Roland Td 11Kv

Roland has been one of my favourite brands for electronic drum kits forever. And having used the TD-11KV V drums for a while now, I am never disappointed with what they have to offer.

If you’re looking for an electronic drum set that’s perfect for live performances and studio recordings, the Roland TD11 is a great option. It’s got everything you need to create realistic drum sounds, and it’s easy to use.

While living in Melbourne the Roland TD-11 has been my personal electronic drum set. I have an emotional attachment to it, and it’s hard to let it go, but it’s time for me to move on in life, and I’m moving back to Europe soon, in May 2022.

So I can’t carry the TD11 with me. While I’m considering buying something more portable, such as more portable drum pads. In this article, I’ll give you my personal Roland TD-11KV review, from a drummer’s perspective.

The Roland TD11KV is the top version of the more basic Roland TD-11.

IMPORTANT: if the specific product reviewed on this page is not available in partners’ shops, I insert a link to the most similar product with similar features or categories.

In the review, I will not be talking about the most prominent features this kit can do. Instead, I will focus on the most critical questions.

One of the things I love about the Roland TD-11KV is that it’s incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to be a technical expert to get great sounds out of this drum set – just plug it in and start playing.

By the end of the review, you should tell whether it is the right one for you or if you need something else. It is all about identifying what makes you as a drummer happy.

Key feature Of the Roland TD-11KV

As usual, it does not disappoint in making this e-kit as functional as possible. If you are concerned about the quality of sounds that come from e-drums, you can relax a bit now that this drum kit has got you covered.

Talking of sounds, there is no e-drum kit that will give you the realist output you get from an acoustic piece.

The pads are extremely responsive, and they feel very natural to play. I also really appreciate the fact that the cymbals have choke capability. This comes in handy when I’m playing live, and I need to be able to control my sound a bit more.

It’s got everything I need to create realistic drum sounds, and it’s perfect for both live performances and studio recordings.

The TD-11 is reachable in two variants. First up is the greater in your price range TD-11K, presenting 8” rubber tom pads, a dual-trigger mesh V-Pad snare and CY-8 dual-trigger cymbals with choke capability.

If you’re a drummer and you’re looking for an electronic drum set, the Roland TD-11KV is definitely worth considering. I’ve been using this set for a while now, and I absolutely love it.

But Roland has been working on getting you as close to that feeling as possible. And the Roland 11KV is a perfect example of the genius creators can do.

Compared to other products, especially at this price range, you will be happy with the real drumming experience that comes from the Roland pads.

You may be asking who the kit is made for. An important question, but I will get into that in a short while.

Let’s just say the kit comes with the best feature you can expect from a good-quality e-drum kit. Whether you want to rock them freely or play along with any of the many recorded sounds in the module, there is nothing to stop you from getting the most out of it.

The first thing you will notice is a fairly large LCD that enables you to use the right settings. You can easily choose your playing mode and switch sounds from the screen. Such an easy interface makes many drummers love working with the kit.

Even though it comes with several inbuilt sounds, some of us are never satisfied with those few options!

The simple USB connection lets you connect to your computer so that you can create and add your own customized sounds.

Besides, you get to use a different application to change and edit the sounds to your liking. The USB also lets you back up your projects on your laptop or play from external sources.

When looking for an e-drum kit, I always check its stability because it affects sound quality and the overall results. This kit is very stable and secure. You can play as hard as you want, and as long as your time allows and it will still stand.

It features a solid and compact stand. The MDS-4V is a custom stand you will get with all V drums. You won’t have to worry about the stability of your setup.

But it is not even the stand that makes the kit look amazing.

It is its design. The pads have been finished with a portable and compact build that will fit even in the smallest room.

The SuperNatural TD-11 drum module with highly advanced features creates natural and realistic sounds. This means you get almost the same quality as you would with acoustic sets.

Introducing the Roland TD11

The Roland TD 11 is a great electronic drum set for both live and studio use. It’s easy to use, thanks to its simple interface and responsive pads.

