Ringo Starr, the best or the worst rock Drummer?

If you don’t know the Beatles, then you haven’t been drumming for long.

This is one of the most notable rock bands across the globe. And this is where Ringo Starr features. When Paul McCartney was asked to comment on this drummer, he said he could remember the first time The Beatles was playing with Ringo Starr.

McCartney says Ringo was the beginning of the Beatles. As such, the drummer’s contribution, more so in the music industry at large, has never been forgotten. Today, many other drummers try to emulate what he set up, taking up his style, which became, somehow, a mark of quality.

But it is essential to note that he was at times underappreciated, especially in the 1960s. This was the time when albums like “She Loves You,” and the rolling of “Ticket to Ride,” became the talk of the town.

They are still among the best tunes of all time, still standing strong among many music lovers. Through this, many in the music industry appreciate him, not only for setting up the greatest band of all times but also for changing the shape of music.

Ringo performed in the times that produced Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell. This alone is enough to tell you Ringo was not a drummer to joke around with.

If you haven’t listened to the ecstatic roles that open the tunes above, you should still find an idea about the drummer from his “companions.” Or perhaps, you have felt the slippery cymbal work and lingual precision of “Rain.” All these pieces tell of nothing but the greatness that hung around the Beatles.

As a person, Ringo carried around him a nature geniality, which made him the most outgoing member of the band. It was said that anyone who wished to approach the band would do so better through Ringo, than with anyone else.

Yoko Ono had a lot to say about this, stating that, whereas John was always unpredictable, Ringo, on the other hand, always appeared gentle and composed. He was a man who would make anyone around him feel easy, letting them open up with anything they needed.

But perhaps a unique thing about Starr is that he was left-handed, yet he always found a way to produce the best from right-handed drummers. He came up with his own style of making things work, which mostly created “funny fills” and made every listener go crazy.

Besides, he had steady reliability among no-nonsense rock players. Each of the songs he played came out with more feel, more swing, and unshaken reliability.

Dave Grohl says, “Ringo was the king of feel.” And this may be the term that summarizes who the drummer really was. May other great figures included Jim Keltner has praised Ringo’s style, which would only be likened to the quality of playing in a studio.

For modern drummers, Ringo bears a mark of quality, which can be emulated and used to keep original sounds real. He is true, a legend.

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