tim” Alexander is one such drummer.  This American

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marcus baylor feature image

Marcus Baylor – Born to Drum

There are very few drummers who can play their instruments, as good as Marcus Baylor. Born in St. Louis, Baylor started drumming when he was only two years old. That means he has been around

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lynn truell feature image

Lynn Truell – A Drummer With Style

Lynn Truell is a renowned bass guitarist, co-singer, and drummer for the San Francisco indie rock band Imperial Teen. The American musician gloats about a successful career trajectory. Over the years, she has performed with a

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kavka shishido feature image

Kavka Shishido – Excelling Beyond Drums

Kavka Shishido is well-known as a Japanese-Mexican vocalist and drummer. Born in 1985, she has navigated her acclaimed professional career as a radio personality, Singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, drummer, and spokesperson. The drummer was a

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