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I have met many musicians, especially drummers, who suffer from tinnitus. This is a condition where you tend to hear ringing in your ears daily. And it is quite irritating.

As a musician, you will face the same problem if you are not careful. This is why you need hearing protectors at all times.

Ear pain or hearing damage can change the cause of your personal and professional life. It can even reduce your hearing ability as a normally-hearing person. Even though you can learn to accept this, you don’t need to let the damage go too far.

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Hearing is the backbone of a musician. They need to measure their sounds; hence, ear protection is essential.

Unfortunately, many musicians, especially beginners, expose their ears to loud music during rehearsals, gigs, and concerts, which damages their perception.

 A good pair of earplugs is a good accessory for this issue. It will get you far.

And since there are too many options on the market today, you may feel overwhelmed in choosing the right one. Don’t worry, though. I have covered you as this guide takes you through some of the best earplugs the market can offer.

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Best earplugs for drummers reviewed in [currentyear]

1.      Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplug

Vibes is one of the biggest companies manufacturing ear protection gear for drummers. Their breakthrough came when they appeared on the Shark Tank Show. Their focus is mainly on the concert-going application as well as daily use,

Their 22db attenuation is ideal for people who need more than just earplugs for music. They will keep you safe in noisy environments while ensuring you create the best sounds.

They come with small, medium, and large eartips. This means you can replace the ear tips any time a need arises.

Other accessories include a carrying case.


  • The earplugs have received many positive results among people suffering from noise-induced trauma and those in the autism cycle that don’t need sensory overload. They say these earplugs have been a great help when sudden jumps to the volume are expected.


  • Some users have complained about their built quality. Some may have had fit problems.

2.      EarPeace HD Concert EarPlugs

If you are looking for drummer earplugs designed for the purpose, there are three different models with EarPeace that do a great job. They feature an M designation that is meant for motorsport. The S one is for safety, whereas the HD one is for musicians and live music performers.

Various noise attenuation is included so you can choose how much noise you need. You get it at 26db, 20dbm, and 17db filters.

The ear plug sizes available are standard and petite, though sold separately. They also feature replaceable eartips and aluminum carrying cases.


  • Very functional earplugs, especially in concert situations.
  • The interchangeable filters have been widely applauded for offering different levels of attenuation.


  • A few users have found issues with the fit on the eartips.
  • The pool tap seems too short for some users.

Overall, the fact that these earplugs offer customizable levels of protection is a notable advantage. You will only hear how much you want to hear.

3.      Eargasm Hi-Fi Earplugs

Eargasm has been at the forefront of creating incredible ear protection solutions for drummers and concert enthusiasts. These earplugs were sold during music festivals for ear protection, and they were not very bad.

They feature a moderately high noise attenuation. The included waterproof carry case ensures they serve you for long.

Also, you get two sets of ear tip sizes, making it ideal for rock music concerts. You have nothing to worry about with noise attenuation of 21db (16db NRR).

It comes with standard and small eartips included for good fitting. The replacement eartips make them ideal for any user.


  • Useful for a loud rock concert.
  • Great for live sound mixing
  • The filter filters out too many high frequencies.


  • Some users have complained about ear discomfort.

4.      Westone TRU Universal WM16 Protection Filter Ear Plugs

Westone is a renowned brand when it comes to custom ear protection. And you can expect nothing less from the Westone TRU WM16 earplugs.

They utilize the same filters as their higher-end custom production. With noise attenuation of 16db (7db NRR), you can get one of the best noise-reducing ear plugs.

They feature medium and large ear tips. This fitting type is for people with large spaces to accommodate them.

They also come with replaceable eartips and a carrying pouch. With these features, you can always be sure to get your noise issues sorted.


  • Westone WM16 has received a lot of positive comments from users. They say their frequency response is the best.
  • They work well with classical music and other similar situation,
  • Smooth high-frequency response.


  • A few reviewers stated that the smooth high-end roll-off was too much for their taste.

5.      Earasers Musicians Ear Plugs

Earasers are unique from the rest of the products on this list. They are designed and manufactured by a company that deals with hearing aids and electronic hearing protection. They offer a different experience when you consider attenuating volume.

Noise attenuation is at 19db (5NR), 26 dB (13db NRR), and 31 dB (16db NRR) which are sold separately. Its fitting type is medium, small, XS, and L.

They come with replaceable eartips and a plastic carrying case for protection. These earplugs are designed to offer high-end protection for those working in loud areas

And being a company associated with designing hearing aid, they understand what users need and strive to offer the solution.


  • Users have commended them for natural-sounding attenuation and great comfort on the ears.
  • They are made with high-quality materials that don’t irritate.
  • Malleable silicone ear tips provide a good seal if you select the right size.


  • Some users have complained that they are too pricey compared to other products with the same features.

6.      Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs

This piece is another impressive choice for hearing protection. The reusable high-fidelity Reverb plugs come from Pine Sounds, a brand that makes a wide range of modern solutions.

