Pearl Roadshow Review

If you have been in the drumming industry for some time, then you know the name Pearl. This company has been a market leader for a while, with Pearl Roadshow being one of their best products.

It is money for a value product. And in this article, I am going to share some of the best things I see in this world-class drum set.

About the company 

When it comes to choosing the right drum set, it is always good to consider the brand. And that is why it is the best place to begin this review.

Pearl was formerly known as the Pearl Musical Instrument Company, with its headquarters in Japan. But there are offices all over the world. 

Hence, Pearl is a global brand, known for building the best quality affordable drum sets. Anyone interested in drums must have come across the brand. 

Pearl started out in the 1940s. Today it has several other top brands to its credit, including Adams.

The name Pearl Musical Instrument Company was adopted in 1953. This was the same time the company decided to enter into the percussion instruments market. They started with instruments like timpani’s and Latin instruments and drum kits, among many other products. 

Ever since, Pearl has maintained a top position in the drumming community. Within this period, the company has been a great contributor to innovation in percussion instruments. Hence, it has become a definer for quality drumming.

There are a few aspects that make Pearl stand out from other companies. Consider the following:

  • Use of Superior Shell Technology (SST). This technology is a signature for the company. It has used it to build an amazing drum with a seamless seal. And perhaps this is the best way to describe who Pearl truly is.
  • Humvee on the top on tom drums. Everyone knows Pearl drums because of this feature. It makes the powerful seal even better.
  • A global brand. Pearl has three main arms; the Pearl Drum USA, the Pearl Music Europe, and Pearl Drums Brazil. They operate under the company headquarters in Japan.

Now that you know what Pearl is all about, let’s get into the Pearl RoadShow review.

Is Pearl Roadshow good?

To answer this question, I would like to start by explaining everything about the Pearl Roadshow.

Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Complete Drum Set

To choose the right drum, one has to look beyond the brand. It is essential to consider what the said set has to offer and determine who the products are for.

It is no doubt that choosing a good drum set is not as easy as it sounds. On many occasions, drummers find themselves choosing the wrong products because they did not know where to start.

But Pearl Roadshow makes your choice much easier.

It is a 5-piece drum set designed to drummers of all levels. First, the set is super affordable. It can fit into most budgets. This is why Pearl Roadshow is a good product for beginners.

But there is more to this drum set. Luckily, you are in the right place to discover everything you need to.

What is in the package?

First, there are four different finishes to choose from in the Pearl Roadshow 5-piece drum set. There is jet black, charcoal metallic, red wine and bronze metallic.

Therefore, you have four different colors to choose from. Everyone indeed has their favorites when it comes to colors.

In the box, you get:

  • 22 by 16-inch bass drum
  • 14 by 5.5-inch matching snare drum.
  • 10 by 8-inch tom, 12 by 8-inch tom and 16 by 16-inch floor tom
  • Two Pearl 500 series hi-hat stands
  • One snare stand
  • One pedal for bass drum
  • 14-inch hybrid hi-hat
  • One crash ride – 16 inch
  • One stick bag
  • Two drumming sticks
  • One drum through

Many beginners worry about putting these pieces together. Fortunately, it is not difficult. In any case, there are many video tutorials one can use to learn set-up. As if that is not enough, the set comes with everything you need to start your drumming experience.

Specifications and features

One of the best things I learned about this set is its features. I have always wanted a drum set that would make me feel like I have everything under control. And this set made me feel so.

It comes with 9-ply poplar shells covered with a wrap. This feature allows you to enjoy exceptional durability. Besides, poplar is a standard wood choice for drums in the price range.

As a beginner, you need a drum set that will see you through several years until you get your grip on the playing drums. Hence, the set has to be sturdy and robust. The Pearl Roadshow could be such a product as it comes with a wide variety of features.

Depending on the frequency and level of playing, Pearl Roadshow will take you through many journeys.

Even though poplar, compared to maple, is not the top quality wood, but you will hardly notice the subtle differences. It is just right for beginners and intermediate drummers.

The snare drums are quality. It will produce snappy and crisp sound in combination with other hardware in the set.

The set also contains a cymbal stand, snare, hi-hat, and cymbals. The bass drum pedal and additional hardware, including a durable drum throne, make the set complete.

It comes as a full combination of accessories and hardware. Hence, it is easy to purchase and simple to set up. Its price makes it even a more appealing choice that many other drum sets on the market.

But if you want more quality sounds, you may want to but quality cymbals. The ones on this set sound bad.


Note that the set comes with one hi-hat stand, one snare stand, and two cymbal stands. They ensure you have proper support for everything in the package.

As a beginner or drumming enthusiast, you will have high-end hardware for your drumming needs.

However, if you are a more experienced drummer, you may have to buy a more reliable ride and hi-hat stand. Since you play it all the time, the chances of breaking are very high. Additionally, the cymbals, as stated above, are not the best.

Hence, you can upgrade the set according to your specific needs. Other hardware worth noting includes:

  • Bass drum pedal. The pedal comes as dual chained single-chain hardware with standard configurations. Note, however, that it does not come with a bottom plate. But you will still get a few variations of drumming genres. It is more suitable for a student drummer that does not need much force.
  • Snare. You may have to learn everything about dampening and tuning techniques if you wish to benefit. And chances are you will notice unusual sounds for a long time. As I have mentioned earlier, this is typical for 9-ply poplar.

Variations in Pearl Roadshow

No matter the style or genre you prefer playing, you can make different configurations with this set. Hence, you have versatile abilities to enjoy in any situation. Such variations include:

  • Fusion kit. A Pearl Roadshow Fusion kit comes with a smaller bass drum measuring 20 by 16 inches. It also features smaller toms measuring 12 by 8 and 10 by 7 inches. It creates a wonderful rock sound, perfect for alternative bands.
  • Jazz kit. If you would like to become a virtuoso in jazz, then you should consider the jazz configuration. In this case, you will need the smallest sized configuration. And the good news is, this configuration lacks the second tom, which jazz does not require.
  • New Fusion. And for loud rock sound, this kit is just as good. You can use the 22 by 16 bass and 16 by 16 floor toms for this configuration.
  • Rock kit. Man drummers enjoy the rock configuration. It comes with 16 by 16 and 14 by 14 drums with the ability to produce varying loud sounds.

 Is Pearl a good drum set?

In other words, who is the Pearl Roadshow drum set for?

Well, it is a great choice for any drummer in any genre. As I have indicated above, there are different configurations for varying genres.

There is no doubt that Pearl is a great brand. For many years, the brand has been offering quality drumming solutions.

Note that, you can hardly find any material but poplar within this price range. However, affordability is among the aspects that make this product worth buying. 

Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Complete Drum Set


  • The package comes full with all five pieces. Hence, it is right for beginners.
  • The kit offers the best tuning options. You can modify the settings for the genre you want.
  • It offers great sound on the shells. They are warmer,
  • High-quality hardware.


  • The cymbals are not the best. You may have to buy a standard shell pack.
  • It tends to have some issues, producing slight overtones.
  • It can be hard to tune for beginners.


In a nutshell, Pearl is a market leader. And the Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set is proof that the company understands different drumming needs. Although the cymbals aren’t so great, the kit is generally right for beginners; and for its price range.

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