When it comes to drumming, the parts you choose plays a crucial part in your success. And drums are among the most important aspects of your drum set.

Many people only focus on investing in the best drum set. The will but the most expensive drum shells and cymbals but forget that quality sticks are also important.

Finding the right drumsticks means you have taken good care of your physiology. You need to pick sticks that complement the size of your body.

Many people don’t know that you can sustain serious injuries if you keep playing with the wrong stick size. A very small stick means you will need to exert a lot of energy into the drums for the best sounds. Smaller sticks absorb lesser vibration, which can be very harmful to those who grip the stick too tight.

Choose the right drumsticks for your playing genre.

For metal drummers, there are certain qualities you should always put in mind. In my experience, I have across many products, some of which are good for metal. I will therefore be reviewing the best drumsticks for metal.

How to choose the right sticks

Before we look at the top brands and sticks, it crucial to understand how to choose drumsticks and what makes the difference. As stated above, small sticks can be very dangerous for drummers. More massive sticks are not very good either.

With heavy drum sticks, it becomes naturally hard to play first. The huge weight means you will require more energy to move it around the set freely. This is why many drummers search for weighted drumsticks to practice with until you get the right one for you.

Heavier sticks are applicable for building muscle and great technique. You have to be careful with heavier sticks. Using a bad technique can cause unforeseen injuries.

It is advisable to avoid any lateral wrist motion since it can damage your hands’ tendons and ligaments. You will discover that there are perfectly weighted sticks to meet your needs.

Drumming is a great physical exercise, which also means that using the wrong tools can be catastrophic.


Drumsticks come in different sizes. We can divide them into three main categories, like light, medium, and heavy gauges.

Light drumstick is named with 7A types. These are a perfect choice for jazz and also for kids. They are on the smaller side, which makes them good for styles that don’t require too much energy.

7A sticks are much smaller than regular drumsticks, though they are thinner, which makes them lighter. These sticks are also good for electronic drums as they are less prone to damaging the pads. And since they are light, they also make less pad noise.

The next category is the size 5A. This is a common size considered perfect for rock and pop music. You can play with any music, but 5A is a lot bigger than 7A, which makes them right for playing higher volumes.

Then there is 5B, which is a step from 5A. These drumsticks are larger, although roughly the same length as 5A, only fatter and heavier.

Much heavier drumsticks are found with drum corps. Size 2B sticks are large and heavy, perfect for these applications. There are many brands today for drum corps sticks today.

Now that you know the basic size, each drummer prefers what makes them more comfortable. Many drummers say size 2B is the best for metal as opposed to rock or pop. 2B drumstick will take more abuse, and they last longer. But the extra weight means you need to be very careful not to damage your drum heads and cymbals.

Note also that drumstick manufacturers come up with their own designs that cater to these individual sizes. This means 5B from Vic

Firth will be a bit different from Promark’s 5B. The companies protect their unique stick designs from being copied. Hence, sizes 5A and 5B tend to be largely approximated across brands.


A large number of drum sticks are crafted from wood. There is another material, especially today, but would take up 99% of all sticks.

And in this, hickory tends to be a favorite from many manufacturers. It is strong, durable, and has a good weight for long-term playing.

Other wood types like maple and oak as used, but not very much. They have the same properties as hickory, but more on the expensive side.

Another material is carbon fiber, a human-made material perfect for making drumsticks. It is very durable and popular among heavy drummers.

Types of drum stick tip

Drumstick comes with different tip types. It may seem like all tips are the same for beginners, but experience drummer understands where the difference is and will always try to ensure the right pick ones.

The tip is very crucial to the tone produced in acoustic drums sets. Also, the head, the tip can be round, oval, pointed, teardrop, barrel, or acorn.

Tip types determine different sized contact areas on the playing surface. This not important for the e-drum set but very important in a classic drum.

Large tips affect the stick bounce. Many drumsticks feature wooden or nylon tips. Other material for making drumstick tips called acetal, which offers varying rebound and tonal qualities.

Accessories for your drumsticks

There are many ways of customizing your drumsticks. For instance, you could increase the grip by using gloves.   You can find many other innovative ways of making your drum sticks more functional. It is all about what you want to get at the of the day.


High-quality drum sticks can be very expensive. Luckily, many standard quality sticks don’t cost very much. A good range is between $10 and $15. Anything higher than could only mean you are buying something out the ordinary.

It comes down to how much you are willing to invest in your sticks.  

Drumsticks like anti-vibe are specialized and more expensive. These pieces aim to reduce the vibrations in the drumsticks when you strike them. But they are less resonant.

But if you don’t need much, there is no reason to buy it. Many best-sellers on the market are quite affordable and will not strain the average budget.  

It would be better if you avoided unbalanced, cheap drumsticks. It is not fun and not recommended. Try weighing the drumsticks in your hand to see whether they are balanced. You can also tell this by tapping the stick to here its resonance, telling you whether they are balanced or not.

Best Drumsticks for Rock Reviewed

Drumming for rock requires choosing the right gear, and drumsticks play a very crucial role. This list carries the best drumsticks for rock on the market.

