Roland Td 6V 3

Among the most outstanding drum kits, accessories, and modules ever made by Roland is Roland TD-6V. It has some fantastic features that make drummers enjoy having it. With this module, you can produce the best music as it has a perfect recording system.

Therefore, we need to review the best categories of TD-6V percussion kits. The review will help us know if this is the right drum kit that we need. It is easy to use, and at the same time, you can easily install it even with little experience.

This kit will help you take your career to the next level. With the advancement in technology, we must move from manual drums to electronic drums. The electronic drums come with sound samples that will help you learn and customize your sounds.

Therefore, stay with me and get to learn the features of this amazing percussion kit. Having this kit will make you the happiest person.

Roland TD-6V drum kit

The Roland TD-6V drum kits are exceptional kits that are made complete with the TD-6V percussion sound module. The modules make this electronic drum set produce high sound quality. The drum module comes with one thousand and twenty-four drum and percussion sounds.

It also comes with two hundred and sixty-two backing instrument sounds recorded in modern music styles. The Roland TD6V drum kit also comes with dual-trigger inputs to allow the rim shots on toms. This module provides highly realistic playing because of its capacity for cross-sticking, cymbal catches, etc.

The module has a large LCD display and rubberized buttons that are finger-friendly. This makes the module to deliver a massive amount of sound in a simple package. The buttons are designed in such a way that they are visible even from a distance.

Roland TD-6V manual

The user’s manual is an essential commodity in every drum module. The drum module does not only help beginners, but it also guides professional drummers. The modules always undergo significant changes that make it necessary to have a user’s manual.

Roland TD-6V user’s manual starts with the safety measures and warning features. This is the critical part because no company wants their customers to be injured or their property to be destroyed. You should read these warnings and safety measures keenly.

It then gives you information on setting up the kit, mounting the TD-6V stand, connecting the pads, connecting headphones, audio equipment, amps, and other gear. It also sheds some light on turning on and off the power. With the user’s manual, you can change any parts of this product.

You also get an idea of how to choose a drum kit and trigger inputs and triggering possibilities. There is a section for the ways to play the pads and hi-hat control pedal. You can get information on how to create your drum kit and select sounds.

You can learn how to play with the metronome. The tempo adjustment, setting the time signature, can be done easily if you follow the user manual’s instructions. Adjustment of the volume, selecting a rhythm type, and selecting the click sound is found in the manual.

You can troubleshoot the device as well as reset the device to factory settings quickly with the manual. There is a lot of information in the users’ manual that you need not miss. The sound effects must be modified as well as the MIDI in and out.

Without this user’s manual, it will be hard to learn how to use the drum and percussion sounds kits by yourself. It is also expensive to hire qualified personnel to train you. Before doing anything, please take your time to go through the user’s manual.

Roland TD-6V drum kit price

The Roland kits are offered at affordable prices. You do not have to break the bank so that you can get this fantastic sound module. You can shop for this module at Amazon online shop. They have great offers, and please call them for more information.

The kit is sold at $159.99 after a discount of $40.00. This is the latest price, and it is subject to changes. Free shipping is done in the United States, and you can get new categories of Roland products. Your band and every drum user will enjoy everything that comes with this kit. After purchasing it, you can leave your review on the website. There are so many reviews from other customers too.

Roland TD-6V Connecting Two Pads to Input 5/6 (TOM2/AUX) and/or input 7/8 (TOM 3/4)

This Roland gear has the most exceptional features. It has two input com input ports that will help you fix the drum instruments needed. The inputs 5/6 (TOM2/AUX) and 7/8 (TOM ¾) can be separated so that the two pads can be joined to every trigger.

For this separation to work well, the trigger type settings for every input port must be changed in the TD-6. However, you must use the right type of cable because this affects the connection. The cable that is used is known as the stereo insert cable or the insertion cable.

Therefore, we need to have an example of this, and we are connecting two Roland PD-8 pads to tom inputs 5/6 (TOM2/AUX). You need to use the following steps to connect the TD-6 in the right way for this dual setup.

  • Using the insertion cable, join the two ends of the ‘Y’ to every PD-8 pads.
  • Connect the single opposite end of the cable to the 5/6 (TOM2/AUX).
  • On your TD-6V drum module, press and hold the SHIFT + EDIT.
  • You should then press the CURSOR right (>) button once.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Hold SHIFT and then press CURSOR right (>) until TR: R05 is displayed at the upper right-hand corner of the display.
  • Press the + and – buttons to customize the trigger type to PD-8. There will be a display of AUX: H06 in the upper right-hand corner of the display.
  • Press EXIT two times to go back to the main menu.

You can get this kit at the Sweetwater platform at an affordable price. You will get over 64 voices from this gear. There are other unique products on the platform that you might like to play. Let playing drums be your habit because you need to be great.


  • It is easy to use and customize the settings.
  • It is suitable for all players running from beginners to professionals.


  • It will require time to capture all the procedures.