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Teresa Taylor, Behind The Success Of Butthole Surfers

Teresa Taylor is a musician and actress from the United States of America. She was born in 1962 in Arlington, Texas. She is known as Teresa Nervosa, a name that she proudly accepts.

She is also known as the drummer of the American punk band Butthole Surfers. Teresa Taylor plays the drums, and her favourite music genre is punk. This is evident in her music.

However, where did Teresa Taylor’s love for drums come from?

She began drumming when she was a young girl. While in high school, she played drums for several high school marching bands in the Fort Worth and Austin regions of Texas.

This allowed her to gain experience and learn some foundational techniques in drumming. When she was in high school, she played drums with King Coffey, a Surfer Drummer who happens to still be with the band.

Taylor was a fan of several famous bands globally, and their music made her want to become a drummer of a great band.

Teresa Taylor
Teresa Taylor is wearing sunglasses

In 1983, Taylor joined the Butthole Surfers as a drummer, where she started working with her former schoolmate and bandmate Coffey. However, Taylor was absent from the band from 1985 to 1986 for personal reasons. She had a good working relationship with Coffey, and they were known to play in unison on separate stand-up drum kits.

Teresa Taylor joined Butthole Surfers in the summer In 1983

Taylor recorded several singles with the Surfers, and her drumming can be heard in Another Man’s Sac, Locust Abortion Technician, Rembrandt Pussyhorse, and Powerless.

Taylor left Surfers drummers in 1989, and after a short amount of time, she was diagnosed with a deadly medical condition. She was forced to undergo brain surgery. Proceeding with the surgery, she started getting strobe-light-induced seizures.

Teresa Taylor Butthole Surfer
Teresa Taylor and her band, the Butthole Surfers

Apart from music, Taylor has also been featured in several films, including Richard Linklater‘s 1991 film, where she performed the role of a woman trying to sell a pap smear from Madonna.

She also appeared as a ‘Pap smear Pusher’ in the Movie Poster and home video media covers. In 1995, Coffey revealed that Taylor was employed at a particular school in Texas.

At the same time, she worked on a book about her experiences working and touring with the Butthole Surfers. Despite a rough path, Taylor is still recording music with Gibby Haynes, a home studio owner. However, Taylor returned to her “alma mater,” Butthole Surfers, in 2009, and this was revealed on the band’s website just before the band’s tour.

Taylor and Coffey were said to be siblings during their time at Butthole Surfers. They even ended up referring to themselves as siblings because they had similar appearances.

In his book, ‘Our Band Could be Our Life,’ Michael Azerrad asserts that the two presented themselves as siblings in how they worked and moved together.

Since 1984, Taylor and her band have released so many albums and EPs, including Live PCPPEP, Psychic…Powerless…Another Man’s Sac, Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis, Rembrandt Pussyhorse, Locust Abortion Technician, Hairway to Steven, Double Live, Electriclarryland, Humpty Dumpty LSD, and Butthole Surfers/Live PCPPEP.

Despite the many challenges that she has gone through, Taylor has remained strong and determined. She has never given up on her music, and her incredible work will remain for many years. She has made Butthole Surfers a great band.

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