Is John Bonham the best drummer ever?

John Bonham
John Bonham

John Bonham is a legend in the drumming industry.

He is said to have changed the industry completely with his swag and approach to new styles. Being at the forefront of the foundational Led Zeppelin LP, his skills were envied.

And years after his passing, Jimmy Page, one of the most excellent drummers of all time, admits he is fascinated by his contribution to the industry.

He quotes the “Good Times Bad Times explicitly,” telling of how its thunderous bass impacted listeners. They even though on many occasions that he was using two drums, when in fact, he only had one. So, the listeners would place their bets on this, and as you can imagine, everyone would be surprised by how this skillful drummer performed his magic.

Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin

Now before his untimely demise in 1980, Bonham had already created an impactful taste for many rock lovers. Each of his performances was talked about in length long after he was through. And what came out clear was that the performance was heavy, lively, virtuosic, and deliberate.

Every listener would be thrilled by the show displayed by the artful clobbering of this character. This is the reason; perhaps he remains in the books of history as one of the greatest of all times.

It is said that when Bonham when at his lowest, he never played a dull. Everyone could still feel the impact of his power and might. It felt as though he was just talking to the drums, and they reacted to the instructions. And when he was at his rhythmical best, he never gave his audience any wankery. Every night that Bonham was on tour came filled with life and enjoyment. He seemed to know how to dodge every pitfall with his sweeping stampeding through “Moby Dick.”

It was his signature to leave everyone begging for more. Every performance he gave was better than the previous one, leaving everyone in applauses.

Dave Grohl, another renowned drummer, did not miss an opportunity to complement the drummer’s style when he wrote in “Rolling Stone.”  Grohl says he spent years in his bedroom listening to Bonham’s work and attempting to emulate his style.

He was fascinated by the swing or the behind-the-beat swagger or Bonham’s speed and power. He admits that he wanted to get to the same sense of instinctual direction, apart from memorizing what the drummer did. And if you watched Bonham in action, you would also be compelled to try out what he did. It is all about getting the music into the bloodstream.

Photo Of John Bonham And Led Zeppelin
John Bonham

And for years, every post-Bonham rocker has wished to follow in these footsteps in one instance or another. It is even true that the greatest drummers on the market today have received inspiration from Bonham.

There are so many recordings of his performances all over that can help you get ahead of your drumming needs. It has always been a desire for many drummers to grow to the same level as the greatest of all times. And the quest has allowed my many to find their paths. 

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