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Beginner Drum Set: Reviews and Buying Guide


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Drummers are the least recognized member of a band when it comes to stage presence. You will find lead singers and lead guitarists taking on all the attention while the drum player remains unnoticed in the background.

But what many people don’t know is that the drummer carries huge responsibilities on their shoulders. 

They are responsible for the tempo. You can find a band without some components, but none where a drum player is missing.

And of course, you have to start somewhere. 

The good news is, it is never too late. You can start today and become a lead for your band.

As a beginner, not every drum set on the market is fit. The last thing you want is spending your money on a high-end gear that you might not use. 

 I have been there.

And that is why I am going to review ten best beginner drum sets in the market and offer the best buying guide. Continue reading.

Ten Best Beginner Drum Sets

You can begin drumming with any music genre. All you need is finding the right gear. 

In this list, you will find the best beginner sets for all styles, age, and experiences. 

1. Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC

Pearl Roadshow Rs525wfc
Pearl Roadshow Rs525wfc

Chances are the first set of a drum set you will meet as a beginner is the Pearl Roadshow. 

It is one of the most famous pieces in the market. It comes with five pieces, ready to engage a starter.

Each piece is steadily crafted with impressive sounds and durability. This should not be a surprise considering how quality Pearl products are. 

For a beginner, stability is vital. It helps you grow your talents faster and boost your confidence.

The pieces of the RS525WFC are bigger than those found in some starter kits. 

It comes with a 22 by 16-inch drum bass and 14 by 6.5-inch snare. They are not, therefore, for kids.

They come full with a hi-hat and cymbals. And when it comes to learning beats and rhythm, this kit is truly amazing.

And because of its overall quality, this piece is applicable for both gigs and practice.


  • Ready for stage
  • 5-piece
  • Comes with a drum key


  • Not for kids
  • Sticks feature poor quality. 

2. Pearl Export EXX725S

Pearl Export Exx725s
Pearl Export Exx725s

This 5-piece drum set is the best new fusion drum kit on the market. Contrary to popular opinion, jazz has never been easier to begin training with.

You become a great musician based on the amount of effort you put into selecting your gear. 

And in this case, the Export EXX725S is one of the kits a starter can rely on. It is the best choice for those willing to join jazz and fusion.

Whereas some people may advise you against starting with jazz, this piece will make you feel right at home.

It comes with an excellent shell quality and generates those low-end sounds with easy. It also gives out a great sustain.

It is hard to install. But you don’t have to worry, as it comes with a three-way mounting system with all the instructions you need.

In my experience, it is never enough just knowing the beats and the grooves. 

It is crucial to put together your own kit on stage. This is because it gives you a better opportunity to adjust anyway you need.

Its pedal is quite impressive for a starter kit. And because of its durability, you can expect to play for some years before replacement.


  • High pedal quality 
  • Long time warranty


  • The cymbals are not that good. 

3. Ludwig Accent Drive

Ludwig Accent Drive
Ludwig Accent Drive

Ludwig is one of the biggest brands in the drum industry. And the Accent series proves how experienced they are in terms of producing quality.

This series carries some of the most popular start drum set sold across the world. Every set contain components needed to create a sturdy foundation. Also, you can use them to improve your skills until you are ready for a more expensive set.

The LC175 comes bearing a 5-piece setup. It is fully equipped with a hi-hat, a crash, a drum throne, drumsticks, and pedals. 

Its floor tom measures 16 by 16 inches. This ensures a powerful output.

The bass drum is 16 by 22 inches, which is good for teens and adults. Also, the build quality and exterior finishes are all high-quality.

The only limitation is that you may need to add a pillow or a blanket to get deeper, clearer sounds.

I like the sound of the two high toms. There is no real need to tune, as they come with full sound from superior-quality heads. This is a feature you get in more expensive options.

There nothing much I can say about the snare. It is neither good nor bad because its sounding depends on the individual setting. But one thing for sure, you won’t hear those cheap buckets sound like you get from more affordable options. 

But the cymbals are quite poor. The hi-hat may produce clarity and enough power. But the 16-inch crash does not just seem to get there. Anyway, this is what you can expect from most full-size kits. 

Note also that the LC175 is not made for a specific genre of music. You can practice accents and different grooves without having to change a lot of things.


  • High-quality and durable
  • Clear sounds
  • Includes accessories 
  • Excellent exterior finish


  • Not the best for gigs
  • Poor cymbal sounds 

4. Mendini by Cecilio Adult Drum set

Mendini By Cecilio Adult Drum Set
Mendini By Cecilio Adult Drum Set

Mendini is among the most common brands you will hear when you start playing drums. For years, they have been making the best quality drum sets.

And for the very basic entry-level choice, you will get Mendini’s full-sized adult starter drum set.

This piece is highly recommended for beginner teenagers and adults alike. It is a full-sized kit, so you can start playing immediately. Besides, it is highly affordable for beginners. 

The shells are made from cross-laminated poplar, which makes them sound pretty nice. 

From the box, you will get a 22-inch bass drum, 12 and 13 inches rack toms, 16-inches floor tom, a 14-inch snare, 14.4-inch hi-hat, and a 16 inches crash. 

