Gifts for Drummers

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Drummers, like everyone else, love gifts. And just the way to look for the best gifts for drummers buddies at the office, your drummer friends can also enjoy some cool stuff. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to buy for them. For instance, a father trying to surprise his some on a birthday may buy … Read more

What Are Drum Cymbals?

Before we go any further, let’s begin with the basics. Understanding what drum cymbals are is key to making the right choices when you decide to purchase them. Find out here => what are the Best Drum Cymbals for professional drummers A cymbal is a common percussion instrument. It is one of the most important … Read more

13 Best Drum Samples in 2020

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If you have been drumming for a while, then you understand the importance of sample drum libraries. They are becoming more and more popular as bedroom music producers find their way into the market. For home, studio owners are finding the drum samples quite useful to their work. They use them for creating the most … Read more

17 Facts About Drums that you Should know

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If you are a drum enthusiast, you may only know how are drums played. But did you know there could be so many facts about drums that you don’t know? Well, in this article I will be talking about 17 facts about drums type you probably didn’t know about. Continue reading. Who invented the drums? … Read more

Best Drum Plugins of 2020

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Today’s drum samples music is dominated by different drummer technology in terms of software. And the term ‘drum samples machine’ has taken on a wider meaning. It now combines everything from emulations of vintage drum kits beatboxes and new in devices they inspire drummer, to complete multi-channel groove production drum machines containing highly sophisticated like … Read more

Best Chord progression VST Review 2020

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I recently came across someone asking if there were a VST scale for chord progressions on I liked some of the answers that came out because they revealed a high level of expertise from the participants. One says, “I found a plugin for Ableton-J74 Progressive that allows the user to create chords using one … Read more

When did the Pearl Vision Drums come out?

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Pearl Vision Drums Blue Pearl is one of the oldest drum manufacturers in the world. They have been creating all solutions covering entry-level to professional products. The Pearl Visions Drums series is among the top-line drum sets from the brand.  They were introduced in 2008 with a process that included a large fanfare. Perhaps what … Read more