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Finding the right drum set could be daunting, especially if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start.

Below a list of with a selection of the best sets of drums and the best drum brands that I have personally reviewed for you on Zerotodrum.

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Have fun and thanks for reading.

Best Beginner Drum Sets in 2020

You can begin drumming with any music genre. All you need is finding the right gear. 

In this list, you will find the best beginner sets for all styles, ages, and experiences. 

Lagrima Drum Set
Lagrima Drum Set

Drummers are the least recognized member of a band when it comes to stage presence. You will find lead singers and lead guitarists taking on all the attention while the drum player remains unnoticed in the background.

But what many people don’t know is that the drummer carries huge responsibilities on their shoulders. They are responsible for the tempo. You can find a band without some components, but none where a drum player is missing. And of course, you have to start somewhere. 

The good news is, it is never too late. You can start today and become a lead for your band.

As a beginner, not every beginner drum set on the market is fit. The last thing you want is spending your money on a high-end gear that you might not use. 

Best Intermediate Drum Set in 2020

Pearl Decade
Pearl Decade

I believe you are buying an intermediate drum kit because you are ready to commit. The entry-level drum is cheap because they are more like drum testing options. Hence, you may want to know the price for the next level. 

One thing you must know, they are not cheap. These drums come at varying prices. There are those that even play as an intermediate option too. Such may be a bit cheaper.

There are several factors that determine prices. First, the price depends on the features of the set. For instance, all electronic mesh drums will cost higher than plastic pads. Also, there is a brand. Brands like Yamaha, DW, and Roland make high-end acoustic and electronic drum kits. Because of their reputation, they make products that cost a bit more.

Kids Electric Drums

If you are looking for kids’ electric drums, here is the page that you are looking for!

Finding a perfect drum set for you or kids your kids may not be easy for a parent and, even for drummers with more experience.

I always recommend following the instinct. See if you like the drum set, its color, the shape and if overall, the model fit your needs and tastes.

Best Acoustic Drum Sets In 2020

Here a list of some of my favorite acoustic drum sets, personally tested and selected for you:

Pearl Export Series

Pearl Export Series is a dynamic and functional set for more experienced drummers that want to move to the next step and buy a really good drum set.

From my experience, Pearl Export Series is a good drum set because it is highly versatile and suitable for all kinds of drum players. Is that cool, right?

In general, Pearl Drum Sets are considered a good choice from most drummers, because of their amazing sound and overall quality.

Pearl Export Series red with cymbals

Ludwig Breakbeats

Questlove (Roots’s drummer) has been one of the most famous sponsors of the Ludwig Breakbeats The Design Of A Star, a perfect portable drum set.

Ludwig Breakbeats is a really functional set and it comes out at a really good price. Check it out!

PDP Concept Maple Reviews

Pdp By Dw Mainstage 5 Piece Drum Set Hardware Paiste Cymbals Bronzemetallic

When I bought the PDP Concept Maple 5-pieces brand new, I wanted to feel it sounds and how it is to play it.

It is impressive to play and feel it, it seems so professional.

Its structure is so well made, the finishes amazing, and the edges are resistant and thick.

This drum set gives you the impression that it will last forever. And that’s a great feeling!

Pearl Roadshow Review

Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Complete Drum Set With Cymbals Rock

I would like to start by explaining everything about the Pearl Roadshow Review.

To choose the right drum, one has to look beyond the brand. It is essential to consider what the said set has to offer and determine who the products are for.

It is no doubt that choosing a good drum set is not as easy as it sounds. On many occasions, drummers find themselves choosing the wrong products because they did not know where to start.

But Pearl Roadshow makes your choice much easier.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch is listed as Yamaha’s most affordable 100 percent birch drum shell pack. It is an excellent option for beginners, as well as experts in the profession. It comes with a thin shell that will serve you for a long time.

The set also features low-mass lugs that keep the shells vibrating to produce top-quality sounds.

The construction ensures every drum shell has uniform quality, is perfectly round and durable.

81wrwq Bktl. Ac Sl1500

Mendini drum set reviews

Mendini drum set reviews page will give you advice about 3 different, but really cool and affordable models, so, you still have to decide between:

Mendini By Cecilio 16 Inch 5 Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set

Gretsch Drums Renown Review 

Renown still comes with classic 7-ply Gretsch formula maple shells. They feature 30 degrees bearing on the edges. The interior is made with an exclusive silver sealer.

