Pearl Export Exx725S

Drummers are the least recognized member of a band when it comes to stage presence. Lead singers and guitarists tender to garner all the attention while the drum player is in the background, virtually unnoticed.

But what many people don’t know is that the drummer carries the biggest responsibilities on their shoulders.

Drummers aren’t just the guys in the back banging on stuff to make the music sound cool, they’re also responsible for maintaining the tempo.

You can find a band that will be missing an instrument or two or certain players, but there hasn’t been a single successful band that didn’t have someone playing drums.

If you’ve been considering picking up your own pair of drum sticks, your first kit and the additional hardware that goes along with it has, you can start today if you wish.

Everyone has to start somewhere, the good news – whether you are a child or an adult – is that it’s never too late to get yourself started. If you start studying, practising, and getting a full grasp for the dimming experience today, you could find yourself leading your own band in no time.

As a beginner, you can’t settle for any cheap drum set on the market and think that it will be a fit for you. On the other hand, you don’t want to be spending your money on high-end hardware and drum kits that are outside of your price range.

It’s happened to the best of us.

However, this is why I’m reviewing the ten best beginner drum sets in the market: to build a reliable buying guide with everything you need as a beginner to acquire their first starter drum kit. Continue reading.

Ten of the Best Beginner Drum Sets in [currentyear]

You can begin drumming with any music genre. All you need is to find the best drum kit for you.

In this list, you will find the best beginner sets for all styles, ages, and experiences.

1. Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC

The Pearl Roadshow is the drum set that you’re most likely to encounter first as a beginner.

It’s easily one of the most recognizable brand name drum kits on the market today that comes with everything you need, ready to go.

The Pearl Roadshow’s products are 5-piece drumming kits that include a drum key and Pearl drum throne, or drum stool. Crafted with impressive durability and stability for great quality of sound and a huge confidence boost to the player.

The Pearl Roadshow’s kits measure out:

22″ x 16″ bass drum

14″ x 6.5″ snare drums

10″, 12″, and 16″ toms

16″ crash-ride cymbals, and

14″ hi-hat cymbals

Compared to other beginner sets, the Pearl Roadshow kits are larger, making them less suitable for kids to learn.

This is an amazing starter drum kit for learning beats, rhythms, and developing muscle memory but, due to the overall quality of sound brought about by the quality materials used to develop it, this hardware is still great to be used for gigs and rehearsals.

Not many kits provide this option but The Pearl Roadshow does within a budget-friendly price range. Considering the size and overall quality of their kit, they are an obvious choice for the best drum kit for beginners list.


  • Practice or performance ready
  • 5-piece
  • Drum key


  • Not recommended for kids because of the large size
  • Poor quality drum sticks

2. Pearl Export Series EXX725S

This 5-piece drum set is the best new fusion drum kit on the market that is good for practice and stage performance.

A lot of people may advise against starting with jazz. Great musicians are developed based on the amount of effort put into selecting and using your hardware; not the genre you choose. The Export EXX725S is a starter kit that’s the best choice for those aiming to join any genre.

Because of its durable hardware, you can expect to get many useful years of play with this drum set.

The Export EXX has always had drum shells with great quality and has applied new drum heads that provide great sustain with low-end sound verberation. Be aware: these drum sets do not come with cymbals – a common aspect with advanced kits.

An impressive feature is the durability of the kick drum, or bass drums, pedal, and the lack of overwhelming resistance that could normally cause discomfort after extended use.

Installation can be quite difficult. The instructions are included, of course, that has a three-way mounting system to make the experience as least cumbersome as possible.

It’s always best to assemble your own kit on stage and that definitely applies to this drum set. It will guarantee that your equipment is assembled properly and it gives you a better opportunity to adjust your hardware to accommodate your needs.


  • High-quality bass drum pedal
  • Long-time warranty


  • Cymbals not included
  • Difficult to assemble

3. Ludwig Accent Drive

Ludwig: one of the biggest brands in the drum industry and the Accent series proves exactly how experienced they are when it comes to producing quality hardware.

Ludwig Accent carries some of the most popular starter drum sets sold across the world. Every set contains components needed to create a sturdy foundation and you can use them to improve your skills until you are ready for a more advanced set.

