Phil Rudd, Rock-solid beats and incredible timing skills

Phil Rudd has become one of the most controversial drummers of modern times. The long-time AC/DC drummer has been recently highlighted because he threatened to end his employee’s life.

Phil Rudd
Phil Rudd

For many months, the media was all over him, with many people inquiring about his fate. As if that is not enough, he was accused of possessing meth. With the two charges revolving around him, Phil Rudd has witnessed more attention than what he received in the whole of his 29 years drumming career.

He was lightly known for his simple, rock-solid beats and incredible timing skills. It is a shame that he has to be portrayed in such a negative manner and consider how his economic approach and monster groove were substantial in paving the way for the iconic band’s position.

AC/DC would not have made it far without their favorite drummer. Even though his style was simple, it was all the band needed to make it to great heights. He is known well for using a subtle touch to present rock-solid beats.

This is a technique that not very many drummers can use, considering how much energy one needs to hit rock drums.  Therefore, Hurley has been very instrumental in shaping the industry, making things much simpler for those who wish to start drumming.

Rudd is considered one of the most consistent minimalists in hard-rock drumming. And because of his innovative drumming skills, he has managed to influence a large wave of international drummers.


Think of iconic figures like Rammstein’s Christoph Schneider and Kiss’s Eric Singer, who are only a few of those inspired by Rudd. In a world where rock drumming is only seen as hard and thunderous, Rudd has been very encouraging for those who enjoy rock, yet they don’t want those hard sounds.

The drummer joined AC/DC in 1975, a time when the band really needed a boost to grow. He replaced Peter Clack, and became one of the longest-serving members in the band.

Phil Rudd Performing
Phil Rudd Performing

In the beginning, he played seven studio albums with vocalist Bon Scott who died shortly after. Scott succumbed to “death by misadventure,” but that did not stop Rudd from doing everything he could to remain relevant and strong on the market.

But Rudd has never been less of scandals. He was fired from the band in 1983 after being found with substance abuse. He was also involved in a physical confrontation with rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young. He rejoined AC/DC ten years later, where he played four albums.

He continued stamping his lean, mean trademark feels with a glorious approach through the 2014’s Rock and Bust. Even though the recent scandal has left him with a bad reputation, Phil Rudd has always been a great drummer, and that needs to be appreciated.

He has a way of keeping a tap on the rhythm and time that makes it feel like he has a metronome in his head. Were it not for his derailment in scandals; there would be a lot more to learn from him.

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