Roland Td 17 Drum Sound Module

I must admit that I am impressed with how much electronic drum sets have improved. Many drummers are investing in the best e-kits because of the massive benefits they offer.

What makes these kits more outstanding is their recording features? You don’t need extra microphones or a powerful PA system to make your recording.

Sampling connects to your computer, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, the sound quality that comes from these drums has greatly improved. Older versions were not good because they did not sound anything close to real drums.

Manufacturers have recently invested heavily in technological advancement to improve their features. Now you can find one kit that feels and sounds close to real drums.

Roland is one of these manufacturers.

But the most important component of an e-kit is the drum module, which is also known as the brain. It connects all the other components converting triggered signals into audible sounds.

In this guide, I will be discussing the best electronic drum modules from Roland. As with any Roland product, you should expect these products to cost more than average brands.

Roland Drum Trigger Module

The main difference between electronic drums and acoustic drums is in sound quality. Acoustic drums sound natural and are the best.

E-kits, on the other side, are more portable and can be good for silent practice. But they don’t sound natural.

This is one of the reasons I never liked e-drum kits.

But then, nothing beats a good electronic drum kit when it comes to recording and silent practice. Play anytime and anywhere – now, one will even know what you are doing.

They offer connectivity to the headphones and accessories, which makes it possible for the user to play silently.

On the other side, the main disadvantage of acoustic drums is a loud volume. It is hard to practice in a place where many people live.

For instance, if you are in an apartment house, it might be hard to practice your moves. They are naturally thunderous.

Disturbing your family or other neighbors with loud music will only get you in trouble. That is where electronic drums come in handy.

But what if you want the feel and sound of natural drums with the silence and expandability of an e-kit together? Well, it is possible, thanks to technological advancement.

Using a drum trigger module can turn your acoustic kit into an electronic one. There is no better way to make the best of both technologies.

Drummers have been combining electronic percussion components with acoustic sets since the 70s.

Thanks to Roland, it has become even easier today.

The TM-2 Trigger

The Roland TM-2 trigger is the most popular and useful trigger out there. It has a user-friendly interface, letting you augment your traditional drums with e-kits.

Two trigger inputs onboard connect various pads and triggers. Professional built-in sounds and multi-effects expand what you can do with your kit.

Features include:

• More than 100 pro sounds. It also has sounds designed for layering with classic drums.

• It can be used for all genres

• SDHC card slot

• Two trigger inputs

• Useful and straightforward interface with onboard effects like reverb, flanger, delay, and much more.

• MIDI in/out for external sound triggering

• Play from other devices through MIDI

• Compatible with Roland RT-series acoustic drum triggers.

• Works with BT-1 bar trigger pad, KT-10 kick pedal trigger, V-drums

• Use batteries or an AC adapter.

But the most important feature is the quality of Roland trigger modules. This might justify their high price, making it a worthy investment.

Roland Drum Sound Module

Roland does not joke when it comes to making the best products. In the case of modules, every Roland electronic drum brain out there is a remarkable product.

There are different modules designed to meet different drumming needs. All you need is to identify what you want and make your investment.

Note that they differ in price based on their onboard features and what they can do.

Roland drum module comparison

Roland is known for its investment in the best technology. I have been using their e-drum kits for as long as I can remember, and there is always something new they offer.

Drum modules come with different features, which define the price and features. Some of the brains that come from Roland may vary in price, but you can always find them on their quality.

Roland’s drum modules come in three categories, beginner, intermediate, and professional. Hence, there is something for every drummer.

Beginner drum modules

The best intermediate drum module from Roland is the TD-1K. It is not only affordable but comes with great features and an intuitive interface.

You get 15 good-quality drum kits from various music genres and styles. It also features an AUX-in jack, which helps you jam along to your favorite tune using MP3 players.

Connect to the headphones, and you can practice silently. Use the beaterless pedal for as quiet sessions as possible.

For this reason, beginners find this module a great convenience as it allows them to play silently.

Intermediate drum module

Another good option at this level is the Roland TD-07 module. If you are looking for something more than just the basic features, then go for the TD-07 module.

This module features 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and 143 instruments. It, therefore, has a lot to offer than the lower-end brain.

The best part is that it is built with a host of features and coaching functions. For instance, you get an integrated metronome that you can change to suit your needs.

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to stream backing tracks directly and jam along with them.

For those who want to enter the pro-level gigging field and need a good module, this should be a good idea for you. It has everything you need to deliver an excellent performance.

We move on to the TD-17 module, which comes with 50 premium quality kits. Each kit has been recorded with high quality by experienced Roland engineers.

Also, it carries a full range of learning features, including a perfect coaching function. Use this mode to shape your skills into what others can admire.

Still in this category, we have the TD-27 module with an advanced Prismatic Sound Modelling feature for increased playability.

Professional modules

The best professional drum module from Roland, and perhaps the overall on the market, is the TD-50 drum module. It comes with more than 400 handy kits and percussion instruments.

Also, the module offers the ability to customize each sound by adding up to 30 effects. Layer your WAVs for triggering from this module.

Sound Modelling technology is included to deliver the most accurate sound. You get all the resonance, expression, and dynamic ability.

Roland Drum Module pros

• They are built with the best quality

• Good sounds onboard

• Durable and compact

• Useful features


• They are generally more expensive

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Top Roland Drum Modules

Roland TD-17 Drum Sound Module

Roland has the TD-17 as one of their most recent releases. This state-of-the-art module comes with many new and improved features that cannot be found in lower versions.

