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Blast Beat on Drums, This is the Best Way to Play It!

One of the most important things to know when playing the drums is how to execute a blast beat properly. A blast beat is a short, intense drumming pattern used in many music genres, including death metal and punk.

While blast beats can be complicated to play, they are essential to the drummer’s toolkit. In this article, we’ll show you how to play blast beat drums and give you some tips on making your blast beat sound even better.

What is a blast beat on drums?

Blast Beats
Blas beat on drum

Usually confined to heavier music types and originating from punk and grindcore, blast beats are a signature drumming method of the intense black metal genres. And this technique is most honestly worthy of its place in black and demise metallic, as it supplies its dose of distorted, percussive, and frenzied insanity.

A blast beat is acknowledged by the consistent kick and snare hits, usually in 16th notes. The blast beat is regularly accompanied by an open hello hat or another flurry of cymbals.

But what do they sound like? Well, honestly, check out this killer track by way of Vader – there’s a large variety to the blast beats in this music. listen to the extraordinary strategies, the relationships among the snares and the kicks, and the way the drummer utilizes cymbals.

Variety of Blast Beats Drums

The Traditional Blast Drums

The Traditional Blast Drums

That is the sample that commenced it all. The “original” or traditional blast is an unmarried-stroke roll performed among your cymbal and snare, with your kick gambling concurrently with every cymbal hit.

There are numerous exclusive variations of this pattern, which makes it a touch perplexing for beginners. The astonishing speed at which most metallic drummers pick up explosive beats can make it even more challenging to determine which variation to play—true success figuring out styles that squeeze something like 20 notes into every second.

The Hammer Blast

The Hammer Blast

I assume this one is my favorite of all blast beat. Why? as it sounds fierce, but there are many alternatives to how they’re performed. You could accent the snares in a mess of places and do something you need with the cymbals!

The hammer blast consists of the kick and snare being hit at the identical time at eighth or 16th notes. The cymbals may be positioned everywhere. Steady hi-hats paintings perfectly, in addition to some exciting crash and china hits – experiment and spot what works for you.

The Bomb Blast

The Bomb Blast

The bomb blast is one of the more astonishing simple patterns, which makes it ideal for beginners. The bomb blast beat is played by hitting the snare on the “&” or “e” of every beat, with a corresponding kick drum hit. The cymbals are typically played on every moment’s “a” and “t.”

While this pattern is simple, the bomb blast can be challenging to play at fast tempos. As with all blast beats, practice at a slow tempo before you try to speed up.

The Gravity Blast

The Gravity Blast

Of all the main blast beat variations, the gravity blast is the maximum latest to have emerged. The snare line is performed as a sixteenth notes single stroke roll played, referred to as a gravity roll or single-handed roll. The role is performed with an up and down movement in that you push and pull the drumstick on and stale the snare drum.

In this way, the participant can double the notes output to fit the number of notes produced with the aid of two ft on the bass drum. It generally presents similarly to a unison hammer blast, however, at double the pace of what would be viable with standard strategies. One downside is that this blast has a confined extent. The concept in the back of the gravity roll isn’t new. However, it is cited for being brought into present-day tune using drummer Johnny Rabb.

How to play a Blast Beat?

Single Pedal Blast Beat

Single Pedal Blast Beat

The first step to playing a blast beat is to set up a strong foundation with your feet. Start by placing your right foot on the hi-hat and your left foot on the bass drum.

Next, play a simple 16th note pattern with your right hand on the snare and your left hand on the ride cymbal.

Once the basic pattern is down, you can experiment with different ways of playing this. For example, you can play around with the placement of your feet or add some ghost notes on the snare drum.

Double Pedal Blast Beat

Double Pedal Blast Beat

If you want to take your blast beats to the next level, you can try using two bass drums; This will allow you to play a lot more complex patterns and get your feet moving.

You will need two bass drums and two hi-hats to set up for a double pedal blast beat. Place one foot on each hi-hat and one foot on each bass drum.

Once you have your feet in position, you can start to play a blast beat with your hands. Start by playing a simple 16th note pattern on the snare drum with your right hand and a basic cymbal pattern with your left hand.

You can experiment with different hand placements and foot patterns as you get more comfortable with the double pedal blast beat.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented the blast beat?

In 1985 emerging grindcore band Napalm dying replaced their former drummer Miles “Rat” Ratledge with Mick Harris, who delivered a new degree of velocity to the band. Harris is credited with developing the time “blast beat,” describing the fast notes performed on the kick and snare.

What is the most famous drum beat?

The most famous drum beat is probably the “four on the floor” beat, a basic house music beat. This beat consists of four quarter notes on the bass drum, played in a steady 4/4 tempo.

The first beat is played at the “quarter note,” while the second and third beats are held at a “half note” and a “quarter note,” respectively.


A blast beat is a fast and intense drumming style used in many heavy metal music genres. Blast beats are usually played on the snare and bass drums and often involve complex footwork.

If you want to learn how to play blast beats, it is essential to start by practicing at a slow tempo. Once the basic pattern is down, you can gradually increase the speed until you can play at a fast tempo.

Most blast beats are played with two feet on the bass drum and two hands on the snare drum. However, you can also use two bass drums or even add in some ghost notes on the snare drum.

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