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Alesis DM10 MKII User Guide

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro: How to Change Drum Set

The Alesis is among the best entry-level electronic drum sets on the market. However, it is not well sounding. 

Its module is pretty functional. Hence, instead of getting another kit, changing the drum set may be a better option. 

The dual-zone drums are vital for those who want deeper programming with different sounds. They are also more realistic when you play.

You can use a drum key to adjust their tension, just like you do with regular drums. It all depends on the feel and taste.

But be careful with higher tension. It tends to create more stick bounce, which affects the way you play. Therefore, always ensure you have set your tension right before starting to check your performance.

Luckily, Alesis has included a drum key in some versions of the DM10 MKII. As such, you can easily upgrade the kit you have at the moment to get a better sounding alternative. Of course, it will require more money, but you need the best, so investing should not be a problem.

How Much Storage Does the Alesis DM10 MKII Module Have?

One thing about most entry-level e-drum kits is that they don’t come with a lot of storage. For this reason, you should not expect a lot from the DM10 MKII, either.

No matter, Alesis has really tried to make this one big. The new DM10 MKII drum module comes with 50 pre-loaded drums sets. And then there are 30 more spaces reserved for user kits. This space is enough to get you loading your favorite kits for a better experience.

Besides this, the module also carries 700 drum sounds from various instruments. You change the parameters of these sounds just for fun and better learning. 

There are 100 play-along songs in addition to the preloaded sets. There work incredibly in helping you practice various drumming styles. 

If space is not enough, the module can be connected to a USB/MIDI computer. This allows you to upload and use WAV and MP3 tones. 

What Comes in the Box for an Alesis DM10 MKII Pro?

The DM10 MKII Pro by Alesis bears two 10-inches dual-zone mounted toms, two 12-inch floor toms, and a dual-zone. Besides, this there is a 12-inch dual-zone snare pad, two crash cymbals, each 14-inch, one hi-hat measuring 12-inches, and one triple-zone 16-inch ride cymbal. 

To finish the package, there is the DM10 KII module and an 8-inch bass pad. You should also expect some hardware accessories, including a four-post rack. 

Notice that there is a large number of toms with the Pro version that other versions of the DM10 MKII. Besides, these pads are bigger in size, for both the toms and the snare, which you don’t see very much at this price range. 

The pads on these kits are all sport mesh heads. This is why you should expect better playability.

Unfortunately, you will not get a drum throne with this kit, as you would expect from many beginner kits. But that should not worry you a lot because you can easily pick one from online stores.

Because of larger size drum pads and the increasing number, expect this package to be a bit heavier. Just a by-the-way, this could help you when choosing transport means from the drop zone to your house.  

How to Edit Alesis DM10 MKII Kit From a Computer

One of the easiest things to do with the Alesis DM10 MKII is editing the kit on a computer. 

First, you will need a USB or MIDI connection cable. This will help you connect the set easily onto your computer.

You will also need to instance a DAW on your computer. This is a software that allows you to record and store different audio files. It also allows you to build WAV and MP3 audio that can be played directly from the module. 

Once you have selected your favorite songs, upload them on them DM10 MII module, and you are good to go. You can also use the same procedure to remove the songs that you don’t find interesting anymore.

You can download some straight from the internet for those who don’t want to spend time creating new songs. This process makes it easy to get sounds from your favorite drummers across the globe, letting you practice as much as you want. 

What are the Dimensions of the Alesis DM10 MKII?

The best way to understand the Dimensions of the Alesis DM10 MKII is to know there are different versions of this kit. This why some people even get confused about choosing the right one. 

The two most common versions are the Studio kit and the Pro kit. 

The Studio kit comes with a 10-inch snare, two 8-inch rack toms, and one 10-inch floor tom. There is also one 8-inch kick drum, and four cymbals (two 12-inch crash, one 14-inch ride, and one 12-inch hi-hat).

On the other side, the Pro Kit is larger. It features a 12-inch snare, two 10-inch rack toms, two 12-inch floor toms, and one 8-inch kick drum. It is backed by four cymbals ( two 14-inch crash, one 16-inch ride, and one 12-inch hi-hat). 

Why is Alesis DM10 MKII Studio Discontinued?

Alesis produced the DM10 MKII Studio at the time when many drummers were looking for the best beginner kits. At first, it looked like a great piece because it came at the most affordable price.

However, the world of electronic drums has constantly been improving. And this is the reason Alesis come up with the DM10 MKII Pro. This is product comes with advanced features, including a better module, more sounds, more pads, and bigger pads. 

Hence, the user went more for the Pro kit, leaving the Studio, which does not even sound great. This is a very normal situation for many products. The consumer is always looking for something better.

Besides, there was no need for Alesis to continue producing a lesser product when they could give drummers something better at almost the same price.

One of the things many customers complain about Alesis is confusion. Whereas the DM10 MKII seems like just one name, it comes with so many choices. Such things don’t always go well with most consumers. 

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro How to Change Drum Set on the Module

The Module on the DM10 MKII is pretty basic. It is one of the easiest modules to use. No wonder it loved by many beginners. 

The kit comes with 50 built-in kits with additional 30 free spaces for user kits. You can change the sounds on each kit by a press of a button on the module. This module comes with everything you need.

Apart from changing the whole drum set, you can dive into the sounds and alter the parameters. You will easily find an option for reverb, compression, pitch, and many more parameters.

Again, the kit comes with a user manual. But if that does not help still, you can find more information from the Alesis website. Simply ask the question, and you will get your answers. 

The DM10 MKII Pro is a standard entry-level electric kit that comes with ten pads and the module. It also comes with a four-post quick-lock rack and a fully adjustable snare stand.

Once you have identified the perfect location, simply put the rack together, you will get the position for every component. It has a place from the module, on which to connect all the other components.

With the snare stand, you will be able to adjust its height for convenient drumming. This is an incredible feature considering how hard it can get setting some drum sets. 

How to Assemble Alesis DM10 MKII Studio

The DM10 MKII Studio comes with lesser components than the Pro. Hence, the assembling is much easier. But you will have to buy a hi-hat holder.

All the racks and hardware included are easy to use with the set. Simply get it in place, and you will have the position for every kit. 

Alesis DM10 MKII Studio kit, How to Load Sounds

Loading sound on this kit will require you to have a computer and a USB/MIDI cable. Connect your kit to the computer, choose your desired sounds and load.

The module has space for a few sounds, so you should not expect much. Instead, consider only your best sounds. Though you can change them anytime, you want.

What is Replacing Alesis DM10 MKII

The Alesis DM10 MKII is an incredible electronic drum set. However, it is not just enough for the modern market and needs. There are better kits coming on the market, just like the DM10 MKII Pro kit has replaced the DM10 MKII Studio. 

There is Roland TD-11KV, which comes with better sounds. This forms the closest rival. 

On the Alesis line, we have Alesis Crimson II 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit that offers the more advanced feature. It is the best alternative if you want to stick with the brand.

Alesis DM10 MKII; How to Program

The Alesis DM10 MKII comes with some snare issues. Before you start programming, you may want to get quality ones first. 

After this, set your kit following instructions on the user manual. Creating kits is pretty simple. Start by selecting a sound you wish to change, then make use of the control features in the module to set the effects you want. These controls also help in the setup.

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