Electronic drums have, without a doubt, revolutionized the world of drumming. They make it very easy for drummers to perform.

One thing that makes these drums incredible is portability. You can play the drums anywhere, even if you don’t have such a huge space to operate from.

Beginners need a lot of practice time to perfect their skills. Unfortunately, acoustic drums, though their sound is unbeatable, are very loud.

This makes it really hard to practice from places with a lot of people.

Besides, more drummers, even professional ones, are turning to e-drum kits. They have realized the importance of these tools is ready to take advantage.

But an integral part of e-drum kits is the drum module. And thanks to research and technological advancement, the sound is way better than before.

Nevertheless, you need to pick the best e-drum module for the best results.

What makes a drum module important?

Electronic drums are becoming more and more popular by the day. At first, they were only seen as a toy for practice and learning because they did not sound very great.

Today, however, manufacturers have focused on making them look and sound closer to acoustic ones.

And in all, they have majorly focused on improving the drum module accessories. This is the central part of the whole set, which means choosing should be carefully done.

For all, electronic drums are very useful in recording studios. And in this case, the module makes the connection and the production of sound.

Everything that makes sound does so by vibrating. When you hit a desk, for instance, it will vibrate and send signals and waves through the air.

These vibrations are picked up by the eardrums and interpreted as sound. Faster vibrations make louder noise while shorter vibrations make cooler sounds.

A drum module works like the ear. It picks electronic vibrations from drum pads and converts them into electrical sound. This sound is amplified and produced through connected sound devices.

Hence, the drum module can be seen as a source of the sound. This means the quality of sound depends on the quality of the sound module you choose.

The module is the main recording tool too. Most of them have such incredible sounds, which mimics acoustic drums and offers otherwise impossible sounds.

Drum modules can be used to trigger different sounds. If you want to make these sounds on acoustic drums, you would need to have many drum sets and drummers working together.

Some electronic drum modules come with more than 60 kits integrated. No one would have imagined they would have so many drum kits contained in one place. This makes the module everything you need to take your drumming experience to a whole new level.

The modules also come with recorded sounds from some of the finest studios around the globe, done by famous engineers. All modern modules carry wonderful sound libraries. They come with large storage spaces on which the drummer can save their custom kits and sounds.

Even those who don’t have a lot of space also come with SD or similar slots. This helps users to import their own sounds, making the device even better.

Because of the amazing sound quality and great flexibility, the modules allow for numerous trigger inputs, making the modules excellent for live performances as well.

Using such a versatile instrument gives you a lot of chances to expand your musical expression. It helps you improve your playing in total.

The best electronic drum module reviewed in [currentyear]

There are so many electronic drum modules on the market today that choosing the right one may be overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

In this list, I have reviewed several drum modules, including a couple of drum triggers for those who want to diversify their acoustic drums.

Pearl MMP24B Mimic Pro

Imagine what you will get when two top companies pull resources to create one product? Well, that is what Pearl MMP24M Mimic Pro is.

This Pearl Drum module is powered by the latest library from the popular producer and software expert Steve Slate.

Hence, apart from Pearl’s reputation, the module features reliable drum sounds that have been recorded from some of the famous studios in the world.

The module comes with 60 drum kits in total, which mimic the original sound.

The 7-inch touchscreen interface on this module offers extreme transparency. You will be sure to appreciate this module.

The software is quite fast too. This assures great convenience to the user.

And the best part is the 120 GB SSD storage space. Also, it has SD/USB connectivity, letting you store all your favorite samples.


  • From a good brand
  • A large storage space
  • High quality
  • Good for live and recording studio


  • A bit costly

Roland TD-50 Drums Sound Module

Roland has been making some of the best instruments in electronic drumming. The latest version of the popular module comes with large improvements. The overall layout may seem unchanged; the software is all new.

It features a news Prismatic Sound Modeling engine that brings out an amazing realistic drum sound with beautiful colors and incredible dynamics.

It is the number of controls that catches one’s interest when you first see the TD-50. Many players will love the on-board knobs for EQs, reverb, compression, and saturation, among many other features. These controls let you create natural ambiance effortlessly.

But it is the new Prismatic Sound Modelling engine that attracts many users. Besides ensuring great sound, you get a lot of modeling options.

As if that is not enough, it comes with 30 built-in effects while allowing you to import any kind of library through the SDHC card. After uploading these sounds, you can edit your kits. And thanks to the Snapshot feature, you can use the A/B function before and after. You can delete whatever you don’t like and start over again.

In terms of the ins and outs, you can easily send the signal through either balanced stereo XLR outputs, or the unbalanced ¼ stereo outs.

It includes MIDI in/out and USB Port, all of which are perfect for home recording. You won’t even need a studio interface.