The LC175 comes bearing a 5-piece hardware setup – fully equipped with

  • a drum key
  • hi-hat
  • crash cymbal
  • drum throne
  • drumsticks, and
  • a kick drum pedal.

The floor tom measures 16” x 16” but it has an echo when they are played. Despite the echo, though, the two toms still provide a powerful quality output of sound.

The bass drum is 16” x 22”, which is good for teens and adults, with quality build and exterior finishes. However, similar to the floor tom, it has a boom-like echo when played. It’s recommended to replace the batter head or add a pillow or a blanket to get deeper, clearer sounds.

There’s nothing much I can say about the snare. It is neither good nor bad; the sound it provides depends on the individual setting. You won’t hear cheap bucket sound like anything you would get from more affordable options.

The cymbals are quite poor, sadly. The hi-hat may produce clarity and power but the 16-inch crash cymbal just doesn’t seem to produce that crisp sound. However, this is what you can expect from most full-size kits.

Best of all for beginners, the LC175 is not made for a specific genre of music. You can practice accents and different grooves without having to make many adjustments.


  • Good-quality and durable
  • Excellent exterior finish
  • Great for all genres of music
  • Perfect for practicing rhythms and technique


  • Not the best for gigs
  • Poor cymbal sound output

4. Mendini by Cecilio Adult Drum set

Mendini is among the most common brands you will hear when you start playing the drums. For years, they have been making the best quality drum sets.

For the basic entry-level choice, you will get Mendini’s full-sized adult starter drum set.

This kit is highly recommended for all beginners – teenagers and adults alike. It is a full-sized kit, so you can start playing immediately and it is highly affordable for beginners.

The drum shells are made from cross-laminated poplar wood which makes for a quality build, but it lacks in sound quality. From the box, you will get:

  • a 22” bass drum
  • 12”-13” rack toms
  • 16” floor tom
  • a 14” snare
  • 14.4” hi-hat
  • and a 16” crash cymbal.

The Mendini shell doesn’t sound bad, but it is not recommended for stage performance. With proper tuning, be can be used to produce fairly good music while practising or performing smaller gigs.

The cymbals are a major disappointment. The crash cymbals, for instance, makes it feel like you are banging on sheet metal; no actual substance to the quality of the sound – only noise.

Practicing with the cymbals to develop your rhythm and style is ok but, for good quality sound from your crash cymbals, it is recommended to replace them as soon as possible.

Mendini provides a decent drum set for the cost that is requested. It’s not recommended for gigs or stage performances but it would be a great kit for an adult or teenage starter.


  • Affordable for those with a limited price range
  • Cross-laminated poplar shells
  • Junior drum sets recommended for children to learn
  • Great starter for teenagers and adults


  • Poor cymbals
  • Not recommended for gigs or stage-performance.
  • Limited sound output

5. Tama Imperialstar

Tama Drums is one of the largest drum kit manufacturers in the industry thus far for a good reason. For example, the company’s entry-level drum set possesses a quality that is far above the average for entry-level drums.

Tama is one of the largest drum kit manufacturers and, as such, they are also one of the more costly options within anyone’s beginner drum set reviews.

The costly price for the Tama Imperialstar set isn’t without reason – this kit has a very high-quality build to its design with multiple finishes and colors to set itself apart from other beginning drum sets.

Within its packaging, included is:

  • a 22” bass drum
  • 10” and 12” rack toms
  • 16” floor tom, and
  • 14” snare drum.

Also included are 14” and 16” hi-hat cymbals, 20” ride, and a free 10” splash cymbal but, sadly, the quality of these cymbals leaves much to be desired in the areas of build and sound quality. As mentioned before, this is typical for starter kits but can be remedied by acquiring more reliable cymbals for the kit while able.

The Tama Imperialstar is a fun drumming kit that is highly recommended for beginners because it can be easily adjusted to accommodate their needs as their experience grows. It is a bit more costly compared to other kits but well worth the cost considering the growth potential it provides.