The Mendini shell doesn’t sound bad. And with proper tuning, you can use them for pretty good music.

But the cymbals will disappoint you. The crash, for instance, makes it feel like you are hitting on iron metal.

I would recommend replacing them. Good cymbals will enable you to play better.

In my opinion, this is a pretty decent drum set. And for the money, I would recommend a complete starter.


  • Full size
  • Affordable 
  • Throne and bass pedal included


  • Bad cymbals 
  • Not for gigging.

5. Tama Imperialstar

Tama Imperialstar
Tama Imperialstar

This piece happens to be my favorite product by Tama. I find it a more convenient choice for beginners. 

This is for a beginner who has turned serious and wants to invest in something more solid. 

It comes from one of the largest drum brands in the world. Hence, you can be sure it has good quality altogether. 

There is a good reason why this product is more costly than the ones reviewed above. First, it is not entirely made for starters. It comes with a serious quality build. 

Also, this piece creates a link to a more quality territory. 

The set comes with different and exciting finishes. Its hardware, design, and finishes are not something you will find in just any beginner set. 

When you get the package, expect to find a 22-inch bass, 10 and 12-inch toms, 16 inches floor tom, and 14-inch snare drums. You also get high-quality cymbals – real from Meinl.

Also, you will be glad to use their 14-inch hi-hats, 16-inch cymbal, 20-inch ride, and free 10-inch splash cymbal. But the cymbals are not as good as you would expect anyway, typical for starter kits.

I would like to own a Tama Imperialstar for myself. It comes with great sound, even at low costs.  

It is, therefore, a great item for beginners. 

And as a Tama fun, I would highly recommend it for a beginner. 


  • Tama is a reputable brand
  • Great finishes
  • Comes with kick pedal and throne


  • A bit high on price

6. Gretsch Drums Catalina Shell Pack

Gretsch Drums Catalina Shell Pack
Gretsch Drums Catalina Shell Pack

The Catalina Birch is just a shell pack. If you are running low on budget, then this is a quality drum set you may want to consider.

If you know Gretsch, well, there is no need to explain their position in the world of musical instruments. They make incredible-sounding drums.

And the fact that it is only a shell pack makes it a high-end drum set. 

Unlike other beginner drum sets that come with every component, you will have to buy your own cymbals and hardware. You can always find a great cymbal pack in the market.

When it comes to sound production, the Catalina Birth has it all. Whereas it may not have as cute looks as the Imperialstar above, it compensates with better sounds.

It comes with different shell configurations. One comes with a 22-inch bass drum, a 16-inch floor tom, a 10 inch, and 12-inch toms. 

Overall, this piece makes an excellent sound. They come from makers of excellent guitars and drums. 

It could be by far the best quality beginner set on this list. Although a bit pricy, but a worthy investment. 


  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable


  • The cymbals don’t sound great

7. Gammon 5-piece Adult Drum set

Gammon 5 Piece Adult Drum Set
Gammon 5 Piece Adult Drum Set


I have met some drummers who are afraid of adult sets. However, there is no age limit for learning drums. It is all about the will and the conditions that come along.

This 5-piece drum set also works well for beginners. It comes fully equipped with a floor tom, two mounted toms, bass drums, a snare, a hi-hat, and a crash cymbal. 

It qualifies as a beginner kit because it misses what recording or live performance needs. Despite having a regular size and high sound an build quality, it is not enough for performing live. 

Also, it comes at the right price for beginners. Its standard size is right for adult heights. 


  • A 5-piece complete piece
  • Full size


  • Its accessories are not that great.

8. Rise by Sawtooth

Rise By Sawtooth
Rise By Sawtooth

Are you a student who has never touched a drum kit before? Well, the Rise by Sawtooth drum set for students is all you need. 

In a college environment, there is a specific amount of steady progress expected. 

And this calls for longer and more intense sessions.

This is the reason a beginner set suited for the learning environment is needed. Hence, here is a kit that can withstand the daily pounding without cracking the cymbals every now and then.

It comes fully equipped with three toms, a hi-hat, and crash ride. Every component stands, except for mounted front toms. Therefore, it can accommodate any music genre. 


  • Features all accessories 
  • Durable 
  • Excellent sound
  • For different music types


  • Poor pedal quality 

9. Lagrima Drum Set

Lagrima Drum Set
Lagrima Drum Set

The Lagrima drum set comes with a sturdy and quality build. It features steel and PVC hardware and a top-notch drum shell. 

It is a full five-piece kit with cymbals, drum shells, and accessories.

The drum shells come with a high-gloss finish, which makes it ready for stage use. So, if you are looking for a drum kit that offers a nice impression, this is a good choice. 

The bass drum measures 22.5 inches, the floor tom 16 inches, and the high toms are 14 inches. The snare, on the other hand, is 14 by 5-5 inches, producing a powerful, snappy sound that is great for solos, fills, and rapid transitions.

Even with this superior sound, it is only good for beginners. Hence, don’t expect to use it in large performance.

It is for serious practicing with various techniques.

