Matt Halpern, Journey as an Excellent Drummer

A world-renowned drummer, Matt Halpern has become a mentor to many aspiring young musicians. His journey to becoming one of the most respected drummers in the business began at an early age, with his first encounter with the drums when he was just three years old.

Since he was a child, his focus and commitment have seen him reach extraordinary heights, performing at prestigious events around the globe and collaborating with some of the music industry’s most incredible talents along the way.

If you want to know about him, you’re in the right place. We will explore Matt Halpern’s incredible journey from beginning as a novice drummer to becoming a sought-after musician respected by artists all over the world.

Matt Halpern’s Biography

Matt Halpern Is Playing Drums
Matt Halpern is Playing Drums

Matt Halpern is an American drummer born on June 21, 1983, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. He has been interested in music since he was three and has already got his first kid drum set since then. He began giving frequent performances in the northeast of the United States at a young age.

His passion for music kept growing, as shown by how he performed in his college years. After he had college, he toured and performed in various local bands. Some of those bands are The Underwater out of York, PA, and a band with long-time friend Dan Book called Armoreta.

In 2008, he joined the instrumental progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. One year later, in 2009, Matt Halpern joined the progressive metal band Periphery, replacing the band’s previous drummer Travis Orbin.

What drums does Matt Halpern play?

Drummer Matt Halpern

As a drummer, Matt Halpern also becomes an endorser of various music instrumental brands. He uses and endorses Evans drumheads, Meinl cymbals, Promark drumsticks, and Pearl drums and accessories. 

Moreover, Matt even previously recommended Mapex and Yamaha hardware and drums.

He also developed several signature products, like The Matt Halpern signature pack snare drum with Pearl Drums, the Promark signature drumsticks, the Meinl Artist Concept Double Down Stack, and the Mapex Black Panther Wraith snare drum. All these products offer a full range of features that provide a great experience for those who use them.

GetGood drums

Matt Halpern With His Drums
Matt Halpern with His Drums

In 2016, Besides being Periphery’s drummer, With his bandmates Adam “Nolly” Getgood and Misha Mansoor, Matt Halpern founded GetGood Drums, a sample-based drum software synthesizer firm. The company quickly gained traction due to the high-quality samples and unique features offered, receiving good reviews from industry leaders and establishing itself in the music production world.

Besides his project as GetGood drums’ co-founder, he also works as an active educator. His enthusiasm as a passionate educator inspires students and artists to use their creativity to pursue their passions as professional careers.

Despite having won multiple awards, including Best Clinician/Educator and Best Metal Drummer in Modern Drummer Magazine, Matt is still a very active member of the drumming community.


It is evident that Matt Halpern’s journey to becoming a world-renowned drummer was not an easy one. However, his passion makes him go through all of those challenges. Today, he is one of the best drummers in this music era, and his music with Periphery has inspired countless people. We, especially the ones who are aspiring musicians, can all learn something from Matt Halpern’s story by making a passion for playing drum into a career that is benefitting our life.

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