Vinny Appice, A Drummer whose skills translate over generations

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Vinny Appice may not be the most recognized drummer because his brother often overshadows him, but he is certainly one worth studying.

His work can be seen in some of the most outstanding heavy metal recordings throughout the past several decades. Most of his recognizable work is with Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell.

Aforementioned, although his brother Carmine Appice takes much of the spotlight in the family, Appice has managed his way into the list of top-heavy metal drummers. Vinny Appice‘s contribution mustn’t be ignored. He is one of those drummers who has successfully mastered the necessary skills to deliver speed and power.

vinny appice photo
vinny appice on stage

Vinny started playing drums at a very young age. He was only 9 when the passion for drumming stole his attention. He received lessons from the same drummer as his brother, Carmine. Everything in his early life happened in Brooklyn, N.Y.

At 16 years old, the drummer met John Lennon. This was at Record Plant Studio NYC. John asked Vinny to do handclaps on a song he was recording. Vinny then got a chance to play on a few projects alongside Lennon. This was a great turning point in his career, as the exposure helped him gain recognition. He appeared in three videos with Lennon which aired both in the US and Europe.

Vinny went on to form his own band in 1977, calling it AXIS. The band recorded only one album titled “It’s A Circus World.”

vinny appice 1
vinny appice performing

He then joined Black Sabbath in 1980. He was with the band when they recorded “Mob Rules” and “Live Evil.”

He and Ronnie James then formed another band called DIO in 1983. With that team, he recorded seven albums. Three of these projects are platinum, and two are now gold. He then wrote his first drum instructions book titled “ROCK STEADY.”

When Black Sabbath reformed to make “Dehumanizer,” it was Appice behind the drums. And in 1993, he and Vinny reformed DIO and recorded an album. 

Further, they then finished another album and called it “Angry Machine” (1996). The team then hit the road for the US and Europe in November 1996. The tour ended at a time when they released the first-ever live recording from the band.

Vinny rejoined Black Sabbath in 1998 on their first European tour after the reunion. It had been more than 20 years since the group was on a tour like that.

By then, Vinny was a renowned drummer who had mastered metal drum skills, all the while gaining recognition for his talent. As an innovative drummer, his work was vital to the success of his team.

vinny appice
vinny appice

Apart from being a great drummer, Vinny also has an excellent personality. Those who have worked with him say he has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and suitable where they are needed.

He was the glue that held most of these bands together. And when on stage, Vinny plays drums as if there is no tomorrow. It feels as though he tells his kit what to do, and it must obey. Over the years, he has greatly contributed to the growth of the metal drumming industry.

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