When did the Pearl Vision Drums come out?

Pearl Vision Drums Birch

Pearl Vision Drums Blue Pearl is one of the oldest drum manufacturers in the world. They have been creating all solutions covering entry-level to professional products. The Pearl Visions Drums series is among the top-line drum sets from the brand.  They were introduced in 2008 with a process that included a large fanfare. Perhaps what … Read more

Alesis DM10 MKII User Guide

Alesis Dm10 Mkii

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro: How to Change Drum Set The Alesis is among the best entry-level electronic drum sets on the market. However, it is not well sounding.  Its module is pretty functional. Hence, instead of getting another kit, changing the drum set may be a better option.  The dual-zone drums are vital for those … Read more

Mick Fleetwood, a rhythmic personality that captures the attention of the listener

Mick Fleetwood Feature

Mick Fleetwood has, for long, been a constant influencer in the music industry. Working along with the steady rhythm-section mate John McVie, he has kept his reputation through the stylistic shifts of his namesake band. Since the late sixties, the blues-rock of Peter Green Fleetwood has made sure nothing changes that quality of music that … Read more

Michael Shrieve, from Santana to the Rolling Stones, a formidable versatility

Michael Shrieve Feature

One the second day of the Woodstock Festival, Santana took over the stage, and the whole crowd went crazy. They faced a large crowd of listeners who all seemed hungry for something new and incredible.  The group was standing between Country Joe McDonald and John Sebastian, giving a mountain of pressure. None of the people … Read more

Patty Schemel, primal punk marched with some sophistication

Patty Schemel Featured

Patty Schemel, just like any other member, fully out the beauty and impression that was Hole. Like many of her peers, she suffered from addiction, but the primal punk marched with some sophistication that marked her drumming style never disappointed. Patty Schemel has a certain way of approaching drums that made every listener feel like … Read more

Kenny Aronoff, not only a studio drummer but one of the most outstanding American drummers

Kenny Aronoff Feature

Kenny Aronoff was born on March 7, 1953, in Albany, NY. He is one of the most outstanding American drummers, having served as a sideman for many bands, both live and studio. His longest services were with John Mellencamp, from 1980 to 1996. The drummer’s early life in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, was filled with inspirational moments … Read more

Tomas Haake, Swedish Metal Band Meshuggah’s Thundering Drummer

Tomas Haake Feature

Playing drums takes more than just talent and hours of practice. It needs dedication and ear for new styles and the motivation to grow and improve. This is the story of Tomas Haake, whose footsteps have been followed by many drumming enthusiasts. One of Tomas Haake drumming’s major characteristics is his sophisticated foundation of the … Read more