Yamaha Recording Custom 4 Piece Shell

Professional drummers often look for durability and high-quality sounds in any drum that they purchase. Most of the time, they ignore the price, given that the quality of the drum is reasonable. Therefore, most manufacturers often design the best drummers for advanced players.

These professional drum sets are the ones used to make the music that we enjoy. Unfortunately, it can be very tricky to produce music with a beginner or junior drum set because of its sound quality. However, even the cheap drums have room for an upgrade if you are on a tight budget.

You will realize that no two drum sets are created equal; thus, there are more options that you can choose from, unlike the previous years. Therefore, it is always wise to research what you need before getting into the marketplace. Failure to do research may lead to the purchase of drums with features that do not suit your needs. Therefore, let us look at the best drum sets for professional players.


A long list of drum sets can be the best professional drum sets, but we shall consider the few best drum sets. These top 5 drum sets include:

Yamaha Recording Custom 4-Piece Shell

Yamaha recording custom drum set is an excellent choice for those professional drummers looking for premium tones and resonance. In addition, Yamaha is among the most trusted and top brands in the market for musical instrument manufacture.

This drum was inspired and made by an iconic drummer Steve Gadd; thus, you know what to expect from a drum made by a professional drummer. This drum set is suitable for studio recording and live performances. It features mounted toms and a double bass pedal. You can start playing it just after opening the package

The drums are made of 6-ply birch shells that are known for durability and high-quality sounds. It comprises 10″ and 12″ rack toms, a 22-inch bass drum, and a 16-inch floor tom. It also features 30-degree bearing edges, high-tension lugs, die-cast BD hooks, and a TH945B double tom holder.

The birch shell construction enhances clarity by eliminating interference from other drums, which might be mounted nearby. The snare drums are lifted to produce a punchy sound. The high-tension lugs are made with increased weight to eliminate unwanted noises and the ringing from the shells.

On the other hand, the bass drums feature a ‘T’ handle tensioners that allow you to tune them easily. As a result, you will get the quality and versatility that you desire in a professional kit.


  • The construction quality is magnificent.
  • It has incredible hardware.


  • It features a hefty price tag.

Roland TD-50K Electronic Drum Kit

Roland is another well-renowned company that makes electronic drums for all sets of players. The TD-50K is a unique electronic drum set that is suitable for advanced drummers. It features a digital snare that will make you fall in love with its acoustic feeling.

The pack includes a 14-inch PD-140DS Snare, 12-inch KD-120-BK Kick drum, 3 x 10″ PDX-100 Toms, 18″ CY-18DR Ride, 12″ VH-11 Hi-hat, 12″ CY-12C Crash, 13″ CY-13R Crash. It also comes with a TD-50 Drum module, 5 x Reverbs, 25 x Rooms, Compressor, and Delay. Other important hardware components are Master EQ, 14 x 1/4″ (hi-hat & ride use 2 inputs), 1 x 1/4″ TRS (mix in), 1 x 1/8″ TRS (mix in), 2 x XLR (master out), and 2 x 1/4″ (master out), 8 x 1/4″ (direct out).

Roland does not take things for granted when it comes to deciding materials and finishes. Thus, this drum is made of durable material and made complete with a stunning finish. This drum set mimics the acoustic drum set experience.

You can import personal libraries and determine the composition and size of every piece through the SDHC cards. The kit’s superiority comes from the one-up/two-down tom snare pad set up with a multi-sensor.

The modeling engine from Roland also increases this kit’s performance. You can change the overtones, shell thickness of every drum, and virtual mic placement. Also, you can record ten channels of home recording through USB.


  • It is durable, versatile, and produces high-quality sounds.


  • It is suggested that VSTs have better acoustic sounds compared to this set

Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow kit is one of the best drums that this company has ever created. It features two-floor toms, a snare, a kick drum, and a rack tom. All drums are beautifully finished and furnished with either Charcoal metallic, wine red, black or bronze color. It is a quality drum set and it represents the company’s image.

The snare drum, the most potent part of a drum set, features a 9-ply poplar shell that enhances excellent durability and excellent quality sounds. The shell packs are responsible for the overall performance of a drum. This kit is marketed as a shell kit, but Pearl has included some extra hardware such as a 16-inch crash ride cymbal, 14-inch hi-hat cymbals, drum, cymbal stands, and drum stands.

This drum set also features a standard chain-drive bass drum pedal and a double-braced drum throne. All the hardware components are made from the best material that makes them last longer and serves the proper purpose.

Pearl is among the drum kits that you can trust. They feature a powerful snare drum and an incredible kick drum. The floor tom is also fantastic.


  • It comes with several extras that add value.
  • It is attractive and durable.


  • Cymbals cannot be used for recording, but they are suitable for practice.

