On Stage Da100 Drum Stick Holder

Drum Stick Holder Review


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When it comes to getting the right drum accessories, there are certain things that most people often forget. Drum stick holders are one of them.

They seem like just simple things, right?

Well, wait until you are in the middle of a performance, and you feel like one of your drumsticks wants to fall. And before you know, your worries come to reality.

You cannot stop the gig from going and picking the stick wherever it fell.

But then you remember you have a bunch of other sticks ready just near you.

That is not the only reason you need a quality drum stick holder not just for accessories. It is just useful to have one for the sake of easy moments.

I will be going through some of the best stick holders in the market today.

Advantages of a drum stick holder over a Drum Bag

I have been drumming for more than 20 years now. And for this reason, there are certain things I have come to learn about some accessories that may be of use to many drummers today.

Often times, drummers get entangled between buying a quality drum stick holder or going for a full drum bag. It is understandable.

It all depends on your preference. However, I like drum stick holders more.

Now let’s see.

A drumstick bag is primarily made with fabric. This is why you will notice it begins to wear off after a few years of service.

I had a stick bag once. It was really functional since I attached it to the floor during a gig. But I noticed it begun fading very first. It looks really bad in this state, and you wouldn’t even want to look it.

The last thing you want it, your drum sticks falling off while in the middle of something serious.

Drumstick holders are primarily made from a plastic material. This makes them more durable. And this is what makes them more applicable.

Consider also how you position either of these options while performing. A bag makes it a bit harder to pick a stick while on stage.

And this is one area drumstick holders really “stick” out for you. Perhaps you have already faced this situation before.

Best Drum Stick Holders Reviewed

Donner Drum Stick Holder

Donner Drum Stick Holder
Donner Drum Stick Holder

The Donner Drumstick Holder is a great holder. It has the capacity to take up to 10 sticks.

This drumstick holder will give you peace of mind on the stage. It features a removable cup holder. This makes it easy when you want to clean.

It also comes with extension arms. You can easily remove the sticks and fix an item you find more desirable. They are angled downwards, which makes it easy for you to set wherever you are performing.

As if that is not enough, you get a very durable product. It is built with water-resistant nylon material. It also has a tipped screw that lets you adjust with your drum stands.

This drumstick holder is recommended for both orchestral and percussionists. It comes with a heavy-duty clamp that will keep your holder in place. And because it features enforced aluminum alloy framework, you get a promise for long years of services.


  • Durable
  • Large space
  • Easy to set up.


  • Plastic is often more durable than nylon.

On-stage DA100 Drum Stick Holder

On Stage Da100 Drum Stick Holder
On Stage Da100 Drum Stick Holder

The DA100 lets you store up to eight pairs of sticks, depending on their sides. It comes with a clamp that you can use to attach on the stand easily.

Also, it has an extended arm, which, in my opinion, is an added advantage. It is angled downwards so you can easily remove the sticks.

Note also, that it comes with neoprene for easy cleaning.

You will find the C-shape mounting clamp quite useful. It is compatible with a large number of hardware and stands.

Even though the logo design is not that interesting, it does not affect the quality of this product. You will enjoy using this product.


  • A tight clamp
  • Up to eight sticks
  • Best quality


  • It cannot fit thin stands.

Vic Firth Percussion Holder (CADDY)

Vic Firth Percussion Holder Caddy
Vic Firth Percussion Holder Caddy

If you have been in the music industry for long, then you already know the brand, Vic Firth. This is one of the best brands on the market in terms of accessories.

Hence, you can expect this drum stick holder to be really functional. It comes with caddy clamps and other features that keep all your hardware in place.

The only thing I find questionable is the durability of this product. And this only because of the expensive versions of the brand.

Despite that, it quite great quality and comes at an affordable price tag. It has a solid tube that anyone would agree is a beautiful addition.

The jaw clamp keeps it easy on and off the stand. You don’t have to disassemble the nuts.


  • Stick caddy clamps make it easy to access.
  • Adjustable jaw clamps


  • Issues with durability.

Stagg DSH Drumstick Holder

Stagg Dsh Drumstick Holder
Stagg Dsh Drumstick Holder

One of the things you will love about the Stagg DSH drumstick holder is that you can use it on any stand. There are not very many drumstick holders with such convenience.

You can even stick it on a hi-hat stand or on cymbal stands. This feature makes it greatly versatile.

However, it comes with one big disadvantage, that it can only hold one pair of mallets or stick. But this could also be a good thing if you are looking for portability, and perhaps a cheap alternative.

It has a spring tension clamp that makes it easy to install. Having a pair of cymbal stands is a great solution. You can take it everywhere for its compact design.

Note also that it is designed with durable material. As such, you can be sure you a long time of service. With the sturdy combination, compact design, and affordability, this is one of the most famous stick holders.


  • Durable
  • A compact design
  • Reliable


  • It can only hold a pair of drumsticks

Promark SD200 Stick Depot

Promark Sd200 Stick Depot
Promark Sd200 Stick Depot

The Promark SD200 is an excellent drum stick holder that will attach on any cymbal stand. Its adjustability and flexibility ensure ease of use.

This holder has space for two drumsticks. This may be a disadvantage on one side, but also an advantage when you consider the price and compatibility. Besides, you may not need more than an extra pair of sticks during a concert.

I like how easy this holder makes it to pick the drumstick. This allows you to continue drumming seamlessly if you drop or break your drumstick.

Another advantage could be manifested when you are in a hurry. You will be able to carry it easily with your drum set.

It is also made with greatly durable material, which is what we all want in such a product. This is all about reliability.


  • Reliable 
  • Durable
  • Compact


  • Only two drumsticks

String Swing Stick Holder  

String Swing Stick Holder
String Swing Stick Holder

This drumstick holder comes with a unique clamping system. It also comes with powder-coated steel. These are the features that make it worth buying, not to mention the non-slipping pad.

These features are easy to set. It may give you the feeling of the cheap plastic holder, but if you consider the added performance, this won’t be any issues.

The clamping mechanism is replaced by two steel arms that hold on any hardware. This holder will give you a lifetime service. It comes with a structural warranty, so you don’t have to worry a lot.

Looking at the number of reviews in this product, many drummers like it. And that may be a good reason to buy.


  • High quality
  • Durable


  • The price is a bit high

Vater VSHM Multipair – Drumstick Holder

Vater Vshm Multipair – Drumstick Holder
Vater Vshm Multipair – Drumstick Holder

I have seen a number of top drummers in the world use this drum stick holder. For instance, Chad Smith of the Red-Hot Chili Papers does own one.

Apart from this, the VSHM feature a beautiful clamp-style fastening system like no other. You can easily adjust everything by simply turning the knob.

Drumstick holders falling off cymbal stands if you don’t get the right holder. This happens mostly for beginners. But with the VSHM, you don’t have to worry about that.

Besides, Vater has a great reputation for building durable and versatile musical equipment. This is an assurance for quality and great service.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy tubes
  • The knob is easy to adjust


  • It may not work with every music hardware.

Buying guide

The first consideration for getting the right drumstick holder is our needs. There is no need to spend so much on a bag when plastic holders are offered a cheaper and durable alternative. And you have a lot to choose from depending on preference.

Besides, most drummers need and have these holders. It lets you quickly pick another stick when you drop the current one.

Also, mounting capabilities should offer you an insight into a perfect drumstick holder. Note that most options come with a clamping mechanism for easy attachment.


This guide aimed to let you pick the right drumstick holder. In this case, the On-Stage DA100 is the best option overall. And if you are on a budget, the Stagg DSH should give you everything you need.

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