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Akane Hirose, Beauty And The Beat

A drummer often gains attention from his/her gear and playing style. And in this case, Akane Hirose is one of the few drummers of the modern age who have left a considerable mark on modern drumming. Well, she is still leaving a mark, but she is already a reputable performer. 

Akane Hirose
Akane Hirose

Akane Hirose is the band leader of a band called Band-Maid. She organizes their rehearsals and performances. At a young age, the team seemed to have out a lot of faith in her.

Akane’s usual attire is a black and white maid uniform. In the beginning, she used to add on a small hat, which she has since abandoned. According to her, the hat had to be fixed rather tightly to her head, which made her uncomfortable.

The ‘charm point’ in Band Maid is that she has a huge appetite. Akane says she can finish five bowls of ramen, 30 plates in a Kaiten Sushi, and 130 bowls of Soba.

One may be tempted to ask where all that energy goes after she has eaten. Well, hard metal and rock music require energy to perform. That is how she has managed to be one of the fastest and loudest drummers today.

Kanami is the one who introduced her to the band. And she, in turn, introduced MISA, her schoolmate. When she first discovered the band would be wearing maid outfits, she became apprehensive at first. It was not her ideal situation so she requested some time to think it over.

However, after hearing the heavy rock sound, the uniform was no longer an issue. Her instincts were awakened immediately, ultimately leading her to join the band with high hopes.

Akane grew fast in becoming the most vital member of the band. It is not just her drumming skills that attracted others. She has such a charming and outgoing personality that makes everyone around her happy. Hence, they trusted her with scheduling band events and advertising the band members individually. She is known for pushing everyone (in a good way) to be the best they can be.

Akane’s driving force is her determination to remove the assumption that young girls cannot perform rock music. Some people even say they do not belong in the genre. She is determined to “crush that prejudice.” She has done an excellent job with her live performance to exemplify her deep passion for drumming. Akane is fast; she is aggressive and great at timekeeping.

Some say she plays as though there is a metronome programmed in her arms. She leads the band not only during rehearsals and other activities, but in performance as well. In most cases, it’s the guitarists and the vocalists who get all the glory on stage. The drummer is often overshadowed in the background. But Akane’s skills are so unique that it is the drums that stand out in the band. Everyone will know she is behind the kit from the level of aggressiveness and innovation she displays.

Akane is a highly talented musician who has been playing drums for six years. She is among the most notable drummers in the hard metal and rock industry.

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