Roland Td 3 Electronic V Drum Sound Module Brain

With electronic drums, a set of triggers and modules play a vital role in music success. The modules simplify the work that could have taken a lot of energy from the drummer. These modules have unique features that make drumming so interesting and they were designed many years ago.

This Roland TD3 drum module is another excellent module designed for v-drums. It has several controls that make it easy to navigate through the controls. The good thing is that it comes with a user’s manual to help you learn the tricks on how to use it.

Therefore, let us consider some of its unique features and the effectiveness of this module. This will help you know if this module is suitable for your drum needs.

Roland V-drums TD3

The Roland V-drums are the most outstanding drum accessories in the entire music industry. They are the most affordable and fastest way to attain real v-drums. An expandable kit comes with Roland’s new TD-3 Percussion Sound Module with high-quality sounds and incredible expressiveness.

The drum pad also includes new dual-trigger pads and cymbals, as well as an upright kick trigger. Its module has onboard rhythm training exercises; thus, giving you a natural and excellent feel at a pocket-friendly price. It also features new pads, cymbals, kick triggers, and a hi-hat controller.

It comes with four PD-3 rubber pads responsible for supporting separate head/rim triggering on the snare and bow/edge on the hi-hat. One KD-8 kick trigger with a vertical design assist in giving a natural feel and reduced tremble.

Roland tD3 manual

The user’s manual is essential in every piece of equipment that you purchase. It helps you figure out how some parts of the machine are adjusted and how every part functions. With the TD3 module, a manual is very useful because it can be challenging to operate it.

The first part of the manual has the safety measures and warnings to guide you in everything that you do. It then gives you the definitions of the basic terms used within the manual so that you can understand everything that is discussed.

It then gives you information on setting up the drums, mounting the TD3 stand, connecting the pads, connecting headphones, audio equipment, amps, and other gear. It also sheds some light on turning on and off the power.

You also get an idea of how to choose a drum pad and trigger inputs and triggering possibilities. There is a section for the ways to play the pads and hi-hat control pedal. You can get information on how to create your drum kit and select sounds.

You can learn how to play with the metronome. The tempo adjustment, setting the time signature, can be done easily if you follow the user manual’s instructions. Adjustment of the volume, selecting a rhythm type, and selecting the click sound is found in the manual.

You can troubleshoot the device as well as reset the device to factory settings easily with the manual. There is a lot of information in the users’ manual that you need not miss.

Roland tD3 module

The TD-3 percussion sound module has over 114 new and high-quality sounds that are arranged into 32 kits. The module has an easy-to-use interface; thus, you can start playing this module immediately after receiving it.

With this module, you can get the correct drum kit through the Phrase Preview function to hear a short demo for each kit. The sound of each kit can be enhanced through 15 types of built-in ambiance effects and compression.

The module has an onboard rhythm coach that helps drummers to improve their timing, speed, and endurance with the rhythm training exercises. There are nine trigger inputs in the back of the module that makes it possible to add pads like Roland’s mesh Pd-80R for the snare.

There are stereo mix input that lets you play along with external audio sources. MIDI in and out inputs will let you connect with sequencers and more. Therefore, we have a product module that we are going to review.

Roland TD-3 Electronic V-Drum Sound Module Brain

This Roland TD-3 percussion sound module boasts approximately 114 new and high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 kits. Its user interface is much simpler to use, unlike other modules available in the market.

You can get great sounds through the Phase Preview function that gives you a short demo for every kit. The sound of every kit can be improved using 15 types of built-in ambiance effects and compression. The kit has a rhythm coach onboard that helps the drummer improve their drumming timing, endurance, and speed using several rhythm exercises.

The module has nine triggers at its backside; thus, making it possible to add more pads like Roland’s mesh PD-85 for the snare. You can play this module and external audio sources with this stereo mix, while MIDI in and out allows you to connect with sequencers and more.

Roland TD-3 is available on Amazon and has top reviews from customers in the United States. The reverb platform has discussions from different drummers who have experience with these items. The acoustic effects produced by these modules bring out a natural feel. I used this module many years ago to get the best music, and this gear is the right one for every drummer.

Shipping can be done quickly in the United States for this item and other products. Therefore, make an effort to get your new and fantastic module from Roland.

Among the reviews that made my day is from a customer located in the United States of America. He said that he has been using the Roland TD-3 drum kit and module in his apartment, and he has never annoyed his neighbors.

He admits that he has been a big fan of making the transition from traditional drums to the electronic version. He loves the technology and feels too tight electronic drums by plugging in his iPhone, headphones and play along with some of his favorite musicians.


  • It is readily available, and shipping is free within the United States.
  • All drummers, including beginners, can use it.
  • It offers high-quality sound at a pocket-friendly price.


  • It is on-demand; hence, it can run out of stock.