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Best Online Drum Lessons in [currentyear]

So, you want to learn drums, right? Well, this should not always leave a hole in your pocket. And it does not even have to be loud.

Drums are great fun.

If you look at anyone playing drum, you can almost envy how much fun they are having by playing the drum. But don’t think all great drummers went to class for the lessons.

There are many who started by teaching themselves. And you can do it too.

With technology, everything is possible. The internet has come up as a great tool for information and content. Now we can always enjoy some content, with or without paying a few coins so get started now.

And the beauty of it all is that you can do it from your living room’s comfort!

In the past, you had to buy a really loud set of drums. This could make it very hard to practice, especially in an area with many people.

Today, a pair of sticks, a practice play-along drum, and a curious mind is all you need. You can even start with a pillow for the lesson drums.

What are the best online drum lessons in [currentyear]?

Drum Lessons Online
Drum Lessons Online

There are so many drum lesson learning resources on the internet today. It is, therefore, understandable that you may get a bit overwhelmed with choice.

There are a few options, however, that are most common. All you need is to identify them and make sure they have what you are looking for.

In this case, there are a few things to consider in the best online drum lessons to get started.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced drummer, you may already know how hard it can get to find a food place to learn the best online drum lessons.  

Before looking at the considerations, here are a few sites that offer quality services.

1) Drum Ambition

You can find Drum lesson Ambition on YouTube video when you search for ‘how to play the drum.’ You will not get the best instruction with YouTube channels, but it can be a great gate to access many other resources.

Many drummers have gone through Drum lesson Ambition. It is a channel designed specifically for beginner drum players.

And for more than 20 years, they have been teaching online drum lessons enthusiasts to get around their instruments. They place a huge emphasis on fun, structure, and attainable goals, exposing you to over 70 videos of features. The on-screen music notation, downloadable sheet music, and full support feature all make it a beautiful resource.

Pros – Why choose Drum Ambition?

  • Significant new content added in 2020/2021
  • More than 100 videos, 500+ audio files, and 100+ drum notation PDFs

They even have up to 45 minutes of free content on the homepage. You won’t lose anything by checking it out.

Subscriptions start for as low as $19 per month. This is a Solo Plan that exposes to limitless access to all three modules.

If you are looking for a more personalized experience, then the Pro Plan would be a wonderful selection at $29 per month. Here, you can check-in and have a chat with the founder, Simon DasGupta.  

You don’t sign any contracts, and your account is managed online. If you want to cancel, do it anytime for free.

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2) YouTube

This may not be the best entry, and you are probably wondering why I included it in this least. But, YouTube can be a precious resource of learning to play instruments. It has instructional videos on how to do everything.

All you have to do is search ‘how to play drum’ and you will see a list of many drummers ready to teach you. And you might even find a good site like the Drumeo lessons video among the results.

The best part is you never have to pay anything to learn online drum lessons from YouTube video lessons. Many, if not all, of the drummer lessons, are free subscription.

3) FreeDrumLesson – Drumeo

Drumeo is not only an excellent drum brand. They are also keen on helping up, and coming drummers bring their dreams to life.

If you are a complete stranger to a drum and don’t even have drum sticks, go to Drumeo’s beginner lessons, and you will appreciate the content.

Instructor Jared Falk ensures you know how to count, giving you excellent access to great drumming. You will begin playing basic drum patterns within a short period, which is what most beginners want with online drum lessons.

They have a channel called ‘world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos’ that is an excellent resource for the lessons.

Here, you will find a full list of premium-quality lessons, performances, and challenges bearing many great drummers’ signatures.

If you are looking for personal instruction, the Drumeo Edge course could be your best option. The Drumeo Edge only charges $197, and you have access to many lessons and courses. There are weekly live lessons, and much more.

4) Hear and Play

You don’t have to always see the drum in action to learn them. It is possible to learn by ear, and that is what Hear and Play are all about.

They have some of the best online lessons for both beginners and experienced players. You will improve your skills without even noticing it,

For advanced players, Hear and Play is one of the best online resources. You don’t have to hire a private teacher when you can walk around listening to some of the best lessons.

As if that is not enough, the price is affordable, something that a beginner will find hard to resist.

5) Drumming System

There is a reason the drumming system has labeled the ‘Ultimate Encyclopedia of Video Lessons.’ It has a huge bundle of the best online drum lessons, all from expert drummers,

There are tons of online drum lessons videos and sometimes frustrating uncertainties that learners face. Sometimes even sheet music makes it hard for some learning. But this program is aimed at removing all the barriers and ensuring you learn perfect drumming.

Besides, offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, just to confirm how good they are.

6) Mikes Lessons

If you are looking to get the experience of one great drummer, Mikes Lessons is a good place to set your camp. You will appreciate this site because it is how personal it feels to have the lessons compared to recorded formats.