Perhaps it is too pricy. But that is all because of its durability sound and finish.


  • Best material quality 
  • 5-piece
  • Comes with accessories
  • Power snare


  • The bass produces a bit of an echo. 

10. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Nitro Ex Best
Alesis Nitro Ex Best

The Alesis Nitro is not the best electronic drum set for beginners from the company. And I have no doubt this will really be a good piece for a starter.

It offers great value at the lowest price.


  • Cheap but useful e-drum set 
  • Feature 42 beats for learning and guidance 
  • The module is easy to handle


· Very basic features

Beginner Drum Set Buying Guide

When starting out with drums, many beginners don’t take time to learn what they are in for. 

It may seem simple and fun, but sometimes drumming can be tedious. Hence you need to understand a few things before buying.

Components of a drum set

The basic drum set comes with three major components. They are the most vital parts, and they will tell you whether the product is worth your investment. 

Consider the following:

· The bass drum

This is the biggest drum in a set. It is usually at the center of any setup. It is responsible for producing the drumbeats.

· The snare

A bit smaller than the bass, the snare creates those sharp sounds you hear. It is used in establishing the rhythm of the song being played.

· Hi-hat 

This component follows the snare. Like the bass drum, it is plated using pedals.

These three components may be all you need to learn to drum. Every other hardware is just a luxury. In the initial investment, toms and extra cymbal may not even be necessary. 

Hence, there is no need to overwhelm yourself with so many things.

Acoustic vs. electronic drum sets

Another important thing to note is that you will be faced with the choice between traditional and digital. 

Today, technology in drumming has really grown. You will easily find different sets of electronic drum sets on the market today.

On the other hand, traditionally made drum kits sound better. In fact, no beginner electronic drum kit will sound as good as the lowest quality acoustic. 

However, acoustic sets are extremely loud. And as a beginner, you will need a lot of practice time. 

That is where electronic drum sets take the lead. They are very silent. Hence, they are recommendable if you want to practice silently without disturbing your parents, siblings, neighbors, and everyone else. 

But then, the e-drum set can get very expensive. However, this should note a problem if you are committed to becoming the best drummer. 

Choosing the right choice will make the difference between you quickly becoming an expert drum player and having to wait long. 

What To Consider When Buying A Beginner Drum Set

The brand

There are so many drum manufacturers in the world today. Unfortunately, not every brand you find is good, no matter the features they promise. 

You will find several reputable brands that produce something for every beginner drummer. Also, some top-notch manufacturers produce started kits.

But more pro starter kits are often too expensive. Well, that is understandable since you cannot expect low-quality products from top manufacturers. They come with better material, superior sound, and durability. 

Producers that focus solely on beginner equipment are not bad either. They also make high-quality gear.

The thing is, don’t let fancy logos fool you. Many starters end up overpaying for soothing they would have easily acquired.

The music genre

Think about the type of music you want to focus on. You may gain better skills and change over time. But for the initial learning process, focus on one genre.

Jazz, for instance, requires steady and smooth drumming. This means you will enjoy learning it on a 5 to 6-piece jazz.

Your genre will also dictate how difficult learning will be. Jazz is one of the hardest genres to practice. And the last thing you want is overcomplicating the whole process. You certainly don’t require many toms, cymbals, or even a double bass pedal.

Such components are necessary for hard rock. 

This means you need to be careful about the particular type of drum setup you want to get the best output. 


For a beginner, there are other things apart from just getting the drums set that matter.

For instance, most of the kits on this list are 5-piece. Some are bigger, while others are smaller.

Consider where you will be keeping the set and your practice space. You don’t want something too huge and heavy that you cannot move around with.

Also, drums are very noisy. The last thing you want is disturbing your neighbors with loud drums.

Size and setup are among the vital considerations in these products. The best starter kit for adults should be catered for 5ft and above. Also, an easy setup is vital. 


To enjoy drumming, you will need some vital accessories. First, you will need to sit down; hence a throne is necessary.

Second, you need ear protection while playing. It would be a good idea to invest in noise isolation in-ear monitors. 

Frequently asked questions 

How much is a beginner drum set?

Every drum set comes with a different price tag. This usually depends on the brand, the features, and the configuration.

However, beginner drum sets do not cost you much. I always advise beginners to spend $300 or less in gear, and then change as they grow. 

What age is a junior drum set for?

Junior sets carry both toddler and teen sets. These are drum set designed for younger drummers.

Toddler drum sets cover ages three years to seven years old, while larger kids feature in the category of seven years to fifteen years old. 

Is it hard to learn the drums?

As stated above, anyone can learn to drum. It does not matter the age. And that is why we have options for both junior and adults. 

It is not hard. The reason you need a starter kit is just to get something basic until you achieve professional playing conditions. And depending on your effort, this many happen pretty first.

Wrapping up

Some people have asked me if it is worth investing in a beginner drum set. Many think perhaps getting a professional kit at once is better.

In my experience, a starter kit is the best. Professional drum sets are very costly and complicated. 

Besides, drumming is hard. You don’t know yet if you will take it up full time. 

Therefore, invest in a quality beginner drum set, and you will not regret. 

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