Antner 7A Drumsticks

I have been playing drums for a long time, and it matters a lot about the kind of drumsticks you use. For beginners, getting the right drumstick is key to growing your skills.

Many have asked me what the best drumsticks for beginners should be. And in my opinion, 5A sticks have just the right weight and size for this. They are the easiest sticks for playing drums, and I think beginners will find them even more useful.

I play with Vic Firth drumsticks made from Hickory, and they are quite useful. For children, 7A sticks are the most recommended.

But that is not all you need to know about the best drumsticks for beginners. In this guide, I will be sharing all the best knowledge about these important accessories. In the end, you will know what drumsticks you should use as a beginner and what to consider when choosing.

The online world is full of all types of drumsticks for beginners and pros. It’s easy to say that all of them are good, but that may not be true.

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world, and they have some of the best items in any field. If therefore, you are looking to buy the best drum sticks, this is the most convenient place.

Beginners always find it overwhelming to choose the right products because of overwhelming options. Don’t worry, though, I have here a list of some products to help you choose much easier.

Sywon 5A Drumsticks

Sywon is one of the biggest drum sticks manufacturers in the industry. They have a good reputation for making great choices for modern drummers.

Therefore, you can rely on these 5A drumsticks to give you good service as one of the best drumsticks around.

They are made from hard maple wood and are the most popular choice among new drummers. Many young and student drummers find them useful because of the wood’s durability and comfortable feeling.

Also, they offer lightning speeds in action, with great quality of sound. This is a perfect choice for those who are new to the drumming world.

These 5A sticks come logged, air kiln dried, sanded, and sealed. And then the surface has been well polished for a smooth and comfortable finish. It feels very good and easy on the hands, letting you play with comfort.

For light and fast drumming, this is one product you can always count on. The package includes three pairs of 5A maple drumsticks made for lasting performance.

Antner 7A Drumsticks

7A drumsticks are a great choice for people with smaller hands. Thus, kids will find their Antner drumsticks very useful.

They come in the standard 7A measurement, which makes them a great choice for beginners.

Maple wood is strong and durable. And thus, these are drumsticks that your kids can play with for a very long time before they decide to upgrade as they grow.

Besides, they are lightweight, with a smooth surface for a comfortable grip. Anyone will enjoy using them for fast and light drumsticks.

Antner drumsticks come with oval-wooden tips, which deliver a warm and quicker sound. Play the cymbal with these sticks, and you will love the ring.

Also, 7A drumsticks and light and narrow, compared to other sizes. This makes them most ideal for younger drummers and beginners who don’t need anything heavy. It lets them beat faster and more gently as they grow their drumming skills from one level to another.

The packages include a black velvet bag that lets you save space with easy storage. They are ideal for keeping your sticks protected from damage too.

These drumsticks are even more attractive in terms of price because they are among the most affordable products. At around $9, you have good drumsticks that will serve you for a long time.

Vic Firth 5A

Vic Firth is one of the best manufacturers of drumming accessories in the world today. Every drummer understands what they stand for in terms of quality drumsticks.

These 5A drumsticks from the manufacturers are a perfect choice for any beginner. Since 5A is the size of the most popular drumsticks, it makes these the best option for a beginner.

Above all, this is a very versatile drumstick. You will find it on tours, big studios, bars, and even your local high school music room. It can be used for a wide range of music styles.

For starters, you want a drumstick that sets you free to explore different styles until you are sure of one that makes you happier. Hence, a stick that is too heavy, too soft, or unbalanced will not be a good idea.

I have used so many 5As on the market, but not many of them are as good as these Vic Firth. The company offers an excellent balance of size and weight, suitable for most drummers. And this could be one of the reasons for their popularity.

You need a pair of 5A drumsticks to learn good drumming techniques. Other sizes are good, but you want versatility, especially if you are a beginner. And Vic Firth has it all.

I have never heard any drummer complaining about Promark as a brand. And this is why you can trust to get the best performance from these 5B drumsticks. It offers the same quality as Vic Firth.

