Vic Firth American Custom Sd1 Junior Drumsticks

However, many parents don’t know what kind to drumsticks to but for their children. It is, therefore, important to read about and know what to look for in these items.

Drumsticks for children are not the same as those for adults. You will notice that they are lighter and shorter. The aim is to make drumming easy for children.

And there are all sorts of an acoustic sticks and kids electronic drum sticks as well. Many people consider the issue of drumsticks as an afterthought.

It does not have to have the same for you. Even though most beginner sticks drum set comes with a pair of drumsticks, they may not have the best quality you need. It might, therefore, be better to source for a better option for drummers accessories.

There are many types and brands of kids’ drum rods in the market today. Sometimes it even becomes overwhelming to choose, especially in the case of first-time users.

But you don’t need to worry. In this guide, I will share the most important things to consider in the drumsticks, as well as some top products on the market.

Why should you choose drum sticks made for kids?

As state above, children drumsticks are made with different considerations from adults and professional options. And you need to put this in mind while shopping for the items.

First, you don’t want your kid to struggle with a heavy and long pair of sticks. This may discourage them because they will think drumming is tedious.

Secondly, kids’ drum set or toddler drum set is not that big. When you go to buy the set, you will realize recommended sets for kids, whether acoustic or electronic, are much smaller in size than full kits. That is why even the drumstick should be compatible.

It also depends on the age and height of your kid. The drumsticks for toddlers are far different from those made for older kids. One must understand these differences, or they will end up wasting money on useless drum sticks.

And talking of money, most beginner drum sticks sets and accessories are much cheaper. It also applies to drumsticks for kids in that you don’t need to buy expensive drumsticks. Kids don’t have that energy you see in more experienced drummers.

Top drum sticks for Children

I find choosing drum sticks for children harder than picking one for myself. Well, that depends on the quality you are looking for.

There are different products on the market. A few things that make drumsticks useful in general, like include the brand, the size, and the price.

Based on this, here are some of the top drumsticks for kids in 2020.

1.      Vic Firth Kidsticks

It is one of the top manufacturers for musical instruments in united states and in the world. They are a favourite brand for many, especially drummers.

Their drums sticks have an excellent reputation across the planet for their high quality. Hence, you may be interested to know they take care of little ones as well if you change the delivery address.

The Kidsticks by Firth is their products that is helping small musicians practice their skills. They come in shades of bright blue and shaking pink, which is quite an interest for kids. This will motivate them to learn while having fun at the same time.

The drumsticks are made for smaller drum sticks sets. They are incredibly lightweight and short, perfect for ages three to eight.

They are built from high-quality hickory wood, making them long-lasting and excellent on the sounds. The glossy paint on the finish makes them all an excellent choice even with the change address.

But some buyer has complained the paint comes off after a while.

2.      Pocket Stix 11-Inch 5A

Are you looking for drumstick for toddlers, or young adults trying out the chords, this might be your solution. The kids drumsticks departments settings are made for a young drummer, and they are pretty affordable and available in stock.

They are made for ages two and above. And they feature a variety of colours, which makes them right for children. We all know how children love exciting things. And these drumsticks will give them both the fun and a chance to learn the snare drum stick with a wood tip.

You can choose from alien green, wild purple, bebop blue, Jedi Black, Passion Pink, Cool Carol, Rocking Red, or even maple finish. It would better if you let the child pick their interest.

They are created from maple wood, light, and durable. But most importantly, they sound pretty amazing. May drummer have recommended them for vigorous drumming sessions.

3.      ROSENICE 7A

The Rosenice drumsticks are made from high-quality maple wood. This is one of the best materials for drumsticks, which is durable and lightweight.

This drum stick come bearing 7A design. They come in different colours, like yellow, red, black, and blue.

The lightweight and durability make them perfect for your kids. They are made with moderate weight, length, and thickness to meet a toddler’s needs.

And they are perfect for kids of all ages. It is all about getting the best colour, and your kid will start enjoying it.

4.      Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Junior Drumsticks

When it comes to making quality musical instruments, this is a brand that plays in the top league. Experienced drummers highly recommend their products.

And it is good that they take care of the little ones too. The Vic Firth SD1 Jr. drumsticks come sturdy and practical to kids’ ultimate enjoyment.

They are equally excellent, just like many of their products. The drumsticks are generally red and feature a dimension suitable for kids.

They come from the American Custom line, which has released several models on the market.

The SD1 Jr. drumsticks are a short version of the SD1 general. They are made particularly for smaller hands.

5.      Sywon 5A Drumsticks

The Sywon 5A drum stick is made particularly for beginners. They are crafted from quality maple wood and are a favourite among young drummers.

They are lightweight, yet excellent on sound production. Also, they feature logging, air kiln drying, and sanding under a seal. The surface is well polished, smooth, and comfortable.

They are, however, more applicable for older kids.

6.      Rockstix 2 HD blue

The Rockstix 2JD is all about fun in drumming sessions. They bring our bright blue, motion-activated light-up with every strike.

There are forested tips on the drum rods that fade out gradually. Your kid will really love the way they work.

They are made from premium quality Polycarbonate, the same material used in riot shields. And they are also available in different other colours.

Unfortunately, light-up drum rods are not as durable as maple kid sticks. For this reason, these may not be the most practical drum rods. But they encourage kids to have fun while playing their drums.

7.      Antler 7A Drumsticks

Antler 7A drums rods are standard 7A drum rods. This means they are light and narrower, perfect for younger drum players. And because they are lightweight, with a flexible design, you can be sure your kids will enjoy using them.

They are made from maple wood, hence durable. And the smooth surface treatment makes them comfortable on the grip.

Also, they feature an oval-shaped wooden tip that brings out a warmer, quieter sound.

These drum rods are made for younger drummers. They are, therefore, a good choice for your kids and beginners.

What do you consider when buying kids’ drumsticks?

As I mentioned earlier, buying kids drumsticks can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, if you would like to explore more options, apart from the above, take note of the following features.

The material

Material choice is vital in drum rod, not only for kids but in general. You will be exposed to a variety, including hickory, maple, laminated birch wood, nylon, carbon, and Japanese white oak.

You will realize each material has its pros and cons. Hickory, for instance, produced more flexibility and high resistance to impact. This makes it generally a great material.

Maple is softer and lighter, hence great for kids. But it is a bit stiff, with low resistance.

The tip shape/size

The tip also has something to do with the sound production. You can find shapes like oval, barrel, acorn, and ball.

The size of the tip determines how vivid or deep the sound comes out. Shape, too, affects sound production.


You certainly don’t want to buy an extremely thick drumstick for your kid. Thickness is represented in the model number where A’ is thinner, and B’ are thicker. And it also affects the sound that comes out. It is the opposite of the numbers. 7A is smaller than 5A.


Basically, drum rods come with varnish coating. Each brand offers different options, which affects the grip. It would be better to allow the child to test the hold.

Final thought

Buying the right drumstick for your kids will allow them to practice and sharpen their drumming skills much easier. Apart from the tips above, consider the price. However, quality they may be, you don’t want to spend too much. Just double-tap and be sure to get something that motivates the toddler to have fun while learning.

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