Matt Sorum, The Backbone of Guns N’ Roses

Drumming may not be easy, but Matt Sorum sure makes it seem like it is. When looking at the best drummers, we often consider the bands their bands.

In this case, Matt Sorum is best known for his work with the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. He recorded three studio albums with the group.

That is not all; he also played drums for the supergroup Velvet Revolvers. These are names that have been making an impact in the hard rock scene for quite some time now. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Sorum is considered one of the most influential metal drummers.

His works are known by many as smooth, hard, and on point. It is not every day you will meet a drummer who is so fluent in his drumming effort. The way he handles speed and power is something anyone will fall in love with.

To many, Sorum is not just a drummer, but also a motivator. Many of the younger generation have tried copying his drumming style.

Matt Sorum Drum Solo

Currently, he is a member of a touring project called Kings of Chaos. As the name suggests, his drums cause real chaos in everywhere he travels. As a former member of both The Cult and Y Kant Toru Read, Sorum has made and sealed his name in the discussion for the best metal drummers of all time.

Also, he worked as a member of Guns ‘n’ Roses side-projects Slash’s Snakepit and Neurotic Outsiders. Apart from that, he has released solo albums, “Hollywood Zen” and Stratosphere, in 2004 and 2014.

Sorum has been drumming for the supergroup Hollywood Vampires since 2015. Deadland Ritual, a project that features Geezer Butler, the bassist from Black Sabbath, is one of his latest works. It also features Billy Idol from Steve Stevens and Vocalist Franzy Perez from Apocalyptica.

Every great band that has ever existed seems to be linked to Sorum’s work. He is one of a few drummers who have really used his talent to make a difference.

He performed on Tori Amos’ first record and synthpop band Y Kant Tori’s only album. After this, he joined the Cult in 1989 on their tour in support of their fourth studio album, Sonic Temple. During this adventure, Guns‘ n’ Roses spotted him, and Matt replaced their drummer in 1990.

Sorum remained with the band for seven years. During this time, he recorded albums like “Use Your Illusion I” (1990) and “The Spaghetti Incident?” (1993). He then left the band not too long after from an argument he had with Axl Rose.

The drummer reconnected with The Cult in 1999 as they performed their reunion album, “Beyond Good and Evil,” from 2001. He joined them on their subsequent tours in 2000 and 2001 before co-founding the hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver.

Sorum has remained a permanent member of a hard rock cover band Camp Freddy since 2003. He also worked on numerous other projects, helping take metal drumming to even greater heights. Over the years, he gained a lot of respect from drummers around the world.

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