Gammon Drum Kit

Thinking of training drums for a while, and now you are ready for your own kit, right?

Well, in that case, you will need the best drum set for entry-level and even professional gigging.

Even though there are so many products on the market that choosing the right one may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

The Gammon Percussion Compete Adult Drum is one of the most recommended sets for this level. The set comes with five drums, enabling you to start playing right away.

I will be reviewing this set, just to show you how cool it is. After using it for a while, I am compelled to share its goodness.

What to consider when buying an entry-level drum kit

I am sure every one of us loves the sound and feel of acoustic drum sets. Even with the world shifting more and more towards electronic solutions, many people can only rely on the real sound of acoustic sets.

No matter what, it is all about the sound, features, and your preferences. Hence, you need to understand what to look for in advanced drum sets.

Here are some tips:

Electronic vs. Acoustic

As stated above, nothing can beat the natural sounds of acoustic drums. They are so natural you can feel your spirits rising when you hit the, especially with more aggressive genres.

On the other hand, the world is changing, with technology taking over most things. Hence, electronic drum sets have become quite popular.

One of the biggest advantages of e-drums is its compatibility and portability. They offer the best approach to versatile sounds since they carry various inbuilt drum kits. E-drums also allows you to create custom sounds and tones to use alongside your performance.

To get such features with an acoustic set-up, you will need a large group of drummers with different kits in one location. Or perhaps record them at different times before bringing them together.

As you can see, both e-drum and classic drum solutions come with various benefits and disadvantages.

 Acoustic drums are too loud and cannot be fully controlled in their volume. But they sound way better.

Electronic sets, on the other hand, are more controllable. But most of them only stimulate the feel of an acoustic kit, but they don’t sound like one.

It interesting that bigger players like Roland and Yamaha are coming with e-drum that feel and sound closer to acoustic drums.

This means your choice depends on what you want to do with your drums. Both options are excellent, but individuals vary.

Your needs vs. features

I believe you are here because you are looking for a professional-level drum set. In that case, you should already know what to look for in such a drum set.

Anyway, we can all agree that the best drums should come with the best features. Things like size, hardware, and sounds must be on point.

This IS where the Gammon drum set comes in perfectly. It is both from a reputable brand and has all the features of a high-end drum set.

You may also need to check your bank account. These are drums that you may break a bank for. And for their feature, durability, and sturdiness, it is all worth the trouble.

This drum is a product from Gammon that features a bass drum, snare, drum, floor tom, and two mounted toms. The package also includes stands, cymbals, hardware, stool, a drum key, and drumsticks. Hence, it is a package that you will set up and start playing immediately.

This is quite interesting because most drum sets don’t come with cymbals and several other hardware. For this, the Gammon Percussion receives a thumbs-up.

For years, the company has been producing some of the best gear for musicians. They have an experience that goes beyond most competitors, which is very important in offering quality serves.

Simply put, the Gammon Percussion Drum set is the perfect representation of top-line drums. And you should not have any doubts about its functionality and quality.


From the box, you will get the following:

  • A 22-inch by 14-inch 12-lug bass drum
  • 5 ½-inch by 14-inch snare drum
  • 13-inch by 10-inch mounted toms
  • 16-inch by 16-inch floor toms and 2 12-inch hi-hat cymbals
  • A 14-inch crash/cymbal on a snare stand


  • Drum throne and drum sticks
  • Stands and ride cymbals
  • A drum stool
  • Bass pedal

This drum set is made for all levels of drummer drumming. It is more recommended to beginners and intermediate drummers because of the price tag.

Features of the Gammon Drum Set

  • It comes as a complete drum set in full size
  • It includes everything to start playing
  • All drums are real wood in full size
  • It weighs 84- pounds and a dimension of 30.3 by 24 by 22.1 inches.
  • A beautiful black color
  • Snare made of steel
  • Easy to assemble

Let us look at these features in a detailed manner.

The build

One of the things I love about Gammon Drum set its built. It comes with everything you need to start gigging.

Everything is constructed from real wood. It comes with a beautiful finish. This appealing construction is high, and you can upgrade to your preferred kit.

It comes with excellent stands the will get your gear in place while beating them. You can adjust this hardware to meet your drumming needs.

This drum set comes with a standard design of a snare, bass, two rack toms, and hardware. The floor comes with legs, and cymbal/stand and pedals.

It is a full drum set

As I have mentioned above, the Gammon Percussion drum set comes as a full set. It has five pieces, including three toms and two drum shells.

Their drum package carries more than just the drum. A shell pack would only have actual drums without additional hardware. This is why you will find this set a wonderful savior in terms of money and time.

The package also comes with a DVD manual. If you thought you would have trouble setting it up, you are already sorted.

The sound

When it comes to finding the perfect drum set, it is critical to consider its sound quality. The last thing you want is playing something that sounds like crap.

The sound quality you get can be your greatest motivation. It is all about creating interest in what you, hence sound consideration is important.

There is everything you require to get that sound with the Gammon Drum set. It comes with real wood and solid construction. These are features of high-end shells, which is the reason you will enjoy working with this set.

I would like to mention that this kit may be more oriented towards beginners and intermediate drummers. Considering its features and the price tag, however, even professional and experienced drummer should have a great time with it.

The drum heads don’t sound very convincing. However, they are better than what you get from other sets in this price range. It does not disturb many users, though, since they can change anytime to better drum heads.

Another thing you may not like from this set is the sound of cymbals. As with any other cymbals that come in a full package, they sound like crap. But this may be just something a beginner will not mind.


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When looking for drum sets for any level, it is always critical to know that your investment is not going in the waters. Hence, quality consideration is very important.

Note that quality depends on the materials and construction of the kit you are using. When you want is a solution that will serve you for many years.

The Gammon drum set comes with solid construction. This means they will last you through your training period. They may not take you as far as higher-end drums, but they are good for what they are made for.


Sometimes it is not just enough having one drum set to look up for. And because of this, you may want to consider some alternatives to the Gammon Percussion Drum kit.

The Best Choice Drum Set is another wonderful set in this class. It is specifically designed for beginners looking to learn to drum. And just like the Gammon, it comes with everything you need.

Another excellent entry-level kit is the Stage Rocker Drum Set. It is a complete starter kit for adults. You may be glad to know it is a high-quality set with great sounding drums.

Final thought

For beginners and novice, choosing the right drum set will help you create confidence and interest in your drumming career. The Gammon Percussion drum set offers such an opportunity.

Note, however, that you will have to upgrade to a better solution with time. And since it uses a chain drive pedal, you will not have much trouble transitioning to the next level.

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