The cymbals have choke capability, which is a great feature for live performers. And the sound quality is simply amazing – you can get realistic drum sounds out of this set that will blow your audience away.


  • Excellent built quality pads
  • Useful brain
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable


  • Hi-hat pedal used instead of the hi-hat stand
  • It might not look terrific on stage compared to premium kits

The Roland TD11 module

Here is where things get interesting, the TD11 drum module. Definitely not a super new model, but definitely modern and current anyway!

The Roland TD 11 module is one of the most advanced in the market. It’s packed with features that allow you to create a huge range of drum sounds. The module is also very user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble getting great sounds out of it.

The sound module carries 25 drum kits onboard, with 190 different sounds and it’s highly customizable. And if that is not enough for you, connect the brain to your computer through a MIDI cable and create your own sounds. Not very many beginner e-kits can do this.

Regarding the quality of the sounds, you should know that Roland only records real instruments. You can hear this from the sound on the modules. Also, you will hear Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound technology.

This technology simply means every sound you hit will always sound different. The drum sound can come out louder, brighter, or with a longer reverb depending on where your stick lands.

It is so perfect that you might not tell the difference between a song recorded with a TD11 and acoustic sets. And that is what many of us look for in e-drum sets. Have you come across an e-drum setup that can be tuned at this price range? Probably not.

Some of the highlights of the TD 11 module include:

– Over 500 different drum sounds

– 50 different kits

– USB connectivity

– A metronome

– A coach function

– MIDI connectivity

As you can see, the Roland TD 11 module is packed with features that make it perfect for both live and studio use. It’s easy to use, and you can get great sounds out of it. If you’re looking for an electronic drum set that’s perfect for live performances and studio recordings, the Roland TD 11 is a great option.

Why should I buy the TD11?

The Roland TD11 is an excellent all-around drum set that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced players. It’s easy to use, thanks to its simple interface and responsive pads. The cymbals have choke capability, which is a great feature for live performers. And the sound quality is simply amazing – you can get realistic drum sounds out of this set that will blow your audience away.

Is buying used drums a good idea?

There are a few things to consider before buying used drums. First, check the condition of the drums and make sure they’re in good working order. Second, research the price of new drums to get an idea of how much you should be paying for used drums. And finally, ask around and see if anyone you know has any recommendations.

Is the Roland TD11 good For home practice?

The Roland TD-11KV is a great option for home practice. It comes with over 500 different drum sounds and 50 different kits, so you can find the perfect sound for any style of music. It also has USB connectivity, so you can easily connect it to your computer and record your practice sessions. And finally, it has a metronome and coach function to help you keep time and improve your skills.

When the TD-15 and TD-11 Drum Sound Modules have been released?

Roland is proud to introduce the TD-15 and TD-11 Drum Sound Modules, two new sound engines for V-Drums electronic percussion products featuring all new SuperNATURAL sounds with Behavior Modeling Technology.

If you are an experienced drummer, you know that the pads’ material makes all the difference in e-drums.

In this, the TD-11KV comes with mesh-heads on the snare and toms. This feature is amplified by good sounding V-cymbals and a CY-5 hi-hat.

The v cymbals pad is a highly responsive 10-inch playing area, this V-cymbals gives you enough space to swing naturally.

The hi-hat controller is another great addition from Roland. With it, you get smooth transitions and more realistic sounds from the hi-hat.

The kick pad is designed for natural feeling too. Playing it almost feels like you are working with real drums.

The dynamic response that comes from the kick pads is something you won’t get from many drums at this price range. It ensures the player gets accurate triggering for an incredible drumming experience.

There is no kick pedal on the kit, which is perhaps its major weakness. This means you will have to dig deeper into your pockets for this component is you want a full kit.

Who is the Roland-11KV for?

Roland TD-11 module for live playing

It is the brain that makes sound on an e-kit. And you can tell how useful the TD11 is from the display. The first sound is called “real rock.”

