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Shiho Yamanoha, the Stunning Japanese New-Age Drummer

Yamanoha Shiho, famously known by her stage name SHIHO is a Japanese female musician born on the 18th of October 1990 in Naha, Okinawa, Japan.

Yamanoha Shiho is currently living in Setagaya, Tokyo. She is a new age drummer who is still fresh in the music industry, and is already rocking with sweet melodies. Her main interests are in two major music genres – J-Rock and Pop rock.

Shiho Yamanoha On Drum
shiho yamanoha on drum

She has a height of about 1.58 meters, giving her a chance to rip any drum setup. She has excellent creativity regarding drum arrangement.

SHIHO has been a member of two bands now. She started drumming when she was a young girl, and her inspiration came from videos of different bands she watched growing up. Her parents loved music, so they would sit together and watch different bands together.

However, after realizing that she loved music, her parents bought her some musical equipment. She got her first drum kit when she was nine, and she started learning new moves and techniques.

She also learned drumming in her elementary school and high school. She joined some local bands while in school and even after completing her studies.

It was no secret she was very gifted with a drumming ability, and that is why she learned so quickly from her music teachers. In 2007, she formed a band with her three girlfriends and named it Stereopony. The band has only three young females, but their lack of band members wasn’t a factor because they were incredibly driven musicians.

Apart from Shiho, the band consisted of Aimi Haraguni, a lead vocalist & guitarist, and Nohana Kitajima, the band’s bass guitarist. The band was signed under Sony Records, and produced 11 singles and three albums. All these songs have Shiho’s name in them.

In 2007, Shiho and her bandmates won an award at Young People Music Festival. They announced their debut in 2008 after their song was used as an ending theme in an entertainment series.

The albums that Shiho released under Stereopony include More! More!!More!!!, Over the Border, and Hyd.rangea ga Saiteiru.

They also released numerous singles that include: I do it, Stand by me, Just Rock with me, Arigatou, Chilsana Mahou, Smilife, Namida no Mukou, Hanbunko, and OverDrive among many others. Shiho played a vital role in this band, which will always remain true to their fans.


However, the Stereopony band broke up in 2012. Shiho and her friends had a farewell party on the 27th of December 2012 in Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo. After the band was disbanded, every member went her way. Shiho joined another band known as Draft King in 2013.

She worked with the band for about five years, and she was able to record at least three singles, namely: This is me, Okuru Kotoba, and Just say u.r? All songs that Shiho was involved in made her a better person and musician. She has over half a million YouTube subscribers and a large following on social media platforms.

She admits that her fans are the ones that give her motivation every day. She is currently working on her side projects and with other bands that want her drumming. Her motivation behind the drums and focus on music is what will take her far in her career.

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