Ian Paice: Deep Purple, Enthusiasm, and Commitment


When you talk about musicians that have really left a mark in the industry, the name of Ian Paice will always feature at the top. This is a drummer who gave his all in offering the best anyone could get in the hard-rock world.

Ian Paice
Ian Paice

It is always his enthusiasm and commitment to drums that made him stand out from the rest.

In many bands, the drummer is often ignored because they never feature on the front line like soloists of lead guitarists. But things were different in Deep Purple, where Ian Paice played. His work was always visible, which made him an incredible asset to the band.

Most bands will change drummers only after a few years.  But Ian Paice remained as the only continuous member of the group. If it were not for this commitment, the team would have fallen apart long before it became strong. There would be no heavy metal drumming, which the backbone of rock.

It is, therefore, safe to assume that Paice made, and was the face of Deep Purple. Through this group, he was able to invent new and better techniques for delivering thunderous sounds every time he was behind the sticks.

Deep Purple
Deep Purple

Another unique characteristic that defines Paice is he was the only epic rock legend who has never used earplugs. He always performed with these essential accessories, which made him stand out from other players.

Paice is considered an old school pro. His style involved playing fast, furious, and full-on. And this is the reason he has always remained relevant. Even though music has evolved, rock music is still defined by heavy metal, which is Paice’s specialty.

He has been a great contributor to the general music industry. Many upcoming drummers find his work unique and worth emulating, especially in an era when new music is erupting.

Paice is a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Ringo Star, and Count Basie drummer Sonny Payne. They are his inspiration for creating top hits like “Hush” and “Smoke of the Water.”

This piece has been presented with a studied, infectious swing. Paice’s unique style of delivering the punch has always left many wondering where he gets the energy. And the fact that he has never used earplugs makes it even hard to stop marveling at his performances.

When it comes to the best music, it is not about how the performer did it but also what comes out in the end. And that is what Paice stands for – uniqueness.

Ian Paice On Stage
Ian Paice On Stage

When he was asked about the drummer, guitarist Steve Morse of Deep Purple was not hesitant to praise Paice’s approach to drum.  Morse told “Drum” that drummer’s delivery is just right when it comes to the feel.

He has such a great dynamic that it makes everyone listening to him feel like they are in the best part of their lives. He is likened to the trio referred to as the “Steve Gadd of rock” by Van Romaine. Paice delivers every punch like a huge locomotive thundering from a high point.

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