If you are looking for a premium level of hearing protection, you can count on it. And once again, they feature a proprietary precision filter that reduces background noises letting you focus only on the important sounds.

They come as a duo of protection, with one pair less regimented than the other. This means you get two different levels of protection.

The green filter set gives you an average background noise cancellation of about 20 dB. This is the best function you can get, especially nearby. The other set comes with a white filter and offers protection of up to 28db. This is the ideal choice for a loud concert area.

Both sets are made from hypoallergenic high-grade natural silicone for maximum safety.


  • Two sets for different levels of dB reduction
  • Hypoallergenic means safety and comfort
  • Premium level protection
  • An excellent active noise cancelling ear plugs


  • Some users have complained they may be too expensive for the features advertised.

7.      HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs

HEAROS is a good choice for those needing a more affordable brand. They make wonderful high-fidelity earplugs that have been widely applauded as some of the best. They function through a triple flange design that reduces around 12 decibels safely. They are therefore ideal for concertgoers.

They give out a clever, flat-attenuation so that listeners can still get every detail without being exposed to damaging volume levels.

They are also made from high-quality silicone so you can use them repeatedly without any issues. This makes them comfortable inside the ear canal.

They are transparent, which means others may not even notice if you wear hearing protection. The carrying case has been included for safe storage.


  • Top grade silicone
  • Well built
  • Flat attenuation
  • 12-decibel reduction


  • They are not ideal for very loud situations.

8.      Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs

Etymotic earplugs are another set of wonderful hearing protection on the market. One issue with transparent sets is they are not easy to locate when you place them down. This pair of earplugs come to solve that issue for you.

They are made with blue triple-flange ear tips that make them easy to locate. Also, their noise attenuation and filter rims are completely see-through, which makes them invisible still.

They are made with high-grade softened silicone with an ergonomic shape and comfort. The carrying case and an optional neck cord ensure you have a safe place for them.

The earplugs are designed to replicate how you naturally hear, just a good distance. They reduce decibels by up to 20db when worn correctly.


  • They are visible
  • 20 dB reduction
  • High-quality material


  • Some users have complained they don’t get as much reduction as they would love to.

9.      RAVE high-fidelity earplugs

This is another versatile set to consider. This duo pack from Rave features two different sets, each offering different decibel reduction levels.

Their silicone finish is not only ideal for safe wearing but attenuates well too. They also come with colour-coded tips, one short-stemmed and one long. This colouring means you can easily see them anywhere you place them.

They come with interchangeable filters, which let you mix and match with your best tip style. The clear filter is reduced by 19bd, while the white filter goes up to 25db. This gives them a fabricated sound, whereas the small storage pouch ensures you keep them safe.


  • Two different decibel filters
  • Different stems
  • Easy to locate


  • A few users complained they don’t give as much noise reduction as advertised.

10.  LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs

Playing live music can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right protection for your ears. When the excitement sets in, most players don’t even think about what is happening at the moment. This is why you need quality earplugs.

The HearSafe earplugs from LiveMus!c is another superb solution that will serve your decibel reduction needs. They are among high-end earplugs designed to give ultimate protection for a long.

The great filter is designed for a lower noise reduction rating of about 23 dB. This makes the set the safest choice for gigging musicians.

They are built with high-quality silicone and ergonomically designed for longer use. The comfort they offer is everything you may want in such products.


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • High fidelity attenuation
  • Built for durability


  • They are a bit pricey compared to others with similar features.

Buying guide

Are earplugs necessary for musicians?

The simplest answer is yes.

We have so many musicians who ruin their careers and personal life because they did not put the needed care into safety. This has been one of the main reasons drummers quit their work.

Only someone with little experience will tell you not to wear them. The human ear is designed to accept a certain level of frequencies, and anything higher or lower will cause too much trouble.

If you are overly exposed to frequencies above 85 dB, know that you will soon pay more for such. It is better to invest in quality earplugs now and save yourself.

What do you consider when buying drummers’ earplugs?

As stated in the beginning, there is a wide range of earplugs from different manufacturers who promise the best. Many of them will not be good for you. Here are a few things that can help you avoid confusion.

  • Type. Different types offer different frequency and volume attenuation. You need to look for earplugs that are designed for musicians. There are different solutions for live performance and recording too.
  • Sizing and fit. The fit determines how much noise is sealed out of your ears. Luckily, most earplugs come with varying ear tips for different ear canal sizes.
  • Attenuation and Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR). This is the most important consideration. Attenuation is about the number of decibels reduced when you wear the plugs. Look for one that meets your needs.
  • Usage life and reusability. You want something you can use for a longer period. Therefore, consider earplugs made from high-quality material that is safe and long-lasting.


Choosing the right earplug can determine how long you will play your music. I have listed several earplugs that have been designed for adequate protection. I hope this makes it easier for you.

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