The company says this module is founded on the same technology as the TD-50 module, which sounds exciting.

TD-17 features 6 main buttons. These buttons are used for accessing many features and functions of the module. It also features a large, user-friendly wheel for scrolling through the options.

It is easy to select through the sounds. And the large LCD shows clearly the functions you have selected.

The layering sounds feature means that you can expand your samples and other features. Select any drum and click on the ‘sub-feature to layer up another sound.

Import your sample sounds on the module with ease, and use them to mix and layer more tracks as you desire.

Delve into more features, like editing functions that let you manipulate your samples. Edit everything from the start to the end and save them as you desire.

Muff the drums and cymbals to create more customized tunes. The module allows you to change the drum’s muffing level, just like adding dampening tape to the head. This feature decreases or increases the overtones.

Another good feature of the TD-17 is the wide range of selection effects it offers. Place them over your kit sound, and you get great tunes.

Delays, reverbs, phasers, and more FX features make this module very professional.

It comes with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect to different devices. It carries 310 sounds, which are all users from the 50 user kits.


• Top-sounds

• Useful features

• Durable and versatile


• A bit expensive

• Some user finds the onboard kits a bit limited

Roland TD-20 V-Drum Percussion Sound Module

The best way to enjoy V-Drums is to get a sound module that matches its quality. One of these modules is the TD-20 which is often compared to the Roland TD 6v.

This percussion sound module has been designed to offer you the ultimate performance. There is no function you will need that this module will not deliver.

The first thing you notice is a great construction design. It is compact, which all the controls in the right places.

A user-friendly interface makes it easy for any drummer. It is made for advanced and professional drummers.

With more than 500 new sounds, improved dynamics, and sensitivity, you will get everything you need from this module. It also has CompactFlash storage and V-LINK for better performance.

All-new V-Editing features modeled snare buzz, a kick beater selection, and wonderful customization on the cymbal.

15 dual-trigger inputs, ten audio outputs, and digital outs make this kit highly effective. It also features 8 group faders and a built-in sequencer.

Another wonderful feature of this module is the Mastering Room. It allows you to expand your kits differently.

The expansion slot allows drummers to make future upgrades and enhancements with ease.


• V-Editing features

• More than 500 onboard new sounds

• Compact


• None

Roland TD-27 Drum Sound Module

When it comes to delivering the best sounds from electronic drum sets, no company does it better than Roland. And it’s all thanks to their high-end sound modules.

Roland’s TD-27 is one of the best drum modules from the manufacturer. It has been designed with all new features for improved performance.

The first feature you will notice is its solid construction. You can see a large volume knob with seven other small ones for different functions on the face. It makes using the module much easier.

Prismatic Sound Modelling, three digital trigger inputs for advanced trigger pads, creates more than what most kits would offer. It is a very extensive and useful kit for all kits.

It comes with a hands-on interface for quick-and-easy selection and customization of drum sounds. This lets you personalize your sounds with easy steps.

Also, you get PureAcoustic Ambiance Technology, an Overhead mic simulator, and studio-level effects. Use this kit to achieve various effects for top-level performance.

You can also import your own WAV samples through the SD, stereo mix out, and two assignable outs. The integrated 28-channel USB audio interface, Bluetooth function, and built-in practice mode complete its connections.


1. A wide range of connections

2. Improved features

3. Expandable


• Expensive

Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Trigger Module

Are you looking for the best-priced acoustic drum trigger module? Then consider the TM-2 module from Roland. This is a simple yet useful device.

Above all, it is a good option for live performance in e-drums.

Lightweight, portable, and compact, this module will make you feel good with every use.

You can use custom loops, backing tracks, and sound effects to make your music more appealing. All this happens through an SDHC card.

The ultra-compact size that is easy to operate creates an excellent drum module with excellent construction.

With two trigger inputs, you can use external pads on this device. This lets you create a hybrid drum set for better performance.

The module carries 162 professional sounds. And it also has an SD slot from which you can load custom tones, loops, and sound effects. Blend custom sounds with internal ones to build a wide range of effects.

Easy to use module that let’s construct a versatile drum kit. You can mount on a hi-hat stand with ease, running on AC or batteries.

Generally, the TM-2 carries a wide range of triggers, modules, and pads. They create a perfect setup.

Roland TM-2 Drum Trigger Module features

Using the TM-2 drum trigger is the easiest way to bring a hybrid versatility to the acoustic kit. It is a small battery-powered module that assures the easiest solution to enhancing electronic drums.

162 ready-to-go professional sounds, all the way from acoustic drums and percussion to modern instruments.

It is good for all genres. Play it for rock, metal, and any other electronic music genres. It carries two trigger inputs and supports both single and dual-trigger pads.

SDHC card slot, simple and intuitive interface, mounting plate, and MIDI I/O deliver a great performance. Achieve effects like reverb, flanger, delay, and much more.

In short, this is the most convenient and affordable way to build a hybrid drum kit. Its ultra-compact size, simple operation, and affordability are all perfect for modern drummers.


  • It can run on batteries
  • SD card slot with incredibly simple design
  • Portable, light, and compact


• Only two trigger inputs

• Not very good as brain

Final thought

And there you have it, the best drum modules from Roland. I hope you find something that meets your needs.