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Have you ever considered Meinl as a brand for your cymbals? Well, do not worry. Read this guide on the Best Meinl Cymbals Reviewed in [curentyear].

I will be describing the best Meinl cymbals in this guide.

Meinl is one of the top cymbal makers in the world. The company has been around for more than 30 years, creating high-quality solutions for drum set cymbals.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know which of their products they should choose for specific expertise levels and not just accessories. They, therefore, get confused when choosing.

If you have been in such a dilemma, don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

What Is the Best Meinl Cymbals Line?

Byzance is the highest class of Meinl cymbals. They are made from B20 Bronze and come it either subtypes. If you are looking for the best overall cymbals from Meinl, and any other place, the Byzance should be a good stop for you.

They are followed by the Artist Concept series, which is a stack of 2 to 3 cymbals. It is the signature series of Thomas Lang, Anika Nilles, and Matt Garstka, among other top drummers.

In the middle class, you get Pure Alloy made from B12 bronze and Classics Custom made from B10 alloy.

The lowest class of Meinl cymbals is Generation X made with B8 bronze with rounded edges and HCS line constructed from Brass and B8 metal.

Toplines of cymbals from top manufacturers, including Zildjian and Sabian, always have their lower end cymbals from the brass and the best from Bronze.

Meinl follows the same line. Their top lines are made from the best material, which makes them even more expensive.

Also, Meinl has the Candela line, or Matching cymbals, but they are not common in drum sets.

It is important to understand these differences so that you choose knowingly. Sometimes all we need is something little to show us the right direction, and we are good to go.

And now that you have this direction, perhaps we should look at these products individually.

Byzance Line

The Meinl Byzance Cymbal series is divided into eight subgroups, all of which are defined by various features. Most importantly, they give out different sounds.

Most popular drummers play these cymbals in live and studio settings. And it is this series that builds the brand’s reputation. Therefore, whatever piece you pick will be just fine,

The first category is the Foundry Reserve. It is a limited line, which makes it exclusive. It is possible that Meinl may not continue producing it since it’s not a permanent line. But if you decide to go for them, get ready to part with more than $400.

This line does not contain the splash, china, or ozone cymbals. The smallest is 18-inch, with two rides, 20-inch and 22-inch. The hi-hat also comes in two sizes, 14-inch and 15-inch.

Their high-quality sound justifies the price. It stands on the same level as other top brands, like Sabian Artisan.

Next is the Byzance Dual. Conclusion This is considered a hybrid subgroup, coming as a mix of Byzance Extra Dry and Byzance Brilliant series. The raw and dry bell at the center ensures a cool and modern mix. Meinl seems to have thrown everything into this series and experimented, instead of hanging to conservative sounds. Note that this series does not come with the ride cymbal, but only a 20-inch and 22-inch crash-ride.

The Byzance Extra Dry is next on the list. This is one category that has received a lot of mixed reactions from users. If you love the dry sound with a short sustain, this is a true gift you will want to have. But the fans of sounds like Zildjian A Custom’s ‘brilliant’ will not even look at these cymbals. But the good news that it comes as a regular line of cymbals with rides, crashes, hi-hats, splashes, and china. The 20-inch china and 20-inch crash are two exceptions.

Byzance Dark is the next sub-category that may look like the Extra Dry above. They are darker in color and are thicker. Also, they are not too dry. This series is a great option for rock and other heavy music. There is no difference in price range across the subgroup.

Then there is the Byzance Vintage. Meinl is gaining a lot of popularity for sure, and it is because of products like this one. It is one of the most popular Byzancesub-division. The series contains crashes, hats, ride, splash, and china cymbals. But the most amazing is the 16-inch hi-hat they call “sand hat.” It is a very interesting piece to play one. The entire line is dry, low-pitched with a cool new sound.

Byzance Traditional is the most versatile series, containing 43 different cymbals. It is an old school type that is in every cymbal company used in early rock, pop, and jazz, among other music genres. Its versatility is hidden in its sound. It delivers something between dry sound and low pitch, as well a brilliant sound with a high pitch.