This could be the ultimate solution for those who prefer a teacher. You won’t have the option to change, but you will never regret the value.  

There is one flat value of $29.999 per month, and you can access levels. You can, therefore, advance through the full course without paying any extra fee.

7) Drum Channel

If you love online Drum lessons Workshop’s products, then you will enjoy Drum lessons video Channel’s content. This program was founded by DW founder, Don Lombardi in 1972, and has been offering incredible drum lessons online.

Their YouTube home page features lessons, interviews, live performances, and other materials.

This is where you meet legendary drummers like Sheila E, Mick Fleetwood, and Neil Peart. From as low as $10 per month for a yearly subscription, this channel has it all.

What to look for in the best online lessons

The sites reviewed above are only a few among many. But if you are to pick the right one, here are a few things to consider:

  • Instructors. You need to pick a site with qualified, well-known instructors. Today, anyone can start making and selling videos online, even when they don’t know what they are doing. Not all of them are worth your time. Besides, some sites offer multiple instructors and different perspectives, while others focus only on one for a personalized experience. Go for something you are comfortable with.
  • The content. You want to learn a drum, so the content on the site is very crucial. Some sites offer live lessons, while others have a pre-recorded lesson. On many sites, like the ones reviewed above, you will get both. Go for what appeals to you.
  • Downloadable material. Sometimes working online throughout is not easy. You never know when your connectivity will be cut. And this means you need to pick a site that has downloadable content. This lets you practice even when you don’t have the internet.
  • Quality. Be wary of fake teachers. The best online drum lessons video resources should feature high-quality resources with clear views.

In this guide, I am going to share with you how.

Play The Drum
Play The Drum

Can I learn drums online?

Yes. It is very easy to get free and paid online drum lessons on your own using an online resource.

The internet is a great information tool that has almost every information. There is nothing you will need that is not sold or found online.

Consider things like online shopping, for instance. There are so many stores that sell things online, and you don’t need to visit them physically to get what you need.

Online drums lessons are the same. They are like online stores that sell the lessons.

All you need is a personal interest to begin. Drumming has to come as something you really want to do. With this mindset, you can always find resources online that guide you through different drumming steps.

I put drumming online drumming lessons into two main categories:

  • Text. These are PDF or other online written content with drumming instructions. They are step by step guides that tell you what to do and how to do it. The text’s beauty is that you can easily read word by word and follow the instructions keenly. You can take your time to read through the instructions over and over again.
  • Video. We learn better by watching than by reading or listening. Things are why online drum lessons that use videos are easier to follow. You just see what the instructor is doing and follow the same procedure.

Most importantly, note that there are paid and unpaid resources for learning drum online. The unpaid ones are easy to access, and they are much cheaper. But they may not have all the right content.

Paid ones are better because you are exposed to the best lessons. It also depends on how much the site charges for the lessons. Some are very cheap, yet they make things easy for you.

Are our drum lessons worth it?

In the modern information era, the internet has become an integral part of human existence. It is a technology that has changed how people relate to each other and how they interact with the world.

Online drum lessons video are just like any only online process, such as online shopping, that has been made easy. You get to learn drums from the comfort of your home.

But it all depends on your preference. Some people love getting a more personalized experience with a physical teacher. If you are such, then online lessons are not for you.

Generally, learning drums has never been easier. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune on the lessons. Just connect some headphones in your drum pad, and you are good to go.

Is Drumeo good for beginners?

Child Drumming
Child Drumming

Drumeo has been offering drumming lessons and drum accessories for many years now. The site has been rated by many users as one of the top online resources for learning drums.

This means they are good for anyone, including beginners.

The site aims to make things as easy as possible. This is why they have both paid and free lessons for beginners. They are dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need.

Their price is unbeatable too. And this is a valuable asset for beginners since you don’t have to spend too much.

How do you teach yourself to play the drums?

Learning to play the drums with a teacher or online should be as easy and possible. You can do it without seeking any help from individuals or institutions. A great way to learn the rythm is to play drum games online using keyboard.

The first step is to develop an interest. You cannot go far if there is nothing to motivate you through the journey.

And then learn parts of drum: The bass, the snare, the cymbals, and the toms. Of course, there are the drumsticks.

Now learn to hold your sticks, and start drumming anything, even your pillow. There are several stick holding approaches, including:

·         Matched grip

·         German grip

·         American grip

·         French grip

·         Tradition a grip

Now that you can hold sticks, learn how to play rudiments. There are 40 rudiments, but you don’t have to learn all at once.

You can then advance from here. Just remember to start out simple, and the resources reviewed above can help you.


You can learn to play drums without paying a fortune. With the online resources reviewed in the guide, anyone can become a pro within a short period. Good luck!

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