Guide to Buying Toddler Drum Set and Review

Toddlers are quite adorable, right? And you want to make sure your kid enjoys being a kid. Hence, when they start showing interest in something, a parent tries to provide the best environment to natural talents.

So, has your toddler shown interest in drums, and you don’t know what to do? You can always see this through their reactions to drums. It can happen, perhaps when they see someone playing or through exposure.

Drum kits can provide endless hours of fun for your kit.

So, the first thing to do is buy the right drum kit for kids. The set will encourage your toddler to take up music from an early age. But the time they grow, you will have helped them learn everything they need to know.

But there are so many kids drum kits on the market that it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. I will guide you through the best way to select the right solution.

Know how to choose The Toddler Drum Set the Right Way

When a product becomes popular on the market, demand goes up, and many people start selling. This is one of the main sources of confusion for many people.

If there are few products, choosing the right one to become easy because you have limited variety. It is only good than in such cases, many manufacturers and dealers will be competing to offer the best on the market. They want to keep their customers; hence they will ensure every product they put up is of standard quality.

In any case, several points of interest should guide you in this selection. Understanding this helps the buyer avoid investing in the wrong thing. Consider the following.

Understand Types of Drums

Well, since you are going to buy for a toddler, understand that you cannot just pick anything you see. You need to understand that there are different types of drums for toddlers, depending on their ages.

For toddlers around 12 months, it will not help to get a big drum. A single kit will be enough for them. One may argue that they won’t use it for long; hence it is better to invest in something they grow with. But I say it is all about building their confidence.

When they show a lot of interest, you can upgrade to a three-piece. Note that the more the number of components, the more engaging the activity will be.

Therefore, a parent must choose a kids’ drum kit based on the toddler’s needs and not theirs. Alternatively, electronic drum pads are quite interesting for kids.

Choose the right Size

The size of a drum set is one of the main considerations, even when buying them for grown-ups. We have people who are taller, and others are shorter.

So, you want to but a drum set that the toddler will enjoy playing in most cases. I have already mentioned above that the age should tell what kind of drum set to buy. And this applies to size consideration as well.

Another way of checking the right drum kit is by looking at the dimensions. This will tell you whether you are making the right decision.

Again, most manufacturers will give instructions on what age should use the product. Therefore, be sure to consult with your dealer on the right drum kit for your toddler.

Check the design

It is important always to remember that you are not buying for an adult. There are things that toddlers will find attractive, and you need to tap into such.

Some people forget to consider some of these aspects. They may seem insignificant but very vital. For instance, you must look at the design of the product.

Put mind that you are buying a toy first, then a drum kit. The aim here is to get something that will attract them and keep them engaged.

Hence, the best kids drum kits are specially designed with colorful features. They will feel happier playing and grow loving drums,

Features and Modes

Technology has really improved the world of toddler drum kits. Today they come with advanced sampling functions.

You need to look at functions that will be making drumming more fun. I cannot insist enough that your kids need to feel like they are playing with a toy.

Again, look at the learning modes that come with the kit. When they are ready, these functions will assist them in self-learning. You will be helping the toddler discover their preferred styles.

Age of your toddler

Some parents get too excited when they get a cute baby. And often, they make a lot of mistakes trying to keep the toddler happy. And this is why I mentioned in the beginning that toddler has to show interest.

I cannot say with certainty that there us the right age for learning anything. However, the parent must ensure the baby is only enough to handle things.

For instance, it is no use gifting drums to a three-month-old baby. They are not even sitting and do not have the grasp in their hands.

This is to say, you need to be patient and wait until they are about 12 or 18 months old. At this age, you can easily tell what their interests lie. Then buy them a small toy drums set.

Depending on their development and level of interest, you can buy them a real drum set when they are 3 to 3.5 years old. This is a growing age, and they will eventually perfect their skills.

Playing Space

Kids love playing in a large space. Therefore, although drum kits for kids are small, it does not mean it will not eat up space.

The best place to keep it is without a doubt, the floor. If you buy a bigger one, chances are it will come with a stool.

And if you have many guests in your home, you may want to keep the toddler from the main area. Drums are very loud, even the small ones.

This is to say, before buying a drum set for your toddler, ensure you have enough playing ground. If possible, set aside a separate room where they can play without disturbing you.

And this is one of the things that make many parents stop their toddler from enjoying drums. They may buy the drums, only to hide them away when they discover how much a nuisance they are.

Your budget

There are all types of drums on the market to meet different needs. The more features the drum set will have, the more it will cost.

But you can always find one fit for your budget. It all depends on what the parent wants for their toddler. If you want they involved in more creative activities, then you should get something with more function.

