How To Hold Drum Sticks?

how to hold drum sticks

Studying and learning different drum stick grips is certainly not the most amusing task a drummer can pursue, so why go through the hassle of comparing the French grip with the overhand grip? What can be easy to overlook is that each drummer actually has a preferred grip which feels most comfortable to him behind … Read more

Freedrum 2 the new Amazing Model

Freedrum 2 is the best air drum kit on the market. Play the drums anytime, anywhere. Use the Freedrum sensors along with your Android or iOS device. Setup and personalise your drum kit over 10 zones. Practise along with the built in metronome and adjust audio settings such as reverb and the volume of each … Read more

Roland TD4 Best Updated User Guide of 2021

Roland Td 4kp Set

When an electronic drum company promises to produce a new product on the market, you can be sure to like it. I have seen many other products promise the best the market can offer, but in the end, thy turn out to be nothing but crap. It’s never the case with Roland, and it’s Roland … Read more

Best Gifts for Drummers in 2021

Roland Td 1dmk

Drummers, like everyone else, love gifts. And just the way to look for the best gifts for drummers buddies at the office, your drummer friends can also enjoy some cool stuff. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to buy for them. For instance, a father trying to surprise his some on a birthday may buy … Read more

Best Drum Pads Worship in 2021

Roland Spd One

The technology in the modern music industry is quite interesting. Ever since I learned to play drums, I have always been fascinated by these technologies. Technology has concerned itself more with inventions and drums are among the oldest instruments a man knows. There is something about these technologies that make them stand out. In this … Read more

How do I connect my drum machine to my computer in 2021

Recording Directly Via Usb

You will get a lot of information about this on the internet, which may seem good, but most of the information is pure junk. I came about some information that stated one needs to buy an external amplifier to record electronic drums. They said this was necessary for creating the sound. I find such information … Read more

Best DAW Buying Guide and Review of 2021

Music Production

Home recording started way back in the 90s. Before then, there were only studios, which, even today, are costly. Producing music through studio takes time, energy, and money This is why having a DAW today is a great investment. The earliest version of the modern this started emerging with the emergence of home recording. It … Read more

Free Chord Plugins Best Review

Drum Recording

If you are looking to create a beautiful music production, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Some of these factors include sound quality, pitch, rhythm, sound texture, and melody. Apart from these, creating a perfect chord for your music production is perhaps an important consideration. You may have the best music … Read more

What is the best brand of cymbals?

Zildjian K Constantinople 22 Inch

Before we get into the main idea, I thought it would be wise to introduce a few of the best brands the cymbal market has today. This will help you compare easily, or choose the best cymbals by considering who makes them. There are four leading cymbal brands. Zildjian Zildjian is one of the oldest … Read more

Best Drum Plugins For You in 2021

Drumming 3

Today’s drum samples music is dominated by different drummer technology in terms of software. And the term ‘drum samples machine’ has taken on a wider meaning. It now combines everything from emulations of vintage drum kits beatboxes and new in devices they inspire drummer, to complete multi-channel groove production drum machines containing highly sophisticated like … Read more

Best Chord progression VST Best Review of 2021

Captain Chords

I recently came across someone asking if there were a VST scale for chord progressions on I liked some of the answers that came out because they revealed a high level of expertise from the participants. One says, “I found a plugin for Ableton-J74 Progressive that allows the user to create chords using one … Read more