Scott Rockenfield, Bridging The Heavy Metal & Progressive rock genres

Drumming is like an addiction; once it gets in your blood, it drives you to want to play all the time.

The best way to explain this is by looking at Scott Rockenfield. This is one of the most influential hard rock and metal drummers of all time. He has always been a great influence on the industry.

Scott Rockenfield
Scott Rockenfield

“A drummer is like an artist. They have to think of every move they make to ensure a perfect image is created” said one of Rockenfield’s fans. “To me, Rockenfield is a perfect example of a ‘drumming artist.’ He uses drumsticks as his pencil and the drum heads as his canvas. It is hard to miss the picture that every note paints.”

That is the best description of the Queensrynches’ drummer. He has made his career by bridging the gap between anthemic music, classic metal, and the extensive expanse of progressive music. Not many drummers can play as precise, fast, and accurate as Rockenfield. He has combined two styles. Many wonder how someone could be so brilliant and talented.

Rockenfield is one of the most innovative drummers in the history of hard rock and metal music. He is also one of the fastest you will come across – with speed beyond logical comprehension. It is easy to confuse his work with programmed drumming.

He uses a perpetual motion drumming style that allows the best of each element. This helps him to create a cinematic approach to Ryche’s music. As an innovative drummer, every piece he works on seems to be a little different from all the rest, making it refreshing for his fans.

He is not only a drummer with style but also one who uses everything in his power to make timeless music.

Some of his lead-in on songs can be felt on pieces like “Spreading the Disease” and of the masterpiece ‘Operation: Mindcrime. These are some of the best examples of how the drummer has elevated the band’s music. It is easy to assume that he is the foundation on which the group’s pillars are laid. He has been developing new and unique styles with every song he has worked on.

Scott Rockenfield Performing
scott rockenfield performing

Rockenfield has never disappointed those who count on him to make incredibly diverse music. He is always at the front with some of the latest styles and key methods.

 Most of those who have interacted with the drummer describe him as a charming person. Such a characteristic is a valuable trait for a drummer. This is because a drummer plays a large part in holding the team together. Over the years he has been making sure those who listen to his music receive the highest quality entertainment.

Also, Rockenfield has grown into one of the most influential drummers of the modern era. His contribution to fast-paced drumming will always remain in the books of history. It is no wonder that he appears in lists of top drummers.

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