Byzance Jazz is dedicated to the classic jazz sound. They are cool cymbals played on the body, and they are designed to be played like so. This is the series that comes with many Flat rides. They are very thin, and hence, low volume. This makes them good for playing in clubs and other places that require thin cymbals with a warm sound. But they can also be played on many other genres. Also, they are great for recording.

The Byzance Brilliant series is made for rock music. They are thicker and louder, featuring a brilliant finish that always assures a good attack. They equal to the Sabian HH and have the same sound.

Meinl has kept them very versatile by holding the tone in the middle, rather than going all the way to the edge. Rock and metal drummers will find these cymbals very useful.

Meinl Artist Concept

This is another series that competes with the top players on the market. They are made as a combination of two to three cymbals stacked on each other.

The idea of combining cymbals like this has become very popular, yet seem new altogether. It is not a unique concept since we have seen how hi-hat work.

Forming a great set of high-quality cymbals is not a very easy thing. It takes time and a lot of effort to get there. And when you add on the cost of sticks, heads, and other gear, you will not like the price.,

So, the idea of buying two cymbals does not look very promising. Besides, these cymbals are only but a combination of existing cymbals.

Hence, there is nothing too exciting here. Nevertheless, playing on these stacks is very exciting, and you will love it a lot.

Pure Alloy Line

There are two main subgroups in the series. The first one is the Pure Alloy series, where B20 bronze ceases to exist. And therefore, we are not talking about the premium lines anymore.

They are made from B12 bronze, which puts them in the middle level. They have a similar tone to Paiste Formula 602.  

If you want to know what top-quality cymbals look like, consider what the top drummers play and not what is advertised. Look at how they are played, and you will be sure about their quality.

There are not very many cymbals in the mid-range that contain the premium class feature. And this is not one of them. You will find many drummers using these cymbals in their performance, though. The other category is the Pure Alloy Customs. They are differentiated from the regular Pure

Alloy cymbals by their tone. The Customs, in this case, comes with a lower pitch, and they sound heavier. They are more oriented towards rock music too, which gives them the main difference.

Pure Alloy sounds warm, and with a higher pitch, and they are more versatile. If you are looking for something you can use in different situations, the Pure Alloy cymbals should be your best option.

Classic Customs

The Classic Customs is another series in the middle range. It comes in three subtypes, all of which are even cheaper because of the B10 Bronze Alloy on them.

This could as well the beginning of lower-end products by Meinl. Hence, you will not find them in the studio or behind a professional kit.

Nevertheless, they are mid-range cymbals that come at a very good price. Their equivalent is the Paiste PST, and they sound like the same.

The first subdivision is the Dark, which delivers soft sound, with a mid-pitch and short sustain. They are followed by Brilliant, which is great for rock. They have a longer sustain and bright sound. Last but not least is the Extreme Metal collection. As the name suggests, they have a punchy sound with a strong attack.

Generation X

Thomas Lang played generation X along time ago through the Meinl Artist. An endorsement is a very powerful tool in marketing cymbals. And this is one of the reasons many drummers have used these cymbals over the years.

The Generation X series has a rounded edge, and they are an equivalent of Paiste’s with the same name. There sound is bright, with a higher pitch that is not very common for Meinl.


This is the cheapest line of cymbals you can get with Meinl. They come in two types, the HCS bronze made of B8 bronze and the HCS made from brass.  

These are cymbals specifically made for beginners. They are not the best cymbals out there, but that should not be an issue if you are a beginner.

If I have to recommend, I would say go for the HCS Bronze. They are of low quality, but bronze is better than brass.

Generally, these are bright cymbals with a shorter sustain. However, they have a crappy tone that will not sound very good outside your practice room.

And there you have it, a full list of all Meinl lines of cymbals. I wanted to discuss only the best series at the beginning of this subtopic, but that would not have been very helpful.

Now that you know everything Meinl can offer, you can tell why the top ones are at the top, and the rest are at the bottom. I hope now you can choose the best with ease.

Meinl Cymbals MJ401+18

The Meinl Byzance Mike Johnston 4-piece Cymbal Set is the go-to choice for percussionist and educator Mike Johnston for his standard setup in teaching and performing. Engineered for versatility and musicality, this set is ideal for the renowned drummer and educator who needs cymbals that can handle a wide range of playing styles. With his main focus on education, Mike Johnston requires cymbals that are versatile, quick, and musical, and this package delivers just that.