And yet, the TD11 V-drums have that capability, which makes it a sound tool for specialists. Professionals seek little details that could make all the difference.

So, what can you do?

Tune one head here, muffle a tome there, alter the bass drum output, snare buzz, or the tone colour; all these can be done on the device. And there are just three buttons for these functions.

In short, there is no reason why you cannot use the kit for recording. And you can do this directly from the kit without looking at your computer.

Roland TD-11 module for live recording

Electronic drums are not very popular for live recording. But the TD11 is among the few that can give you that performance. An e-kit for this use should first give you the sounds you need for every different song.

The best part about e-kits is that you can change the whole set’s drum sounds with a single button. It allows you to adapt to any sound you want for the new song.

This brain carries 50 slots, which are more than enough for one performance. I have never seen a single band that can play that many songs in one night.

Are you looking for more? Roland TD11’s ambience effects will give you all that. A single push of a button lets you change your digital field completely to create a whole new world.

Another feature of live use is that your kit should always appear professional. This is because a drummer is judged more by what they are drumming than how they are playing. Even without great skills, you can impress with the TD11 sound engine.

The superNATURAL technology would be a perfect solution for any environment.

So, what does all this mean? That the module you get is enough to have for live performing. It has enough songs and lets you change the environment according to your preferences.

TD11 For home Practicing

The Roland TD-11KV is a great option for home practice. It comes with over 500 different drum sounds and 50 different kits, so you can find the perfect sound for any style of music. It also has USB connectivity, so you can easily connect it to your computer and record your practice sessions.

If you are considering the home practice kit, you will need to be confident in its sounds and quality. It should help you record everything from jazz to metal and anything in between.

And just as a reminder, I am talking about both TD11K and TD 11KV. These kits have everything in common, which makes either of them good for you.

TD11 sound engine built-in motivation

The TD11 sound engine comes with built-in motivation. It has a sound engine that is built-in to keep you motivated.

The drum module has 50 different kits that cover a wide range of genres. You can also mix and match the sounds to create your own unique kit. The sound engine is also very user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble getting great sounds out of it.

  1. If your timing is not always on the spot, the kit’s coach will be very helpful. First, it lets you check your time by drumming along with a click.
  2. Second, learn using a click that drops after a few bars, allowing you to use quiet count. This will enable you to grow and steady rhythm every time you are performing.
  3. Thirdly, the ‘warm-up’ mode is added to flex your muscles before you start seriously working. This function gives you a click that grows from slow to very first within a specified period.

With these three features, you can learn any music style from the comfort of your home. Many students will want to have it for this because that is where the real headache is.

The brain also has a quick record function, which will help you separate what you are doing. Then, you can export your best work to a USB-Stick and let people hear it.

Other notable features

Do you want an electronic drum set that lets you drum without disturbing your neighbours? Well, this kit could be all you need.

The Roland TD-11K has two different types of pads. The snare and the kick drum have mesh heads, while the toms have rubber. This affects the volume.  Rubber pads are relatively quieter than acoustic drums. But they can still annoy your family. It is good that the bass drum has mesh, which offers better low sounds.

Mesh drums, on the other hand, are much quieter. This is why it’s nice that Roland added the mesh heads on the two pads. The cymbals and the hi-hat are all top-quality.

If you wish to play more fills or hit toms a lot, then consider the TD 11KV. It has the same setup, only that all the drums are mesh.

The Quick Record functions let you create your one play-along song.

 In summary, TD-11 is an excellent kit for any environment. You will record at home, play live, and practice silently without any issues.  

Roland TD-11 manual

Setting up Roland’s TD-11 V-drums is pretty straightforward. It comes with all the right hardware. But if you have never used an e-drum set, consider going through its manual. Sometimes the drum kit comes with the manual booklet.

If you don’t find it yet, go online and search for it. You will not miss it.

Roland TD-11KV -The upgraded version of the TD11

Roland’s TD11KV is set to offer a more natural and realistic sound than any other at this price range. It comes with various modes for practice, learning, and recording.