Some parents think toy drum sets are a waste of money. I would like to encourage them and say it is not so. When it comes to building up your toddler, it is never a waste of money.

Generally, you don’t have to invest a lot of money on the beginner kit for toddlers. You can find something just simple yet very helpful in your baby’s case.

Review of the best drum sets for kits

 Now that you know how to buy, here are a few products to get you started.

1. Wolvol Electronic Toy Drum Set

If you are looking for a colorful drum set kids love, then you should consider the Wolvol Electronic toy drum set. Any kid will fall in love with the design and color of this item in the first instance.

Along with the design, it also comes with pretty interesting features. For example, it comes with play-along songs that they can use to just listen to. The kid can play and come up with their own creations as well.

This toy also features wonderful melodies, dance music, drum beat, and songs kids can just enjoy. It is a great way to let your kid explore their talent.

A parent needs to let kids learn new things by themselves. If you get them the right support tools, this can happen naturally. And in this kit, you will be introducing the toddler to musical skills that help develop their skills from an early age,

This tool will help the child grow their attention and memory improvement. Their motor skills will also be refined beyond your imagination.

Wolvol Electronic Toy Drum Set

2. B Toys Drum Kit

This is another colorful kit than introduces toddlers to rock and roll. If you are looking to give you kid the ultimate entertainment, I would suggest the B Toy Drum Kit.

It is a highly portable kit that your child can carry anywhere. Even when you are traveling, you don’t have to leave it behind.

There are many incredible sounds included in this kit. In addition, the kid can produce different sounds to improve their imagination.

It comes with a sensory feature, despite its beauty. Its color and brightness offer great inspiration for toddlers.

Among the pros, it is easy to store and comes with seven pieces. The biggest con is that it is not for toddlers under 18 months.

B Toys Drum Kit

3. Hape Rock Wooden drum Set

The award-winning Hape Rock Wooden Drum Set is one of my favorite recommendations. It is a simple yet highly functional tool presented in a traditional drumming style.

This set is great for ages above 36 months. In the modern world where technology has taken the lead, even you would prefer going for an electronic kit. But this kit will change your thinking about traditional drumming.

It comes fully equipped with everything a drummer will want. It has many learning tools, and it comes from a reputable manufacturer.

The best pro is that it has a non-toxic finish. However, it is not for those who want modern technology.  

Hape Rock Wooden Drum Set 1

4. Music Alley Kids 3-Piece kit

The Music Alley Kids 3-Piece Kit comes highly recommended for toddlers. It is designed for kids aged three to seven years old and is incredibly affordable.

This kit comes with everything your kid will need to start playing. It is a great choice for parents who want to nature their children’s drumming talent from an early age.

It is made with sturdy and long-lasting hardware. Also, there is a different color to choose from. It comes with bass drum pedal, 14-inch drum, 10-inch cymbal, 8-inch snare as a stool, and a pair of sticks.

The only limitation is that it is for older kids.

Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Kit

5. IQ Toys My First Drum Set

If you are looking for a wonderful way to introduce your toddler to the world of real music, then IQ Toys My First Drum Set should be on your list. It comes with everything your toddler needs to start learning and playing,

It has a pedal and microphone, numbers and colors, drum, and cymbals. Your child will learn to play in these four modes.

However, it is not for younger toddlers.

The kit comes with three drum pads and cymbals, four playing modes, a microphone and a chair, 24-inch drum height, eight-inch stool, and several play-along songs.

Iq Toys My First Drum Set 1

6. EAHUMM 13 Pieces Kids Jazz Drum Set

This set is available in choices of colors; it is easy to install and is made from eco-friendly materials. It features seven pieces, two cymbals, two drum sticks, a chair, a kick pedal, and everything your toddler needs. It is a great gift toy for kids.

Eahumm 13 Pieces Kids Jazz Drum Set

7. Hey! Play! Toy Drum Set for Kids

This is an excellent touch-sensitive playmat drum set that comes with real drum sounds. It comes in a variety of colors, sturdy construction, and excellent value for money.

Hey Play Toy Drum Set For Kids

8. Fisca Baby Musical Drum Toy Set

Introduce your baby to this simple yet wonderful toy drum for your toddler. It is great for toddlers up to 3 years old, and it will help them grow their skills. They will love a bongo drum.

Fisca Baby Musical Drum Toy Set


Childhood is the best time to learn things. Kids don’t mind competing with others to see who the best is. They just do things. Hence, this is the best time to help them start growing and sharpening their skills.

You will not regret buying a toddler drum set. I hope this guide helps you realize the best way to improve your toddler’s learning to drum.

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