Trym, The Most Famous Black Metal Drummer

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Trym Torson or just Trym is one of those drummers who makes you feel like you can do anything. His simplistic and yet complex approach to drums is something out of this world. Those who have listened to the drummer would agree there are very few who can play to his level.

The Norwegian drummer started playing the Viking metal band Enslaved. He was then invited to play in the black metal band, Emperor. He was the co-founder of Zyklon, in partnership with another Zyklon band member, Samoth.


Trym playing style is mostly influenced by jazz. He is known for playing fast, often combining blast beats with double-bass drumming.

Apart from that, he is also a tattoo artist. And that could also explain his artistic approach to drum moves.  

Try is a full-time artist. Everything around him seems to revolve around the industry. In 2007, his voice was used for an animated character from Metalocalypse. Also, he worked on Egyptian artist Nader Sadek’s project, Faceless. In this instance, he contributed drum son the song faithless by Steve Turker.

Torson has worked on numerous projects with high-profile drummers. His skills have always amused many people who listened to the songs. He recorded most of the drums on the album “In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns” by Abigail Williams.

trym torson
trym torson

Recently, he has also joined the filming industry as a producer. In the world of metal drumming, there are very few drummers who have left a mark. And Torson is one of them. He is such an innovative drummer that every song he works on seems to be different from others.

“I can listen to Torson’s work all day and never get tired.” Said one of his fans in an interview with a local drum magazine. “He has a way of bringing the drum to life and making it seem as though they are talking back at him. You can hear every message with great clarity.”

Torson is not just a drummer but an artist as well. When working on a project, he draws the perfect picture in his mind and carries it to the drum heads.

It is his lightning speed and thunderous energy that amuses many. One might think he has a metronome in his head that helps keep the time. Even at the highest speeds, Torson will always make sure the band is sailing on the boat.

His skills have grown due to his commitment. He is one drummer how takes every project very seriously and turns it into a success story.

If you are looking for a hard rock metal drummer who understands the market, this should be the person to look out for. He has been playing for many bands, growing in experience with every group.  

Current and former bands include:

  • Emperor
  • Enslaved
  • Imperium
  • Satyricon – live session in 2004
  • Shadow Season
  • Paganize
  • Ceremony
  • Zyklon
  • Abigail Williams

Today, he remains one of the most influential drummers of all time in the industry. He is a motivator and an inspiration to young up-and-coming drummers.

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