These are a convenient choice for starting with. Besides, I have seen them in action as much as I have used them, which makes it a good recommendation for any beginner out there.

Promark 5B

When it comes to preferences, however, these sticks may not be a ‘conventional choice.’ In other words, it’s not something you will find with a lot of drummers.

Nevertheless, these Promark 5B’s were developed to improve fast playing. But a weak drummer may find them too heavy, which is not good for beginner drumsticks.

For the sake of practicing, it is always a good idea to push yourself beyond your limits. A heavier drumstick can help you better understand what you need to do to get the right speed and develop some muscle power.

Vic Firth 2B

A drummer feels alive when they hit things with large wooden sticks to make noise. You may not have a drum set yet, but you want to practice your moves and learn a few things before investing in one. These Vic Firth 2B drumsticks could be all you need to build such a character.

Note that 2B drumsticks are smaller to 5A’s in length. But they are fatter, which is a good thing for developing grip strength.

Also, they are very cheap, enabling you to keep your business on the move. You will feel so much better when you start using lighter and thinner drumsticks.

Consider these a way of setting the right environment for learning drumming moves. Beginner drumsticks require good choosing, and these are not good for smaller hands.

Vic Firth’s SD1

As a beginner drummer, one of the things you might find most challenging to learn is rudiments, building concert snare chops, and developing speed. You need the right pair of drumsticks, and these Vic Firth SD1 might be just what you need.

These are legendary drumsticks, similar to the 5As above. Many drummers say they have used them and find them quite convenient for developing that finesse.  

Ideally, they are greatly designed for a concert setting, which makes them perfect for learning drums. You need to grow your stick control and speed, more than just learning the moves. And these are the drumsticks that will get you there.

However, I would mostly recommend them for beginners who want to improve their chops. And if you have a good drumstick holder, you can always use these are spares for when you need to practice or develop a new skill.

Zildjian Artist Series Sticks

Everyone in the drumming world knows who Zildjian is. But in case you don’t, they are the biggest cymbal manufacturer. Every drumming star on the planet has used a Zildjian cymbal, which makes them a brand you can trust for quality stuff.

Many of their endorsers use Zildjian drum sticks. They are all about quality and diversity as they continue serving the drumming community with high-end products.

Use the artist’s drumstick line-up, and you will never feel disappointed. They come in different colors, gauges, and tip-types, depending on your preferences.

Each beginner has one drummer that inspires their dreams. It’s always good to start with drumsticks that they have used as it makes it easy to choose. You may discover your own taste later, just as you would with drums and cymbals.

Regal Tip Nylon Series

If you are looking for a good nylon-tipped drumstick, consider this Regal product. It comes from one of the best manufacturers on the planet, which should assure you quality.

The nylon tip is most preferred for its durability and versatility. Even under high pressure, you can still find them worth your investment.

For the best drumming experience, you need to be open to different options out there. Wooden tips are excellent, but they are not as durable are nylon tips.

Besides, if you are the kind who chews your drumsticks, this should be a better reason to get stronger sticks than wood tip sticks.

Regal is a reputable company, endorsed by some of the best drummers around the world. Their products are made from long-lasting material and built to last.

Best drumstick for beginner, buying guide

There are so many drumsticks on the market for beginners. The ones I have reviewed above are only the tip of the iceberg.

If they are not what you are looking for, consider this guide for a good pair of sticks.

What kind of drumsticks should a beginner use?

We can assume that any drum stick can be good for anyone. However, some may not be compatible with certain drummers.

It’s important to understand that a good choice of sticks is vital to your career. Many people get injuries in their wrists and arms because they did not choose their drumsticks.

As a beginner, you need to put this factor into consideration. So, the assumption that all drumsticks are good does not apply.

There are several factors to consider when wondering which drumsticks are best for beginners. Consider the following.

The size

Length is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing drumsticks. Consider that drumstick acts are the extension of your arm, which is why you should choose wisely.

A drumstick that is too heavy and too long will make it very difficult to play the drum. Also, too short light and short drumsticks can lead to injury and breakage of the stick.