  • A reputable brand
  • Multiple finish and color options
  • Able to be adjusted for growth


  • Costly
  • Poor cymbals

6. Gretsch Drums Catalina Shell Pack

Before choosing the Catalina Birch drums as a starter purchase, know that it is just a shell pack. This means that it’s a 4-piece kit that you may have to purchase your own hardware, such as cymbals, but it’s great if you’re running on a low budget. There are also 5-piece options to choose from as well if that is your preference but the cymbal lacks in quality in design and sound.

Gretsch is world-renown for manufacturing high-quality products with amazing sound – guitars and drums alike. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve heard mention of them from friends that play guitar.

Beginner drum kits typically come equipped with every component that you would need but The Catalina Birch doesn’t necessarily conform to this expected trait.

It comes in multiple shell sizes, but one configuration includes:

  • A 22” bass drum
  • A 16” floor tom, and
  • A 12” and 10” rack tom

Gretsch drums have always delivered when it came to sound production. We can see it from Gretsch Catalina Club, and it’s no different from the Catalina Birch either. It may not have the visual appeal that other kits may have but it compensates for this with better sound quality.

It could easily be debated whether it is the best beginner drum kit on the market; yes, a bit pricey but, well worth the investment.


  • Reliable brand name
  • Great quality sound
  • Great for beginners


  • Just a shell pack – cymbals and hardware not included
  • Pricey

7. Gammon 5-piece Adult Drum set

It’s a shame, there are many adults that are afraid to at least take lessons to learn how to play drums as they would like to.

Find out here => the Best Online Drum Lessons of [currentyear]

There isn’t an age limit as to when someone can or can’t learn how to play; what matters is the circumstances around the person trying to learn and the effort that they’re willing to put forth.

Gammon provides a 5-piece adult drum kit. Their adult set comes fully equipped with:

  • 3 floor toms: a 12”, 13”, and 13”
  • A 22” bass drum
  • A 14” snare drum
  • A 12” hit hat, and
  • A 14” crash/ride cymbal

There is a lack of quality in the drum heads which leads to them having to be replaced more often than one would prefer.

The overall quality of this set qualifies it as a great option for a novice adult drum kit but it’s not recommended for recordings or live performances.


  • A 5-piece complete set
  • Adult sized starter drum kits
  • Great for learning the basics


  • Less than satisfactory accessories

8. Rise by Sawtooth

There are many who haven’t even seen a drum, let alone took lessons. As mentioned earlier, though, it is never too late to get started down your drumming journey, regardless of age or prior knowledge.

College-level classes produce a high level of drummer experience within a short amount of time to multiple students. This means that the sessions are usually longer and more intense and the knowledge must be absorbed faster. The Rise by Sawtooth is a budget-friendly acoustic drum kit that is great for the consistent abuse, wear, and tear from different students in the college environment.

Therefore, this beginner set is suited well for the learning environment, in and outside of the college setting. It is made with amazing durability to sustain the abuse that learning drummers cause such as a crack in the head of the snares and cymbals or causing the kick drum to pop.

The Rise by Sawtooth comes full-sized, fully equipped with:

  • 3 toms
  • A bass drum
  • A snare drum
  • A hi-hat cymbal
  • And a crash-ride cymbal

All of the components are standard-sized and all have their own stand, except for the mounted front toms. This allows it to be able to accommodate any music genre.


  • Features all accessories
  • Very durable
  • Excellent sound
  • Great for various music genres


  • Poor bass drum pedal

9. Lagrima Drum Set

The Lagrima drum set is a study, quality build designed from steel and PVC hardware built right into the drum shell. It’s a 5-piece drum set with a high-gloss finish – making it stage ready – equipped with:

  • A 22.5” bass drum
  • A 16” floor tom
  • Two 14” high toms
  • A 14” x 5.5” snare drum, and
  • Standard-sized cymbals

The bass drum and snare drum head both are designed with double-layer oilskins to create extra elasticity. This extra elasticity allows the drum head sound to be powerful and snappy; great for solos, fills, and rapid transitions. The kick drum does still have a little punch among the rich sound it provides but it can easily be adjusted.