The main difference, the TD 11KV and the TD11 K are all differentiated by the pads. The TD11K has rubber pads on the toms while the TD11KV is all-mesh.

It is, therefore, a great intermediate kit for new players who want to improve their skills.

What is the difference between the Roland TD-11 and TD-15 Sound Modules?

Roland Td 15 Td 15 Drum Sound Module

The Roland TD-11 and Roland TD-15 are both great sound modules. However, there are a few key differences between them. The first difference is that the TD-15 has over 700 different drum sounds, while the TD-11 only has 500. The second difference is that the TD-15 has 100 different kits, while the TD-11 only has 50. Finally, the TD-15 has a built-in sampler, while the TD-11 does not.

Should I buy the Roland TD-11 or the TD-15 drum sets?

Roland Td11 Drum Module Front

If f you’re looking for an electronic drum set with more sounds and kits, the Roland TD-15 is a great option. However, if you’re looking for an electronic drum set that’s more user-friendly and affordable, the Roland TD-11 is a great option.


The first thing you will notice on the TD11KV is the intuitive sound module. It comes with a relatively larger component offering easier controls and choices. It also has a simple USB connectivity feature that lets you connect to your PC. All the other useful connections are present.

Another great feature is the compact yet sturdy stand. Experienced drummers understand how important this is. The MDS-4V is a custom stand found on the V-Compact line.

Above all, the kit has a style design that will suit any environment.

From the SuperNATURAL TD11 brain to the all-mesh V-pads, you will agree this kit is extraordinary. The useful play-along songs and the kick pedal ensure high-end performance. 

Also, the set features an FD-8 hi-hat controller, which offers a smooth transition between sounds. The pads are very responsive. Hence, the TD11KV feels and sounds close to a real drum. This hi-hat controller comes from the top lines drums.

The new Roland’s TD-11 and TD-15 modules are available separately or with new V-drums sets. Roland announced this recently, offering a better solution for drummers across the globe.

Both modules have the same design, the same number of buttons, the same LCD screen, everything else. They also feature Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology with Behavioral Modelling.

These additional features improve the overall playing experience for every drummer. They have an improved trigger reaction time with more realistic sounds. This also means that KD 9 kick pads are more sensitive, offering better performance.

Most of the new TD-11 and TD-15 features bring the best features to the reach of many. They started appearing on affordable V-Drums after the introduction of Roland’s flagship percussion brain, the TD-30.

Apart from the advanced new sound and play-along songs, the modules share several other features. They have professionally recorded backing tracks, custom USB ports for PC connection, MIDI performance, built-in rhythm coach, and recording function.

The main difference is that the TD-11 has only 50 kits while the TD-15 has 100. The TD-15 features ten multi-effects for processing sounds and dedicated buttons for effects, tuning, and muffing sounds. The TD-11 has 11 trigger inputs, while the TD-15 has 12.

You can get two complete V-drum kits with either of the modules. One is the budget-friendly TD-11K V-Compact series kit. And the other one is a more expensive TD-11KV V-Compact series kit. The TD-15K V-Tour series kit and the TD-15KV V-Tour series kits are more expensive but with better performance.

Your level of playing

In my experience with the kit, this might not be the best question. But I will go with it anywhere because it brings the message home much faster.

Hence, we can look at it from different points:

Many people will ask you whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced drummer. And it could be the force that drives most buyers, its coach function helps everyone.

However, the best way to look at the TD-11KV in this regard is how much you are willing to spend on a quality electronic kit.

If you are on a budget and you need to use as little money as possible.  I would recommend you go for this good quality affordable electronic drum kits.

And if you are ok with td11 Roland v compact series price, then it will not be an issue whether you are an experienced drummer or just beginning. And this means the Roland td11kv is really for those who want to invest in quality sounds.

What is your aim?

There are three possible reasons you may be looking for an electronic drum kit: to record from home, for live performance, or for practicing.

