Neil Peart, and his enthusiastic charming style


Talk about talent in the music industry, and there are very few who turn out genuine. And Neil Peart was one of these few.

He first auditions for Rush in 1974, and immediately impressed everyone with his charming style. His bandmates saw in him something more than just a simple drummer, but a chance to fully embrace their die-hard Who fathoms.

Neil Peart Rush
Neil Peart Rush

Guitarist Alex Lifeson states that they were immediately blown away by Peart’s playing. He used the exact style of the legendary Keith Moon. He hit his drums so hard, with so much enthusiasm that it made everyone think he understands the drums were begging for more.

Despite playing the exact replica of Moon-like style, it is ironic that Neil’s drumming turned put to the exact opposite of Moon’s. His aesthetic contribution is often seen as being very much different from perhaps what everyone else expected. 

He came out with the most exact and meticulously crafted percussions ever seen in the genre. He immensely contributed to the Rush’s high-prog ambitions in the 1970s, in which he represented himself as both an obsessive craftsman and a highly ambitious musician.

These are traits that came out clear through his lyrics. Peart often used esoteric elements such as orchestra bells, temple flesh, and timpani. Besides, he used his own creations  in parts for songs, like “Xanadu” and “The Trees.”

Neil Peart
Neil Peart

During the 80s, the band’s works streamlined when the realized masterpieces like “Moving Pictures” while transitioning to more pop-like music. In this case, Peart’s playing also changed, whereby he started using the tasteful inclusion of electronic percussions.

His motivation then came from mainstream innovators like Stewart Copeland. Peart was one drummer who never stopped learning, which is why he created a huge mark in the industry.

He has since remained as a huge player in what many not refer to as the greatest drum tastes of all time. Peart’s work has continued to feature in the Rush’s projects. The most recent release was the “Clockwork Angels” that came out in 2012, in which Neil’s stunning work on record was used.

Many music lovers saw this as a stunning combination of beauty and brawn. Peart made a huge contribution to the establishment and growth of the greatest bands of all time. And that will forever remain a part of his legend.

He is still a huge part of the industry, where he continues to offer guidance for drummers and other musicians.

Neil Peart Drumming
Neil Peart Drumming

Today, Peart is still, and perhaps the more revered, and air-drummer-to-live drummer. And even though he has retired from touring because of his age, his contribution has not left the playing field yet. He continues to play and keep his fans entertained at every opportunity.

Across the rock music industry, he is very popular as the architect of literary showstopping set-piece solos. This has earned him great respect across the music world.

Peart has been a great inspiration to many generations, and his style, energy, and enthusiasm continue to be emulated by upcoming artists. Also, many have learned a lot from his personality.

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