Roland Td 50 V Drums Sound Module

Best Drum Modules in 2020 Review


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Electronic drums have become an integral part of the drumming community. And for you to get the sound and all the cool features, you need the best drum module. 

Drummers are finding e-drum kits more useful today more than ever. It is all because of the benefits they carry.

What is the best Drum Module?

Just so you know, there are different qualities in drum modules. Your choice will, therefore, give you the most desired sound out. 

With so many choices on the market, I know making the right choice can be overwhelming. But don’t worry too much. I have reviewed some of the best products, so it should be easy for you. 

The Best Electronic Drum Modules in 2020

Pearl MIMP24B Mimic Pro

Pearl Mimp24b Mimic Pro
Pearl Mimp24b Mimic Pro

Imagine will happen when two top-end brands put together their best resources to create one product. You can expect nothing but the best from such efforts.

And that is why the Pearl Mimic Pro drum module is the finest drum module on the market. 

This module comes with the input of the best producer and software expert Steven Slate. Thus there is nothing you will not get with this module.

Hence, it is not only Pearl’s reputation for quality you can count on here. You are looking at sounds from the most popular studios across the globe. And you get 60 drum kits in the product, which perfectly imitate the original sounds. 

I was greatly impressed with its highly 7-inch touch screen interface. It is fully transparent and offers pretty basic navigation. Hence, you have a high-quality module with much-applauded ease of use.

That is not all; the software is extremely fast. It, therefore, offers great user convenience. 

On top of these features, you get 120GB SSD, SD/SSB connectivity, and MIDI so you can add your custom samples. 

Another notable feature is the advanced sensor technology. This reduces false triggering to the minimum. And they are extremely responsive, giving the drummer plenty of space to change the velocity as they please. 

There is a total of 16 ins and outs. This means it can work well with even the largest kits. It has connections for almost everything.

Also, you can easily monitor your performance and record a dry signal without requiring FX. And of course, it is powered through a 12V DC power supply (included). 


  • The best module on the market
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Multiple connections
  • Reputable brand
  • 60 presets


  • Pricy

Roland TD-50 V-Drums Sound Module

Roland Td 50 V Drums Sound Module
Roland Td 50 V Drums Sound Module

Roland is one of the most reputable brands for electronic drums and accessories. They are dedicated to the innovation and production of world-class musical instruments.

And for this reason, you can expect the Roland TD-50 Drum Module to offer remarkable functionality.

Just like the Pearl MimicPro, it is among the few most advanced e-drum modules you will find out there. And it boasts of the most expressive and detailed sounds of all modules.

The TD-50 comes with a futuristic process and a newly built Prismatic Sound Modeling. It gives out Roland’s most excellent and wide-ranges of sounds you have ever heard. And we are talking about more than 100 onboard drum kids with uncontested sounds. Plus, it provides modeling options beyond the limit.

You get more than 400 expressive instruments to play. Using the more than 30 built-in multi-effects, and the built-in EQ, you have unlimited levels of sound tuning. 

The detail of customization on the TD-50 is highly impressive. You can tune the drums and change the diameter of the cymbals to create any new sound, and then save it.

The Roland TD-50 has all the ins and outs you can imagine. There are 14 trigger inputs, three advanced digital ins, stereo master outs, 8 balanced direct outs, stereo mix, and SD input.


  • High quality and functionality 
  • More than 400 sounds
  • Detailed sounds
  • Unlimited sound modeling.


  • A high price tag
  • Not very portable 
  • Complicate interface.

Yamaha DTX900 Series Drum Module

Yamaha Dtx900 Series Drum Module
Yamaha Dtx900 Series Drum Module

Yamaha never disappoints when it comes to technological innovation. And the Yamaha DTX900 is good proof of this fact. It uses Yamaha’s 64-tone polyphonic tone generator to offer impressive sound dynamics.

It comes with 50 drum kits bearing natural sounds. It also has a user-friendly traditional layout by Yamaha.

The DTX900 is built primarily for live performances. But its numerous preset music makes it great for practice too. It gives you full control of every piece, allowing you to mute any part of the sound.

