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Best Drum games Online Using Keyboard

Learning and playing drums rhytm can be great fun. But you need something, to begin with, right?

And for many people, it is drums.

But what if you can start learning drums without a drum set? Or better still, play drums without having to use any physical drums. Well, it is possible.

All you need is a computer pad and a functional virtual drumming application. Sometimes you don’t even need the application; a direct website will do just fine.

Using Keyboard
Using Keyboard

Playing drumming games online using a keypad is a great way to get some fun and action. If you are bored and want to have some fun with friends, these will give you more than just a good time.

Moreover, if you are still learning drums, there are plenty of useful features to help you improve your skills.

Today, the online world is full of many great sports. Different developers have come up with simulation ideas using virtual drum kits to offer learning through fun activities.

What makes online drum games Cool?

Online Drum Games
Online Drum Games

Many of us love sports, both physical and online. They provide a beautiful way to get some fun as well as learn new ideas.

Modern educators encourage kids to play lots of games because they sharpen their minds and expound their thinking.

One good thing about online games for drums is that using a keypad is very simple and easy. Sometimes they seem for nothing better than just making noise.

However, it can be quite educational, and that is what we all wish for in any type of game. And those that offer the best drum lessons come with step-by-step learning of famous beats, sheet music, and much more.

If you are looking for an interesting way of learning new things in drum playing, you don’t need to have actual drums; these games will be your ticket.

Note, however, that most games are actually just noisemakers. This is why anyone could use them.

The way you play them is very simple. You use a keypad, though a mouse could still do. Some games are developed for desktop computers and smartphones or tablets and related devices. This means you can even play on a touchscreen.

Since the games offer different features and learning tools, you can use them to learn a few things you never knew about drums. When you begin playing, the games introduce you to parts of a drum set. Hence they are pretty informational.

But most importantly, drum games online, are just games. This means they are designed to give you lots of entertainment.

What are the best drum games?

There are a large number of drum games you can work on with your keypad. However, some of them are not good for anyone. They are only tools of entertainment and will not give you the best learning or drumming experience.

In this list, I will be reviewing the best picks in the online drumming world. Note that some of the games will require that you install a flash player.

Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming at the top of this list because the website offers an incredible solution for drumming fun. For a drummer, there are many useful things and information you will get from this address.

For instance, this virtual drum game is pretty amazing. The graphics and layout have all been done with the best approach, for ultimate enjoyment.

The game offers a variety of options, including a wide range of drum kits to play from. The kits are mostly inspired by some of the world’s best drummers – including Travis Barker, John Bonham, Ian Paice, and many others.

And if you think the list of artist sets is enough, wait until you meet with the original kits, called Vintage, Hip-hop, and Double Pedal, among other names.

Playing the game is pretty easy and basic. The drum set comes with parts, which have designated buttons on your keypad. This lets you play different combinations as you desire. As if that is not enough, you can configure the controls to suit your preference.

The sound quality is not bad, either. And there are lots of play-along tracks, which make learning even easier.

You will discover a lot of other useful things on the website. There are numerous free drumming lessons for both beginners and advanced drummers.

Online Drums Set  

Session Town is one of the best websites for music apps and virtual drums game. Online Drums Set: Play the Epic Drum Set is one of these drums games.

At first glance, you will notice the unattractive appearance of the game. You can easily assume the designers did not take much consideration into the graphics.

However, this little, seemingly setback should not discourage you from trying out this incredible game. The visuals may not be appealing, but the game is quite good.

It features several drum music pads with simple drawings that represent specific parts of drum music. And the drum music is quite satisfying.

The game is very easy to play, too, with several playing styles. The most basic way is connecting with your keyboard keys.

Every drum aspect is linked to a specific button on the keyboard keys. Or, just play with a cursor or a mobile touchscreen device.

Bookaboo Drum Kit

Bookaboo Drum Kit
Bookaboo Drum Kit

Bookaboo Drum Kit is an online drum game for the CBC website. At first, it looks a little like a kids game, but it comes with very useful features and tools for adult drummers too. It has a flashy, circus-like look that makes many people unsure about it.

But wait until the loading is finished. Then, you will find the common layout that is more or less like other virtual drum games.

You get a bunch of pads with different designs and marked with letters to help you connect easily with your keyboard keys. You will also notice some type of a mellophone with the pads, situated at the top of the screen. This lets you play with some notes if it makes you happy.

It is just a fan game. Hence, you may not learn anything useful about drumming, and it does not simulate a drum kit either. But it’s still great fun.

Y8 Drummer Game

You will need a flash player to use this game, but this is a necessary limitation that should not make the game look bad. It comes with an archaic, which is shown by its foundation of an old drum kit photo.

It allows you to turn on/off the key-map of designated keyboard keys. This is a drum music simulator game that can be easily played with a mouse or cursor.

Generally, it may look like some of those old virtual drums game you may have come across. However, it is just simple and well made in a drum game.

Buckle Virtual Drum Set

Virtual Drum Set
Virtual Drum Set

If you don’t want to use a Flash Player, then this game is not for you. But if you can look beyond this small setback, you will enjoy it, not only on the graphics but its usefulness.

The game features a very basic bass drum kit configured with ten drum music components. Each of the parts is assigned to a different keyboard key, making it a very useful game.

You can play via a mouse too, but the number-based control configuration is only right for keyboard keys usage. The sound quality is not bad, either.

The additional section of this game features a few presets containing several play-along beats. The game is pretty decent.

Play drums online

Playing virtual drums online has never been more fun than it is in this game-play. Unfortunately, you won’t learn anything of value about drumming with this option since it does not simulate a free online drum kit.

Its features evoke the thoughts of guitar heroes in most of us than for Drumming—it is a basic fun game-play filled with various colors and on and lines. The player needs to hit them using designated buttons on a keyboard with specific timing. It does not have much to do with Drumming, but great for fun.

How to play drums on the keyboard

Playing drums on the keyboard is quite easy. Simply download and save any of the applications discussed above and start playing.

From here, you can easily learn how to play drums on the keyboard. It is just how you play any game online.

How to play keyboard drums

If you don’t want to utilize online features, playing keyboard drums can be a better solution. Keyboards usually come with drums as part of their tone settings.

Simply hit VOICE, and select drums. Each key on the computer keyboard is designated to a different bass drum music. Hit them rhythmically, and your free online drum sounds will come out clear.

How to play drums on piano

The best way to play drums without an online drum using a computer keyboard. Although a piano is sometimes used, you will need virtual tools to connect. The online music games above can be of great assistance.


Online music games have become very popular today. Different people utilize them for fun, and drummers are not left behind.

Choosing the right online drum games by using a keyboard is the first step toward having a great time. You need the tools you need, this should be easy.

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