Zildjian 5B

Zildjian is one of the best manufacturers of cymbals and accessories – it is at the very top. This is why these Zildjian 5B drumsticks are the overall best in this list.

The company has generations of experience on the market and are favored, professionals.

These 5B drumsticks are cheap and affordable, yet keenly balance for high-end performance. You can get them in either a wooden tip or nylon tip, depending on your preference. They are the best value for money.


  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Well balanced
  • Different sizes


  • They tend to break in long strips of grain

Vic Firth American Classic 7A

Vick Firth does not disappoint either when it comes to drumstick manufacturing. Having been around for a long time, their experience is unmatched with the American Classic series as one of their best selling and most popular.

This 7A pair of drumsticks is light and great for a wide range of music styles; they are perfect for Jazz, but also rock for beginners.

Use these sticks if you are playing an electronic kit.


  • Durable
  • Different sizes
  • Great for electronic drums


  • Not the best weight for acoustic drums

Promark Classic 5A

Size 5A is considered the best for rock and sometimes metal music. And these Promark Classic 5A sticks prove this. They come from one of the biggest brands, popular for making drum sticks.

Their sticks in size 5A, 5B, 7A, and 2B are made from hickory. These sticks feel a bit bigger than other brands. Therefore, the 5B size may feel bigger, yet lighter than the same from Zildjian.


  • Well balanced
  • Large tips


  • Slightly chubbier

Vater 5B Nylon

Vater is somehow a new player in the industry of drum sticks. However, they have managed to take the market by storm, establishing themselves as one of the best. They offer professional-level drumsticks at the lowest prices.  

If you are on a budget yet need professional quality drum sticks, this is one of the best companies. Their sticks are similar to Vic Firth’s American Classic range, and hence, they are durable and sturdy.


  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • A different selection of sizes


  • A bit weight towards the tip

Ahead Lars Ulrich

Rock drummers can be very vigorous. And this means they need drumsticks that can withstand high levels of punishment. These Ahead Lars Ulrich drumsticks are such products.

They consider the most durable drumsticks. They are made from carbon fiber, which is why the last a lot longer than wood sticks.

They are the most expensive so far, three-time higher than regular pairs. They can be broken, yes, but you will have to use excessive and sustained force.


  • Most durable
  • Well balanced


  • Nylon tips
  • Expensive

Vic Firth 2B Drumsticks

These are the heaviest drumsticks so far. They are the best choice for metal, and they are very popular in this industry.

They come with a nice heavyweight for producing loud sounds. You can buy them in a wooden or nylon according to preference.


  • Nicely heavy
  • Durable
  • Well balanced


  • They can be too heavy for some users

Vic Firth American Sound 5B

These are my favorite drumsticks, and I have bee using them for a very long time. Size 5B is best for rock drumming.

They come with around wooden tips for a nice clarity in the sound. They tend to sound very personal.


  • Top brands
  • Durable


  • Only wooden tip

Ahead Metal Fuse 2B

Ahead Metal fuse 2B is another pair of drumsticks that have become extremely popular in metal and rock styles. The company is not new to those who know their drumstick.

They are known for high ingenuity and elevating the game for drumsticks. And their drumsticks last almost ten times other brands.

The sticks are designed to reduce unwanted shock from hard hits and are comfortable to hold. If you are a heavy drummer, I would recommend you try out these pieces.


  • From a top brand
  • Long-lasting
  • Great performance


  • Some users say they are a bit too heavy

Regal Tip X-series

If you want to play rock as hard and as fast as possible, try the RegalTip X-Series. They are manufactured to allow for the most hits per minute thanks to the special tip they have.


  • Made from fast playing
  • Durable


  • They may be a bit pricey  

Fleor Aluminum Drumsticks

These drumsticks are around 2 to three times heavier than average drumsticks, which makes them perfect for rock.


  • Great practice tool


  • Not advisable to play with your drum set

Frequently asked questions

What Brand of Drumsticks Is the Best?

There are so many drumstick brands today. However, very few of them are good.

If you are looking for the best, I would recommend Vic Firth and Promark. These are the most trusted brands, and they make good products.

Also, consider Vater, Regal, Zildjian, and Ahead.

What Drumsticks Do Professionals Use?

There is no difference between the choice of professional and for beginners. All drumstick manufacturers build their products for professional drumming. The most important consideration is the material, in this case, hickory and aluminum.

What Are the Most Durable Drumsticks?

The most drumstick materials include hickory, oak, aluminum, and carbon fiber. You can count on drumsticks made from these materials for long service. Note, however, that there are no unbearable drumsticks.

Which Drumsticks Are Best for Beginners?

All manufacturer makes drumsticks to meet a wide variety of needs. There is, therefore, not much difference between drumsticks for beginners and professionals. The key is to buy standard quality drumsticks based on your weight preferences.


Now that you understand what it takes to get the best drumsticks for metal, you are ready to order some sturdy items. Compare the benefits and negatives of each rock sticks and experiment with several of them.