In other words, one should consider their personal heights and sizes when choosing the sticks. For children, 7A drumsticks are the most recommended because they are lighter.

The most common sizes are 5A and 5B. Both sticks come with 16-inches or so in length, which is comfortable for many drummers. 5As are lighter, with a thinner shaft, while 5Bs are a bit thicker.

I would recommend you go for 5B sticks. They will improve your gripping while letting you develop some muscles.

5A is said to work well for bigger kids. But it depends on the person using them. Besides, thicker 5Bs tend to withstand more abuse because of their thickness than 5As.

Both options come at the same price, which should make it easy to choose. Prices vary from brand to brand.

Drumstick tips

Another important thing to put in mind when choosing drumsticks is their tips. They are used for creating different sounds based on what you choose. Drumsticks are made with either wooden or nylon tips.

Drumstick tips are categorized as oval, barrel, round, teardrop, Taj Mahal, Arrow, and unique. You either get wooden tips or nylon types with these categories.

They may not seem to be a big difference and yet create an important contrast. Wooden tends to give a softer and more organic response from drums and cymbals, where nylon tips are defined with more attack.

It depends on what you are looking for in the end. You either have a sharp attack or a dull attack. More attacks and definitions come from the nylon tips.

Also, nylon tips are more durable, while wooden ones are easy to break. Either of these tips is good because they give a good sound. And that is all that matters for most drummers.

The drumstick brands

The market is full of different brands making drumsticks. Each of them tries to offer the best because the competition is high.

Many beginners get confused here and choose any brand as long as they have drumsticks, which can be costly.

The most popular brands for drumsticks include Vic Firth, Promark, Vater, Ahead, and Zildjian. Once you have established the tip and size you want, choose any product from these brands, and you can be assured of good quality.

Playing style

Every drumstick is sized based on the music genre they are made for. Heavier drumsticks are for rock, metal, and similar styles because they can withstand more punishment.

However, for beginner drummers, you want something more versatile. It would be best to get used to different styles.

And this comes down to choosing the size. 5A drumsticks are the most versatile, recommended for a wide range of playing styles.


Well, the last thing you want is, to begin with, and expensive drumstick. It would help if you went for quality, but this does not mean you have to buy and expensive drum sticks.

A good drumstick for beginner drummers should cost between $9 and $15. Such a price has the right features to help you learn drumming with good sticks.

Brands like Promark are quite expensive because of their quality, but worth the price.

Which wood is best for drumsticks?

Wood is by far the most popular and affordable material for drumsticks. There are different types, and the most popular wood includes hickory oak and maple.

Maple sticks are less dense and lighter than other woods. They are most recommended for fast playing in low-volume settings. You can use such electronic drum pads.

Hickory is the most popular wood. They’ve more weight and offer more volume. Besides, they absorb shock better, meaning they are soft on the hands. Oak drumsticks are heavier and more durable.

You can choose any material depending on your needs and budget.

What does 5A mean in drumsticks?

The letter “A” stands for “orchestra,” which means they are more recommended for this setting. They are the narrowest sticks and produce less volume. Besides, they are lighter than other letters.

Different types are recommended for different settings. 5As are the most popular choice for drummers. They are usually used for rock music and playing in big bands.

Best size drumsticks for beginners

For children, 7A is the most convenient size. And for adults, 5A is the best size. These are very popular and versatile drum sticks that can serve a wide range of needs.

Reddit has been quite inspirational in sharing different volumes of information concerning drumming. It offers insights on various options for drumsticks.

Rarely observed the drumstick idea. When dogs, cats, and other animals lay down in positions that imitate drumsticks, they form a good inspiration for food drumsticks. Well, it’s all about being creative with what you love doing the most. You can see some pictures here.

When it comes to real drumsticks, 5Bs are highly recommended. A lot of members on the forum agree on the versatility of this size.

Final thought

Choosing the right drumstick is just as good as choosing the right drum set. It is even more crucial for beginners because you would not want to hurt yourself playing drums. I hope this guide has been helpful in this.