– For a home studio

Recording music in a studio is very expensive. This is the reason many people fail to get their ideas to the world.

Luckily, electronic drums have made things easy. But not all kits are good for this use.

Which brings us to the question of whether the TD 11 module is any good. Let’s just say you want the quality sound engine, and record anything from metal to jazz.

Preferences change as you continue learning more and more about drumming. It is the module that creates the environment for quality home recording. It makes the sound.

The Roland td 11KV s module is intuitive enough to get any drummer where they want to be. The display shows you what you are doing or where you want to be. It shows you the drummer set sound number one “real rock” is active when you open the module.

As if that is not enough, you can create more than 25 drum set yourself with a customized approach. There are close to 200 different sounds to choose from and enjoy the versatility of this kit.

Now if you think this is not enough for you, don’t worry. The TD-11 MIDI connection lets you connect to your computer so you can create even more amazing sounds, and the coach function will also facilitate you.

In other words, the sound quantity on the TD-11KV module is on point. There is enough for any level drummer.

Apart from the quantity, there is something about sound quality for this module that sets it apart from others.

Roland td 11 v compact only records real instruments, and you can hear them from any kit they bring to the market. The SuperNatural sound technology makes the TD 11 to always sound different from other kits.  

You sound louder, depending on where you hit. It can also come out louder, brighter, or with a long reverb.

It is hard for some people to tell the difference between recording with the Roland TD-11 module and an acoustic drum. That is just how good the kit sounds.  

Professional drummers already know what they want with their e-drum set. The -11KV module allows one to set a range of sound parameters for each drum or cymbal.

You can tune the head, muffle a tom, or alter the buzz in the snare. And if you want to change the tone color, there is no reason to struggle. All these changes can be done easily by pushing three buttons.

In a nutshell, there is no reason you should not record with the Roland TD from the comfort of your home. The best part is you can do this without even changing or setting anything else on the module.

– Playing live

If you have ever used an electronic drum sound module kit for live recording, there are two major things it has to do.

Number one: it has to give the sounds needed for each song. The main advantage of e-drums is that you can easily hear the sound of the whole kit by simply pressing a button.

This means you change the sound feel at any time to link with a new song. There are more than 50 slots available on the drum sound module that will ensure every gig is different.

After all, no band plays so many songs in one night.

And if you need more features for performing live, there are the ambiance effects on the Roland TD 11 that are effective with a push of a button.

The set looks beautiful on stage. Most drummers stay unnoticed because what they are playing does not appear on the front row.

People will judge you from what you are playing, and you need to give them a good impression. It is not only the sounds you produce that will drive your audience crazy but also your presence.

The Roland TD 11kv s has all the sound engine to play different gigs for as long as you want. You can also alter the sound engine to echo different environments. I enjoy annoying my guitarists by asking them if they have similar capabilities.

– Practicing  

They say no one is born a perfect drummer. It can drain all your energy and take up all your time before you start sounding anything close to what you hear from experienced performers.

There are two important things here, getting the right motions or coordination and knowing how to keep time and keeping your motivation high.

You get these from the Roland TD-11.

Anyone who is into drumming does so because they love it. It is fun and trains you proper coordination, timing, and playing methods.

You need to be motivated for this. The design and features of this brand take care of this.

In terms of timekeeping, the TD-11KV comes with a metronome in the coach-function. It has time check, quiet count, and warm-up functions that will get you keeping time without must struggle.

Learning drums requires that you get the right motions. This means your acoustic set should look more or less like an acoustic one.  

The TD-11KV is such a kit.

There are two types of pads on the Roland TD-11: The mesh on the snare and bass drums and rubber on tom. These differences are evident in the volume.

They are all silent, which means your neighbors will not be complaining about too much noise.


Roland is always at the forefront of providing cutting edge technology with its drum pads. Drummers like Derrick Wright (Adele) only trust the brand.

If you have the money, therefore, the Roland TD is a good choice. It is perfect for practicing as well as a live performance.

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