  • High quality
  • Plenty of modeling options
  • 30 in-put options


  • A bit costly

Yamaha DTX900 Series Drum Module

Yamaha is one of the companies that have been ruling the world of electronic drum sets. And it does not come as a surprise that the DTX900 is among the best modules overall.

The module is built on a reliable 64-tone polyphonic tone generator, which delivers good sound dynamics. It has 50 drum kits with natural sounds.

Apart from the audio quality, the kit prides in very user-friendly design and Yamaha’s traditional layout.

The module is made primarily for live performance, but can also work well as a practice unit. It has a built-in music-sequencer and a wide range of present songs.

The users are given full control over every aspect of the song. You can work on the bass or any other part. Apart from this, you are exposed to Rhythm Gate, and Groove Check features and on-board metronome.


  • Thousands of drum sounds
  • Two USB ports
  • Two real-time recording
  • MIDI in and out.


  • It might not be the best choice for practice

Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

If you don’t have money for a more expensive drum module, try the DTX502 is a good alternative. At such an affordable price, you can successfully change your drum kit into a hybrid set.

The module is an upgraded version of the DT500 module, and it comes with a wide range of new features.

It has close to double the wave ROM and 250 additional sounds. There is so much you get from this module once you connect your modules.

The module can be used successfully for both practice and live performance. Its ease-of-use is perhaps the strongest selling point of the device.

It features a very simple design that consists of very few buttons. You can import MIDI files, and use the USB connectivity to record your songs on a computer.

Generally, this is a high-quality module that will make you feel like you have everything under control.


  • More sounds and space compared to the previous version
  • Better sounds
  • An affordable alternative to expensive devices


  • The classic Yamaha design is not very appealing

Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module

Next on this review is the Yamaha DTX700. For those who need something generous and diverse in terms of on-board sounds, this is a good module.

It comes with 128 high quality drum its and 1268 individual drum and percussion sounds. It also features 64MB of on-board memory for importing samples.

It features a very simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create the best sounds easily. Everything is contained excellent and build quality.

It is very small and portable, too, taking up a small footprint. There is a lot of functionality, with the capability to accept up to 12 triggers. It has USB connectivity as well as stereo master outputs.


  • More than 1000 sounds
  • Inbuilt storage
  • 42 sounds effects
  • Great for practice


  • Poor-quality on-board fades
  • Not many editing options
  • Only 64MB on-board memory

Roland TM2 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

Talk of quality electronic drum modules, and you will always have something from Roland. The TM2 e-drum trigger lets you change your acoustic drum set into an electronic one.

It is an ultra-lightweight and portable device, capable of running off batteries that promise a lot of good things. The excellent build quality and two trigger inputs for external pads or acoustic drum triggers will help you create a hybrid.

The Roland TM2 carries 162 professional sounds right from the box. You get an SD slot that lets you load your own drum tones, effects, loops, and even backing tracks.

The module is very compact and easy to use. It is designed for a hustle-free application.

The biggest downside has only two trigger inputs. You might not be able to expand your kit if you wanted to.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple top use
  • Runs on battery


  • Only two triggers
  • Cannot function independently as a brain for an e-drum set

Roland TM6 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

Roland introduces you to another great drum trigger that is the TM6 electronic drum trigger module. This is a better version of the TM2 mentioned above.

It comes bearing 500 pre-loaded world-class samples you can use right from the box. It has the functionality you can use to load custom samples.

The module is more flexible for those who want to create a hybrid kit with its ability to accommodate more pads, triggers, and pedals. The SD space lets you recreate signature sounds.


  • 80 complete V-drum kits
  • Three knobs for modifying control
  • Simple and use
  • A wide range of sounds


  • Too pricey for the features
  • It cannot be used independently as a brain for e-drums

Alesis Forge

Alesis has come up very strong in producing quality and affordable drum Modules. And the Alesis Forge is a good example of the brand’s capability.

The module comes with everything you need. First is the MIDI expandability, then SD recording features. It also has thousands of pre-loaded sounds and more space for custom ones.

It is easy for recording and connecting quality pads. You can use it for live performances as well as a studio recording.


  • Easy to use
  • Large storage space
  • Good for recording and connecting more pads


  • Not very many features

Roland TD-17

The Roland TD-17 is among the latest releases from Roland. It is a high-end module with better features. The firm says this device is based on the same sound engine as the top-of-the-range TD-50 module.

The face of the TD-17 features six main buttons. The buttons let you access the most common features with an easy approach.

Another handy feature is the layering sounds. It lets you expand your samples. It also lets you record, load, and manipulate your samples.


  • A wide selection of effects
  • Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity
  • 310 samples and 50 user kits


  • Might be a bit too expensive


Since the dawn of electronic drum sets, many drummers have found them very useful. They can make music easily, even from the comfort of their homes. 

But it begins with choosing the right electronic drum module. I hope this list has been helpful.

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