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Best Autotune Plugin selection in [currentyear]

The term autotune plugins will become very common in 2020. This could be due to the outbreak that has left many shows closed. So, what is the Best Autotune Plugin in [currentyear]?

But it is not a new term in the music industry. There are a lot of artists who have been using it in the production of their music.  

Most people could do voice impersonation for heavy autotunes, and we know what it means in the music society.

If you want to use this in music production, or just have a good time, you can use the Autotune Plugins (VST). There are many options for this software available on the modern market for your DAW or Beat Maker.

But you will need to get the right software. The options are so many that sometimes users find picking the right one a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though; I will present some of the rights auto-tunes the market can offer. Come along.

What is the best autotune plugin in [currentyear]?

The extent of its features defines the auto-tune plugin. And this means you may have to dig deeper into your pockets.

I have listed a few paid options, which are more affordable. If you have the budget, there are always upgrades that expose you to more rich features in higher versions.

Some of them are quite expensive, though.

Antares Autotune Pro

Antares Autotune Pro
Antares Autotune Pro

Antares Autotune Pro has been considered the right one for pitch correction for many years. And there are reasons it has stayed at the top of the lists for the years.

Antares Audio Technologies’ software is used as a standard of quality when considering big names of top recording studios across the globe.

Even though it has standard features, the plugin is very easy to use. And its trusted reputation makes it even more applicable. No wonder, Antares does own the trademark “Auto-tune.”

In other words, Antares was the pioneer of Auto-tune, since the mid-90s. Andy Hildebrand, a Ph.D. specialist in digital signal processing, launched it then. And the software became an instant hit, rising through fame after Cher’s 1998 use on the classic “Believe.”

The company lit the fire for more auto-tune plugins to shine. Today, every music producer and recording artist know this software.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Autokey inclusion for faster workflow
  • Classic mode


  • High price

Waves Tune Real-Time

Waves Tune Real Time
Waves Tune Real Time

Waves Tune Real-time may not be as notable as Antares, but the real-time tunes are still one of the classics. The real-time software is used primarily for live vocal performances, as indicated in its name.

Due to the real-time accuracy, precision, and ultra-low latency, it features on the list of good products overall.

It comes with the ability to produce studio-quality, high pitched vocals in live performance. You don’t need a manual post-editing process to achieve these effects, which makes it even more applicable.

Because of this, the plugin has been a favorite among many singers on tour.


  • Super-low latency
  • High-quality audio processing


  • It requires a low latency computer system for live settings.
  • You need to go through an interface learning curve.

Celemony Melodyne

Celemony Melodyne
Celemony Melodyne

Many studio engineers and producers have found the advanced capabilities in Melodyne quite useful. The software can create background vocals from a single vocal take. As if that is not enough, it comes with melody building and time-stretching functions.

Celemony Melodyne also comes with highly advanced direct access note features that let you use individual notes’ singular manipulation in a chord. This feature can be very useful in polyphonic recordings too.


  • Multiple algorithms
  • Can adjust timbre and shape sounds


  • It comes at a high price

Reaper Real tune

Reaper Real Tune
Reaper Real Tune

If you are on a budget and looking for a great solution to increase quality, this standalone plugin has the features you might need. And the fact that it’s one of the cheapest alternatives available makes it more interesting.

This plugin can be applied in creating harmonies and fixing out of tune vocals. It is a great alternative to Antares Harmony Engine for those who are not ready to spend big. Yet, you get excellent quality of sounds in harmonies and choruses.

You can be sure to get the most out of this plugin for the job.

Even though it is easy to use, you may want to read the beginners’ guide to Reaper Real Tune. This gives you an easy understanding of how to rundown or the quality features of this DAW.


  • Low CPU load
  • Good for users on a budget


  • More noticeable tonality
  • A limited number of advanced features.

Logic Pro-Flex Pitch

Logic Pro Flex Pitch
Logic Pro Flex Pitch

The flex tune mode has been one of the most popular features by Logic Pro. This Logic Pro Flex Pitch capable of advanced audio manipulation and has different algorithms for various types of audio signals and instruments.

This flex pitch correction is a perfect solution for the vocal. You can move into place, cut, glue, and time-stretch visual representations of notes. One also has the option of smoothing or increasing vibrato in the voice. Or perhaps you would love to change the drift from each word in or out of one another.

This, too, is quite advanced, and it comes with Logic, which makes it worth the price. Even though its processing abilities are a bit on the downside, it is still great for fixing problem areas.


  • Value-for-money
  • Good user interfaces


  • Noticeable audio artifacts.

More affordable options

Auto-Tune Access

Auto Tune Access
Auto Tune Access

This is one of the most affordable plugins on the market. Auto-Tune Access is a budget-friendly solution if you don’t want Antares. Yet, you are exposed to a highly simplified interface to create the perfect pitch correction.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great for live performance


  • It comes with limited control options.

Melodyne 4 Essential

Melodyne 4 Essential
Melodyne 4 Essential

Melodyne 4 Essential is an all-powerful plugin that is filled with many recent updates and mind-blowing features. It is another cheaper alternative for professional work and creating alterations in vocal pitches into perfectly polished products.

It acts as a great sound design tool for equalizing, resynthesizing, and adding harmony to your vocals. It can change your bad vocals to great ones.


