Best Drummers

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Who is the best drummer right now?

I have seen several modern drummers in action, Aric Improta or Fever 333, and Rufus Taylor of The Darkness feature top. They have been listed as number one and two respectively on MusicRadar, among the 2019 best drummers.

Who was the best drummer ever?

Best Drummer Ginger Baker Performing At The Forum Theatre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 1980
Drummer Ginger Baker Performing At The Forum Theatre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 1980.

LedgerNote lists Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith, Air Force) as number one on their list of the top 10 greatest drummers of all time. He is followed by Neil Peart (Rush, Vertical Horizon, Buddy Rich Big Band), and Bernard Purdie (Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, The 3B’s).

John Bonham is usually considered the greatest of them all. He is listed on every wall, including Rolling Stones as the Greatest.

Lionel Hampton

Lionel Hampton, The Legendary Jazz Drummer

We can’t leave Lionel Hampton out if we’re talking about legendary jazz musicians. He is a multi-talented American jazz musician who made a lasting impact on the world of jazz through his skills as a percussionist, drummer, vibraphonist, pianist, and band leader. He won various awards for his accomplishments, including being named into the Alabama

Eric Moore

Eric Moore, The Fabulous Drummer Of Suicidal Tendencies

Eric Moore is a name that needs no introduction in the world of drumming. As a member of the legendary band Suicidal Tendencies, Moore has made a name for himself as one of the most talented drummers in the industry. In addition to his work with the band, Moore is also an accomplished solo artist

Sean Kinney With Alice In Chains

Sean Kinney, Amazing Drummer of Alice in Chains

When it comes to drummers, few can match the skill and precision of Sean Kinney. Best known as the drummer and co-founder of the rock band Alice in Chains, Kinney has been a driving force behind the band’s sound for over 30 years He’s also known for his founding of the short-lived band supergroup Spys4Darwin,

Matt Helders

Matt Helders, The Drummer Behind Arctic Monkeys’ Success

Besides being a drummer and founding member of the hugely popular indie rock band Arctic Monkeys, Matt Helders is a musician who had projects with many other notable artists. He is an English drummer who is also a songwriter and singer, showing how talented he is as a musician. Matt has contributed significantly to the

Matt Halpern

Matt Halpern, Journey as an Excellent Drummer

A world-renowned drummer, Matt Halpern has become a mentor to many aspiring young musicians. His journey to becoming one of the most respected drummers in the business began at an early age, with his first encounter with the drums when he was just three years old. Since he was a child, his focus and commitment

Duncan Phillips

Duncan Phillips, Gifted Drummer Of Newsboys

No one would leave Duncan Phillips out if it’s about the Christian Pop music scene. He is a talented and accomplished Christian pop-rock drummer best known for his work with the popular band Newsboys. With a passion for music and his faith, Duncan has used his platform as a musician to spread a positive message

Gorden Campbell

Gorden Campbell, A Talented Drummer From New Haven

He is an acclaimed drummer whose talent and passion for percussion have taken him far. Gorden started drumming at a young age when he joined his church’s youth program, and since then, his love for drumming has continued to grow exponentially. Gorden Campbell’s playing style incorporates elements from various genres, making him a true master

Calvin Rodgers Perform

Calvin Rodgers, The Great Drummer From Music-Loving Family

Chicago-born Drummer Calvin Rodgers is recognized for transforming the sound of gospel drumming. Growing up in a musical family, Calvin Rodgers always knew music would be his career choice. After mastering the drums from an early age, he has gone on to become one of the best drummers on the scene today. Drawing influence from

Boris Williams Perform

Boris Williams, The Powerful Drummer of The Cure

When it comes to French-born English drummers, we can’t leave Boris Williams out. He is best known as the drummer for the English rock band The Cure. With the band, he made significant contributions to the music scene during his tenure. Williams was known for his powerful drumming style and played a crucial role in

Dj Bonebrake Drummer

DJ Bonebrake, Iconic Drummer of the Punk Band

He is a legendary drummer and percussionist who has significantly impacted the music industry. With a career spanning over four decades, DJ Bonebrake has played with numerous notable bands and artists, including X, the Knitters, and Steve Wynn. His unique style and technical prowess on the drums have made him a sought-after musician. Although he’s

Chloe Saavedra Drumming Solo

Chloe Saavedra, Artistic Drummer of Chaos Chaos

Chloe is an innovative and versatile drummer, pushing the boundaries of what percussion can achieve. At such a young age, she has already made a name for herself in the industry with her sister musician, Asy Saavedra. We shouldn’t leave Chloe Saavedra out if we’re talking about creative and artistic musicians from the Seattle music

Dave Mattacks Drummer

Dave Mattacks, The Superb Rock & Folk Drummer

England is a country with a great music history. Among all those amazing musicians, Dave Mattacks is one of the drummers and legendary producers that stands out. Dave Mattacks has been playing drums since the mid-1960s, and now he is known as one of the drummers that influenced rock and folk music in history. It

Phil Jones Drummer

Phil Jones, The Amazing and In-Demand Drummer

If we’re talking about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, we can’t leave out their fantastic drummer, Phil Jones. He is one of the members who bring the band to its blooming career in the early 1980s. Besides being the drummer of Tom Petty, he also had many collaboration projects with various amazing musicians, such as

Rick Allen Drummer

Rick Allen, The Great Drummer of Def Leppard

Having one hand doesn’t discourage someone from doing something they genuinely enjoy. Rick Allen proved that to the world through his music. Rick is famously known as the one-handed drummer of the band Def Leppard. His passion for music motivates musicians o perform their best. He’s surely one of the best drummers in the hard

Vinnie Colaiuta Solo

Vinnie Colaiuta, The Grammy-Awardee Drummer

Everyone knows that Grammy is such a prestigious award in the music industry. Whoever won the nomination will be acknowledged for their artistry. One of the musicians who got this award and did deserve it is Vinnie Colaiuta. Vinnie Colaiuta is an American drummer who has numerous achievements and collaboration projects with many notable jazz

Custom Drums Companies

Top 13 Custom Drums Companies Best Review 2023

Every drummer wants a drum that is specifically made for them. To get this kind of drum, you need to go to custom drums companies. Not only it shows that it’s a ‘premium’ drum, but the adjustment of the kit will also suit you so that you can play drums better. You will find the

Peter Criss

Peter Criss, The Legendary Drummer Of Kiss

Kiss is one of the legendary bands in the rock and roll hall of fame. They had a fantastic drummer who impacted the band over many years. He is Peter Criss. Criss is not only known as Kiss’ drummer, but he also took part as the co-founder and vocalist of the band, making him one

Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz, A Drummer Who Entertains Everyone

He is a prime example of a natural-born entertainer. Besides playing drums, Mick Dolenz is also good at singing and acting. Micky Dolenz is an actor and one of the drummers who sing from America. He was born in Los Angeles and started his career as a child actor at the age of nine.  He

Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie, The Seasoned Drummer Of Underoath

His contribution to the rock genre is undeniable. He explores various rock sub-genres, whether alternative rock, indie rock, metal rock, and many more. Aaron Gillespie is an American musician who has many experiences in the industry. Those came from his bands, solo projects, and him as the touring drummer of Paramore. Gillespie has been in

Grant Hart

Grant Hart, The Rock Singer-Drummer Of Hüsker Dü

Grant Hart is American Drummer from the seminal alternative rock band Hüsker Dü. He’s one of the phenomenal drummers who sing and have many other musical skills, including guitar and songwriting. Hart had a difficult childhood, but the drums saved him and made him one of the best drummers in the industry. He got up