Even with its superior sound, this drum set is best for beginners but not necessarily in a large performance setting. It’s more suitable for beginners to learn and get the full drumming experience.

It’s not too pricey and the durability, sound, and finish make it a great candidate for the best beginner drum set.


  • Great material
  • 5-piece
  • Comes with accessories
  • Power snare


  • The bass produces a small echo

10. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

The Alesis Nitro is an 8-piece e-drum set module that can be used to practice and become adept in multiple drum styles without a lot of extended practice or prior experience.

This module provides a variety of aspects to make anyone’s enjoyment of the drumming experience enlightening as possible. These aspects include:

  • Large selection of percussion options
  • Play-along tracks
  • Metronome
  • Headphone jack
  • USB connection
  • 3 tom pads
  • A dual-zone snare drum
  • A kick drum pad, and
  • 3 cymbals

With the USB connection, additional play-along music software can be imported into the module’s system from an mp3 or computer and the metronome feature indicates if the player is too early or too late in comparison to the beat that they are playing along with.

The drum pads are very durable, have response timing, and can last for an extended amount of time. The pads are even adjustable to match the tone of any drum sound that you may need. The kick drum pad has the authentic-sounding of an acoustic drum and even has a real kick pedal attached. Each drum pad measures out to be about 8” in diameter which makes it a rather small kit. For those over 6 feet in height, this drum kit may not be the best option for you in terms of comfort.

Alesis Nitro raised the bar for analog drum kits by being able to build quality electronic products within a compact package. The assembly is easy; it’s light-weight and easy to be maneuvered.

This kit also comes complete with:

  • two drum sticks
  • a drum key
  • a bass pedal
  • a module user guide, and
  • an assembly manual

Whether a beginner or professional musician, this e-kit is an impressive module to learn and become accustomed to the tone of multiple drum styles. It is very budget-friendly for all of the features that it has to offer making it another beginner drum set worthy to be added to this list.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 42 beats and additional digital features for learning and guidance
  • The module is easy to handle
  • Able to import additional audio files


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Small size so limited to smaller statured drummers
  • Beginner Drum Set Buying Guide

When proceeding down their journey with drums, many don’t comprehend the details and commitment that is really involved.

Many seem to think it’s all a bunch fun until it comes time to do do the work: maintaining your drum lessons, acquiring and maintaining your drum kit, discovering a reliable recording studio, providing value to potential fans who take the time out of their day to come to appreciate the mix of instruments working together to present their tune.

It may seem simple and fun – and it is – but sometimes drumming can be a tedious job that no one really wants to deal with. This is why understanding the tools of the trade, tips and tricks, and mindset going in is important.

Acoustic vs. Electronic Drum Sets

Traditional or digital beginner drum sets; in the end, the decision you make boils down to what your preferences are.

Technology has really grown to expand what is considered to be the norm with music. There’s such a large number of electronic drum sets on the market today with so many variables such as microphones, Bluetooth capabilities, and many other methods to eliminate the thoughts and headaches that typically results from the option to record your work and progress.

On the other hand, traditionally made drum kits sound much better. In fact, no beginner electronic drum kit in the game will sound anywhere as good as the lowest quality acoustic. However, acoustic sets are extremely loud.

Electronic drum sets, on the other hand, can be very quiet. They are recommended for those who have an interest in learning but their concern is the volume levels in their current settings. This digital kit configuration is designed to allow adjustments to the volume and tone.

However, electronic drums can be an expensive purchase, depending on the model and retailers that are making the offer and final cash retail decisions.

The conclusion you come to when making final decisions choosing your items are all based on your own opinion, purpose, and reasons for acquiring said pieces.

Choosing the right choice will make the difference between becoming an expert drum player or a kid just having a fan within parents.

What To Consider When Buying A Beginner Drum Set

The Brand

There are multiple drum manufacturers and stores willing to provide any form of hardware that you could possibly need. The truth is, though, that not every bundle provided by a seller is as reliable as they seem or some setups are just not designed for the purposes you pursue.

There’s more than a couple of brands that perk up the ears of their desired audience with lots of words and deals on their prices that seem to make sense at the time but without the proper review, it is possible that what you thought were the budget kits you needed is the exact opposite.