The 4-piece Sand Series Byzance package includes an extra 18″ extra-dry thin crash cymbal as a bonus. This crash provides a unique sound, perfect for accenting and a trashy riding effect. It seamlessly blends with the other cymbals in the set.

Meinl Cymbals BV-480+B16TRC

The Meinl Byzance Complete Matched Cymbal Set includes a 14″ hi-hat, 18″ crash, 20″ ride, and a free 16″ trash crash for a complete sound. Made from B20 bronze, these cymbals offer versatility and durability for various playing styles and environments.

The Benny Greb Sand Cymbal Box Set from MEINL includes a 14″ Sand Hat, 18″ Sand Thin Crash, 20″ Sand Ride, and a complimentary 16″ Vintage Trash Crash.

What Is the Best Brand of Cymbals?

There are so many cymbal brands on the market today. It becomes even hard to decide with products too because each seems to have something special.

But don’t get confused; here are the top companies.


Zildjian can easily be called the father of cymbals. This because it is one of the pioneers of commercial cymbal manufacturing. They have close to 400 years of legacy.

A few years ago, Zildjian was the only cymbal company in the world. This is why their products were very expensive.

Even today, if you look at most of their cymbals, they are made for the higher-end market. You will not easily find one for beginners and mid-level drummers.

Many drummers say they would always choose Zildjian over other manufactures because of authenticity.

They have kept that classic cymbal sound that no other company has been able to beat.

Zildjian is the main reference name for the best cymbals. You will often here smaller companies advertise their products with a phrase like, ‘we are better than Zildjian,’ and many others. It only proves that the company represents quality.


I have been using Sabian cymbals for many years now, and I can say they are pretty good. Besides, Sabian is an offshoot of Zildjian, and therefore their quality cannot be compromised.

Sabian is all about versatility, and this is one of the reasons they split from Zildjian. These products are more affordable, and some are made for the lower end market.

The Sabian B8 series is one of the best series to start on. Even though they are not that strong and will break easily, you can still enjoy their quality sound.

There Sabian HH is the original of the Zildjian K series.

Generally, Sabian cymbals are very high in quality. They are made by hammering down to the finest art. This is why you can find a good quality level, even at the lowest level of products.

In terms of sound, each of their cymbals is created to meet specific needs. They sound really good, and you will not easily find another sound to match them.


Meinl is one of my favorite cymbal brands. I have played several brands, and Meinl cymbals beat many. I will not put them at the top of this list because some of their lower-end products sound bad.

However, if you pick any cymbal from the Byzance line, you will never regret the sound they give. Their percussive sound is usually warm and dark.


You cannot like the other brands above and not like Paiste. It is one company that has grown from strength to strength to become one of the biggest cymbal makers.

I have been playing drums for more than 20 years, and I have always loved Paiste. Even though I don’t have any of the products, I have tried them out and seen friends in action with them.

The Paiste Artisan is one of the most expensive series of cymbals. And I think their price is justified.

There are four cymbal brands that have everything you need to create a perfect kit. From high-end cymbals to more affordable options, there is nothing you will miss here.

What Are the Best Cymbals for Rock?

Their sturdy construction and bright sounds define rock cymbals. They are normally heavier, with an extra build to give them great sounds that ring through your mix.

Also, consider the brand when buying cymbals for rock. Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian, and Meinl all have specific lines of cymbals for rock.

I like the Byzance Brilliant more for rock. They have a sturdy build and sound sweet. Besides the Byzance, Paiste legendary 2002 series, Zildjian A Custom series, and Sabian AAX will offer similar quality.

Are Meinl HCS Cymbals Any Good?

Meinl HCS Cymbals are the lowest line of products from Meinl. They are designed for beginners, with a short sustain but a crappy tone.

The truth is, these are not very good cymbals. But if you are a beginner, you don’t need anything else.


Meinl is a great company that you can rely on for a good sound. And now that I have shared more about their products in this guide, you should not be confused about their products anymore.

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