Christoph Schneider, Rammstein’s Best Drummer Ever!

Very few drummers can plan play like Christoph Schneider. He is one of the fastest and most influential drummers in the world of rock and metal. His giftedness has not gone unnoticed over his drumming career.

Christoph Schneider
Christoph Schneider

Christoph Schneider was born in Berlin, East Germany, and has six siblings. His passion for music started at a very early age in his life. He began playing the trumpet at age 14 while in school. Although some may say he started late since there are many drummers who began at age 2, his passion was a key factor in helping him gain any lost ground.

His brother gave him his first drum set made from aluminum cans. And that is how his passion for drums and dreams of becoming a professional musician was initiated. He then left high school at the age of 16 to go and work as a telecommunication assistant.  Then in 1984, he joined the East Germany Army for national service.

He is one of the only two members of Rammstein who have served in the army. This is arguably one of the most influential moments in his life.


In 1985, Christoph left the telecommunication job to pursue his musical ambitions. He wanted to join a university to study, but he failed twice in gaining admission. His father was against him learning drums; he wanted him to pursue the trumpet.

It was not easy for him to find a spot in a band. He tried without success for five years (1985 – 1990) until finally he found one with Die Firma. He was always seen as a dedicated musician who would do anything to achieve his dreams. The same energy pushed him to trained harder to become one of the most reputable drummers in percussive history.

In 1994, Christoph got a chance to work with Richard Kruspe and Oliver Riedel, forming the early version of Rammstein. Later, Till Lindemann joined the band, at which point they joined the Berlin Senate Metro beat contest. This won them a chance to record a professional demo with four songs. Two other members from Feeling B, Christoph’s earlier band, joined the group, making it a complete band.

In terms of personal life, Christoph is one person who deeply values privacy. There is still much not known about him. The drummer got married to a Russian woman called Regina Gizatulina in May 2005 but was later divorced. He married Ulrike Schmidt, with whom he has two sons.

40 Jahre Ddr Band Karat Jubilaeum Christoph Schneider, Schlagzeug, Rammstein Konzert Von 40 Jahre Karat Und Gaeste In D
40 Jahre Ddr Band Karat Jubilaeum Christoph Schneider, Schlagzeug, Rammstein Konzert Von 40 Jahre Karat Und Gaeste In D

He is also called Doom, a nickname from his favorite computer game. He claims to have been influenced by AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd.

As we all know, a drummer is known by the kit he plays. And in this case, Christoph has a Tama Starclassic Performer EFX comprising of seven drums. He endorsed Meinl cymbals during the Reise period. He plays Zildjian hi-hat, Meinl Soundcaster Custom hat, and several other pieces.

Christoph has been a very influential figure in the world of hard rock and metal music. His speed and aggressive energy have always left many people amused. It feels as though he has a metronome within himself, helping him keep time with great precision.

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