More professional starter kits can expensive and that is understandable since you cannot expect low-quality products from top manufacturers. They come with better material, superior sound, and durability.

There are plenty of producers that focus solely on beginner hardware. They don’t have bad picks of the litter but it is best for everyone to become readers for a while; look up an article or two related to your pick, even video packs with full disclosure of the pros and cons of that brand. These cases can help you compare your preferred brand models to the rest of the options within the area.

Don’t let fancy logos and the ways of spam artists become an issue mislead you. Many starters end up making purchases without a single question regarding the brand, breaking their bank and pockets; they order and end up shipping in an entire home recording studio

The Music Genre

Think about the type of music you want to focus on in-depth: how it stands out to you and how to make it stand out to others. You may gain better skills and adjust over time but for the initial learning process, acquire your basis; build your strength in one genre.

Your genre also dictates the shape of the learning curve. Jazz is one of the hardest genres to practice and the last thing you want is overcomplicating the whole process. Keep it simple when getting your foot wet within a genre such as jazz; you don’t require many toms, cymbals, or even double bass pedals. So, keep those options on the side as an option, or an edge, once you become experienced

Be particular about the type of drum setup you choose to get the best output.


Drum sizes matter.

For instance, most of the kits on this list are five-piece setups; some are bigger, others are smaller. However, the size and features of a junior kit can make or break the quality of the sound that’s produced.

Also, consider where you will be keeping the set and your practice space. You don’t want something too big and heavy that you can’t be transported easily when need be.

Believe it or not, the drums are very noisy things to play. The last thing anyone wants is to disturb the neighbors with what sounds lock a rock concert or an attack by the calvary right next door.


Accessories can make defines the fine line between just making good music and having fun making good music.

A drum throne, memory locks, ear protection, some variations of tom drums; these are examples along the lines of additional accessories that you can link to a shell pack to acquire the image and result that you desire from your drums

Shell packs are a case of when a drummer would care about any part that is attached to their drums because shell packs mark the foundation of drums and what they can be developed to be.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a beginner drum set?

Every drum set comes with a different price tag and this usually depends on the brand, features, and configuration of the drums.

Beginner drum sets, specifically, do not cost as much as the more advanced ones. It’s advised for beginners to spend $300 or less in gear and then put changes in place as they become more advanced and acquire venues willing to provide commission for every note you play.

What Age Is A Junior Drum Set For?

Junior sets are for toddlers and teens. These are drum set designed for the son or daughter that aspire to one day be a drumming star.

Toddler drum sets cover ages 3-7 years old while drums set for larger kids target those between the ages of 7-15 years old.

At times, this can range depending on the child’s size and leg room that they have available when they sit on their drum throne. As we all know, legs grow fast, particularly in kids so keeping an idea in the back of the brain of their growth is important for the child’s balance of comfort, growth, and fun.

Is It Hard to Learn The Drums?

Anyone can learn to drum; age doesn’t matter, it’s about the effort put forth. That is why we have contrast options for both junior and adults within each section above.

Taking the word of any associate saying that it’s not hard is not at all equivalent- watching Youtube videos, bouncing from site page to wall post to email to comments in your browser – doesn’t help you build the warmth that hands-on learning can provide.

A starter kit is just to get new drummers on the right road until they can build their skills from novice to professional. With the proper set of drums -drum heads, cymbals, drum shells. snare drum, crash cymbal, floor tom, bass drum, etc. etc. – this can happen pretty quickly.

Wrapping Up

So, is a beginner drum set worth investing in, or would getting a professional kit immediately be the best move?

A starter kit is the best; it is aptly included in the name that they have been designed with what you need to determine whether or not drumming is really a path you want to pursue with being too costly or complicated.

Professional sets can be costly and complicated and, where they can definitely provide drummers with what they need, the beginner may not be ready for the provisions of a more professional set.

Take into account, also, that learning a new is never quick or easy. Starting with a beginner’s set is recommended to avoid frustration, giving up, and ultimately wasting your money.

Be sure to review this list of mines thoroughly before making a final decision; make sure to invest in a starter set that you won’t regret.

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