You also get numerous sounds, 50 presets, 50 kits, and a bunch of connections.


  • 50 presets
  • Excellent sound module for live performance 
  • Market-best features 
  • Two USD ports (Types A and B)
  • 2-track real-time recording 
  • MIDI in/out
  • Best price.


  • It may be a bit pricey for some users.

Roland TM2 – TM-2 Acoustic Trigger Module

Roland Tm2 – Tm 2 Acoustic Trigger Module
Roland Tm2 – Tm 2 Acoustic Trigger Module

Are you looking for the best trigger module for live performances? Here is one such item. It is built with ultra-lightweight and portable functionality. You can even use it off batteries, which makes is highly practical in live performance.

It comes with excellent build quality with two trigger inputs for external pads. You can connect to acoustic drums and enjoy a fantastic performance.

The TM2 module from Roland carries 162 professional sounds inputs and an SD slot for more addition. This lets you play external sounds alongside portable ones. 

It is a compact and simple use device suitable for all drummers. It mounts quite effortlessly on the hi-hat stand allowing you to arrange your gear in the best form. 

Unfortunately, it is limited to only two trigger inputs. You might need to check out another option if you wanted to expand it into a hybrid drum set.


  • Highly compact and portable
  • Simple to use.
  • Can run offer battery.
  • SD slot.


  • Limited to two triggers
  • Not and independent drum brain

Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

Yamaha Dtx502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module
Yamaha Dtx502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

The Yamaha DTX502 is another incredible and versatile drum module. It will serve well with your e-drum set as well as for a hybrid drum set configuration.

It comes with 691 individual sounds that are unmatched. These drum and cymbal voices make this equipment greatly versatile.

The DTX502 comes with a detailed level of expression that prejudices its price. It accepts up to 12 trigger inputs, and it is lightweight, portable, and recommended for professional work. 

With the USB connection, you can use it with your DAW on your PC to record and load custom samples. You can also play bespoke sounds in a live stage scenario whenever required. 

This is the best e-drum module for the money. With its responsiveness and functionality, it beats other modules at the same price level.


  • Greatly versatile and portable 
  • Samples from top VST developers
  • Up to 12 trigger inputs
  • Incredible value for money.


  • It does not have a 5 pin MIDI slot.

Why are electronic drum modules central?

There are so many benefits that come with electronic drum modules, also known as ‘brains.’ 

First, electronic drum pads don’t have the mechanical ability to produce sounds like acoustic drums. Their vibration is not loud enough. 

The e-drum module converts the vibrations into electronic frequencies and interprets them through audio output as the drum sounds. The sound of each pad is activated according to its setting on the module.

Hence when you play the bass pad, the module with interpret bass sounds. And when you play the cymbals, the same will happen.

And thanks to technological advancement, drum modules can now do more than just connect the pads. They are also excellent recording tools.

In terms of sound, most of the highest-end gear from brands like Roland, Yamaha and Alesis sound pretty natural. They imitate the sound of real acoustic sets. But you may not enjoy the sound of lower-end products. 

Some modules have more than 60 different kits integrated into them. They also have sounds that have been recorded by the best studios in the world. They are have been worked in by the greatest sounds engineers.

All modern modules come with pretty amazing sound libraries. Besides, they also feature the ability for other connections like SD cards, USB, and similar slots, enabling you to import customized sounds.

These sounds offer endless possibilities in terms of performance. You can mix them up during a live performance and make a wonderful presentation.

And for the case of recording, you don’t need to have too many drum sets with different sounds. A single module with different sets can easily become your home studio recorder.

Then there is their amazing quality and flexibility, whereby they include numerous trigger inputs. It makes this module wonderful in performances. 

During practice, such versatility means you can expand your music expression to unimaginable heights. This should help you improve your general playing experience. 


Drum Modules are incredible tools for every modern drummer. This is why choosing the right one is important. 

Remember, electronic drums don’t sound as good as acoustic drums unless you get the best drum module. Roland TD-50 is my recommendation. It caters for both price and quality. 

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