Alesis Nitro Electronic Mesh Drum Set

Apart from Roland, Alesis is one of the best electronic drum manufacturers worldwide. They have made the best drums that are used by all sets of players in the world. Alesis Nitro Electronic Mesh Drum Set features eight pieces that include three 8-inch tom pads, one 8-inch dual-zone snare pad, a ride cymbal, a hi-hat cymbal, and a crash cymbal with a choke.

It also comes with an 8-inch kick drum, a hi-hat pedal, and a kick drum pedal. The setup is kept together by a 4-post collapsible aluminum rack that breaks down easily for storage. The set also includes a Nitro module with a sequencer, metronome, a recorder, and 60 pre-recorded [lay-along tracks.

It also features a CD/MP3 aux input that allows drummers to play along to any song. A pair of drum sticks, connection cables, a drum key, a power supply, and all basic connection cables are included in the pack.

The good thing about the mesh drum heads is that they provide a natural feel. As a result, you can use your headphones to enhance quiet performance. You can also transfer MIDI information to your computer for endless creative potential.

You will never regret having such a fantastic electronic drum kit. You can practice in your apartment or even your office without disturbing others. Moreover, it offers excellent sounds similar to those of the famous acoustic drum sets.


  • You can lay it at total volume or silently.
  • You can configure the drums the way you like.
  • It features a space-conscious setup.


  • The provided assembly instructions are not good.

DW Performance Series 4-Piece Shell Pack

The DW Performance Series drums are the best in terms of beauty and sounds. Many people purchase this kit either in online shops or stores across the world. The DW drums are created with skilled and experienced artisans.

The drums are hand-made from one wood type, and it is a perfect option for drummers who like organic drum sound. The shell pack has different tom sizes that include 10 x 7 inches, 12 x 9 inches, and 16 x 14 inches. The bass drum measures 22 x 18 inches, while the snare is 14 x 6.5 inches.

The drum shell is a maple 5.6mm thick, 8-play with 45-degree bearing edges shell material. However, you will need to acquire hardware and cymbals separately. This unique drum set features special lacquer, wrap, and satin finishes that make the drum set very appealing.

The True Pitch Tension Rods gives the drummer a chance to make several tuning changes that offer outstanding accuracy. In addition, the drums produce the perfect resonance and beat courtesy of excellent HVX shells, suspension tom mounts (STM), and 45-degrees bearing edges. Also, this set is made of stainless steel and has suspended mounts, triple-flanged hoops, and patented lugs.

The quarter turret lugs make the drums have a sleek and modernized look that is eye-catching. The good thing is that there are several attractive finishes to choose from. This kit is worth your money because it offers the reliability and aesthetic appeal that you need.


  • It offers a unique, organic sound.
  • It features state-of-the-art quality and artisanship.


  • It doesn’t come with cymbals and hardware.

What is the best drum set for professionals?

Companies make the best professional drum sets with skilled artisans and this century’s technology. Several advancements have been made3 in the drumming industry; thus, to become the best, you must go with the current trend.

Also, the best drums are made of high-quality materials, and they are known to produce the best sounds. A few brands have been trusted because of their quality engineering of drums and their consistency in drum making. Some of the few best professional drums include:

What drums do professionals use?

Professional drum players make some considerations before purchasing a new drum or replacing the existing one. First, they need drums that offer the best quality sounds and the ones that can last for an extended period.

As a professional drummer, you can decide on the drum to buy overnight. But, first, you must consider the brand you need and the series of drums available in that brand. Some drummers often opt for cheap drums because of their tight budgets. However, cheap doesn’t always mean that the drums are low quality.

Advanced players also ensure that the drums suit their drum needs in terms of music quality and genres. Also, most professional drummers are vigorous players and hard hitters; thus, they need drums constructed to withstand such pressure.

Therefore, professional players consider several things before making their choices. Thus, it is good to make decisions after a couple of days.

How much does a professional drum set cost?

The cost of professional drum sets varies from one manufacturer to the other. However, the best professional drum sets are sold at high prices that go hand-in-hand with the quality of these drums. The professional drums are different from standard drums regarding the quality of materials and build that affect the final sound.

Most of these drum sets cost between 250 and 1000 US Dollars. However, the good thing is that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Your budget will determine the type of professional drum kit that you will get.

How many pieces are in a professional drum set?

When it comes to the number of pieces that a professional drum set has, we always have four or five drums. The bass drum and the snare are always constant in every drum kit, but the number of tom-toms and floor toms varies from one drum set to another.

Depending on your music needs and your intentions, you have a wide range of options to make your choices from. Other drum shells come with some extra hardware components that make them more appealing to the buyer.

You will find that some sellers include hi-hay cymbals, crash/ride cymbals, stands, thrones, and other hardware components in their professional kit packages. Therefore, this will also help you when choosing a kit that you need to buy.