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Jen Ledger, Drumming’s innovator

Jen Ledger was born in Coventry, England in 1989. She did not start playing drums until she was 13, at which time she had shown a great passion for the instrument. Ledger attended Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School, and passed the GCSE.

From an early age, Jen Ledger always seemed to have a strong pull toward drums. Some of the most influential people in her life were her parents.

Jen Ledger
Jen Ledger

This enabled her to start playing in a local band which led to her becoming a finalist for the United Kingdom Drummer of the year in 2006. She moved to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue a major in percussion after getting a scholarship at Living Light School of Worship Kenosha.

She then joined the band The Spark to play bass since the band already had a drummer. But her transition to bass certainly did not stop her from practicing and honing her drumming skills.

Skillet band member noticed Ledger during a church service in Coventry. She was living there at the time and playing drums. They visited her school and asked her to audition for the opening drummer position in the band. And that is how she became a member since 2008, fresh out of the “Comatose Tour.”

Ledger has been working on solo projects for several years, and she and her bandmate Korey Cooper started writing music with their own pop-influences – this was in 2012. Later on in 2018, the announcement came for her debut EP entitled: “Ledger.”

She then signed a deal with Atlantic Records and Hear it Loud. Skillet’s John and Korey Cooper and manager Zachary Kelm launched the imprint. Seth Moseley produced it.

Ledger became the opening act of Skillet’s Unleased tour. Ledger released official audio for the song “Not Dead Yet” in April 2018. 

In October, it came to be known that she would be performing at the 2019 Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. She would be working alongside Newsboys, Danny Gokey, Mandisa, and Rend Collective. Ledger also released her single “Completely” along with a video on March 27th.

In February 2020, she released her second album’s, single “My Arm. These projects put Ledger higher on the market.

Jen Ledger On Stage
jen ledger on stage

She has always been a hard-working drummer, which has gotten her where she is now. Over the years, most of her projects have received global recognition.

Hard metal and rock are some of the most challenging genres to play as a drummer, and it is no wonder that a great deal of respect comes with participating in the genre. Jen Ledger is a woman who has influenced the genre greatly.

There is not much to learn about her personal life. She prefers a quieter life. But in terms of performance, she is a global figure who has set a new standard in hard metal drumming. She has been contributing greatly to the industry, leaving a huge footprint along the way. 

With her skills, speed, and strength, Ledger has been on top metal drummers’ lists several times, and we will continue to celebrate her craft.

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