  • Flexible
  • Opens room for creativity
  • Great sound quality


  • Not good for real-time vocal processing

Vox Box

Vox Box

This is one of the most affordable plugins on the market for enhanced performance. If you are looking for a plugin that assures deep vocal quality in your recordings, Vox Box has it all.


  • Compatible with MAC and Windows
  • Efficient processing

Waves Vocal Bundle

Waves Vocal Bundle
Waves Vocal Bundle

This is a bundle of plugins that will transform your vocals and give you some of the best sounds. Keep your track flowing with the best tunes you can ever get, using six different plugins that improve your vocals’ different aspects.

In the package, you get Waves Tune, Debreath, De-Esser, Renaissance Channel, and Doubler. It, therefore, has everything you need.

It is touted a more favorable competitor for Antares tune because of its high-end performance. With it, you get full control over the process of perfecting your pitch correction. You can either edit the vocals note by note or go with the whole vocals.

The plugin does everything from polishing the pitch correction to including a texture layer on dry vocals. Waves Vocal Bundle is simply a perfect tool for enhancing your vocal quality.


  • Good value for money
  • A beautiful all-in-one enhancement solution
  • Impressive control on pitch correction plugin


– A little pricey

What is Autotune?

Autotune free is sometimes referred to as Audio Tuning or Auto Tuning. Before we look at the plugins, it is vital to consider what this setting is, and how they can help you.

And free autotune plugins is simply a program that corrects any issues with pitch correction on a recording. It can be used for this either in post-production or in real-time.

A free autotune software can be very helpful both in-studio and in live performance if you get the right one and know how to use it. The program involves fixing the pitching of vocals making sure it stays in the correct key.

The effect has been used for many years by studio recorders through auto tuner-free software. It is a standard aspect of music production for modern pop. It does not matter how natural the artist’s vocal abilities are; the effect is always used as a part for making sure everything falls in the correct line.

What does Autotune do?

Human Vocals
Human Vocals

For photographers, Photoshop is the most popular software for adding necessary effects to their photos. What’s Auto-tune pro is the alternative for human vocals.

It is a tool that is primarily designed to change or adjust the vocals, ensuring they are in the pitch correction and scale.

The plugins are widely applicable in smoothing over any pitch correction problems that could arise within a recording or on stage.

It can be used to elevate the pitch correction and timbre of vocals to the pitch correction or bring them close to perfection, where the vocalist has far-reaching natural abilities.

Note, however, that the software does not make good vocals. In other words, you will need to get someone with a good voice.

If the vocals are way out of the pitch correction, or poor quality, the plugin can sound robotic and without a natural taste. That is not always the proper way to create vocals, as it makes listeners feel a little less.

Auto-tune has become a very common subject in the modern music industry. It is also one of the most polarizing subjects. Nevertheless, we cannot look aside to the fact that the majority of commercial realizes use them.  

What autotune plugin do rappers use?

Rappers seem to be the most frequent user of these autotune plugins available. To them, their pitch quality is paramount, and they must always get the best output.

Many of the newer guys on the market are using Newtone in FL Studio, Flex Pitch correction in Logic, Melodyne, and many other similar tuning methods.

This pitch technique seems a little different from the classic Auto-tune by Antares. With Newtone, the vocal is put onto a piano roll track where they can be finessed to create something that sounds like a Lil uzi vert. It also feels like a post-Malone sound.

It has some great features that surpass the original auto-tune vocal style effects since it allows the users to smooth out each syllable’s vocal sound and bring the whole piece into tune.

You may need some reverb and delay. Perhaps something like a fattening fast snapback echo. Another cool feature could be compression and EQ – in any order.

What is the best free autotune?

Auto-tune has become a common feature across the world. Many people are using it since T-Pain made it popular.

But some of the pitch plugins are quite expensive, like the ones in the list above. If you don’t have any cash, yet you need smooth sounds, here are some great free apps for you.

GSnap – (Windows)

This is one of the best pitch audio correction plugins. This is because it has the capability to control the notes that it takes through MIDI.

Hence, you can correct a singer’s performance by playing the notes on a piano. The plugin will use the notes as a guide and will correct the pitch to any notes on the MIDI file.

Graillon2 (Win/Mac)

The first thing that brings out the best of Graillon 2 is its interface. It has such a vintage vibe that gives it a beautiful and fantastic appearance. It is specifically designed for vocals, with features like the “preserve formats” knob that theoretically preserve the tone and features of the vocal track while changing the pitch.

MAutoPitch – (Win/Mac)

Melda Productions has been making wonderful audio plugins for a long time. They created free plugins like MRing Modulator, the MFlanger, MTremolo, and many others.

The MAutoPitch plugin features typical correction software options like depth, detune, and speed. It also includes a bunch of additional controls.

What software has Autotune?

Auto-tune is a term that has been owned by Antares Auto-tune Pro. Antares Audio Technologies, the first company that created an auto-correction software.

Today, the brand continues to stand as the best creator of autotune. And it has opened a way for many other plugins to come into the picture.


The music industry has fully embraced autotune. It is a perfect way to create beautiful vocals to meet the demands of the modern market. The lists above contain the top product you find out there. I hope it helps you create good music.

What do you think?

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