In other words, Gretsch is known for making excellent quality and classic drums.

The Renown carries a new twist; it has the additional player-friendly 302 hoops by Gretsch. It is the same used in the Brooklyn and Broadkaster drum series.

With these features, the drum can produce desirable focused sound. This is a feature you get in a die-cast hoop. Only that it is lighter and less rigid in the Gretsch Drums Renown. The drum, therefore, can “breath” and reach maximum resonance.

Even the 2016 Renown offers the original Gretsch sound. It has an excellent open, harmonic tone that sends the versatility required for the demands of vigorous drummers.  

Gretsch Drums Renown

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set Review

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set is a 5-kit full drum set that comes with many things a drummer needs to start playing. It comes in a beautiful blue finish that glitters under stage lighting. This feature makes the drummer feel in control.

It is made with poplar. Each shell is crafted with precision, bearing the ages. This simply means the metal rings around them are designed to take in heavy blows. 

Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

Gammon Drum Set

Gammon Drum Set
Gammon Drum Set

This drum is a product from Gammon that features a bass drum, snare, drum, floor tom, and two mounted toms. The package also includes stands, cymbals, hardware, stool, a drum key, and drumsticks. Hence, it is a package that you will set up and start playing immediately.

This is quite interesting because most drum sets don’t come with cymbals and several other hardware. For this, the Gammon Percussion receives a thumbs-up.

For years, the company has been producing some of the best gear for musicians. They have an experience that goes beyond most competitors, which is very important in offering quality serves.

Simply put, the Gammon Percussion Drum set is the perfect representation of top-line drums. And you should not have any doubts about its functionality and quality.

Pearl Vision

Pearl Vision Drums Black
Pearl Vision Drums Black

Pearl Vision Drums have been on the market for more than ten years now. The 2016 Pearl Export drum is among the latest products on the market.

For this reason, you can be sure you have the best drums. They are probably all birch, which makes them sound incredibly fine.

Finding the serial number can help you determine important information such as the year of manufacture and the materials in the drums. This is critical when you want to upgrade or compare it with other sets.

Chances are, the serial number is on a sticker somewhere inside the shells. In that case, locating them should not be a problem.

Pearl Masters Maple Complete

Pearl Masters Maple Complete Set
Pearl Masters Maple Complete Set

First, this piece features the highest-quality built. The materials involved are premium, which guarantees long service. This means the product is worth your investment.

Second, the quality of responsiveness and sound you get is incredible. Once you tap with the sticks, the drums will respond easily and naturally, letting you enjoy playing at all levels. If you are looking to create a total percussive statement and impress your audience, this is a piece you can count on.

Just to make sure you never doubt its quality, the Pearl Master Maple Complete comes with extensive warranty coverage. All of us need products that provide peace of mind, and I am sure the lifetime warranty on this product offers just that. 

Natal Arcadia Drums

Arcadia Birch T6 Red
Arcadia Birch T6 Red

The Arcadia series is Natal’s cheapest line of drums. A T6 drum kit has been introduced to make sure beginners get the same quality sound as other higher-end sets.

It features a nice look from a modest outlay. They achieve this design shipping in a single cardboard box, popular with any budget kit. And the final results are an affordable drum kit with six-ply shells. The shells are 7mm thick and rise to 8mm with plastic wrap.  Even the 16-inch bass drum hoops are bitch ply.

The Arcadia Birch T6 compares Ludwig, Tama, and several other top brands that have a 16-inch bass and 10-inch & 13-inch toms. The extra-small sized drums may not sound as deep as large drums, but the T6 comes really close to the feel.

Gretsch Catalina Club

Gretsch Catalina Club
Gretsch Catalina Club

The most basic reason anyone will think of Gretsch Catalina Club drums is that they come from a reputable brand. If it were not for Gretsch’s name, perhaps we would not be so much talking about them.

Gretsch is a company that dates back to the 19th century; hence it has been around long enough to understand the ever-changing consumer needs. It was an original creation of Friedrich Gretsch, a German immigrant living in the US.

It all started out as a small music workshop in Brooklyn, New York. But today, it is a household name for banjos, drums and tambourines manufacturing. Note also that Gretsch only manufactures adult drum set models that come in different sizes. They have been customized to meet various consumer needs. 

Pearl Decade Maple Drums

Pearl Decade Maple
Pearl Decade Maple

Pearl went to the drawing board about a decade ago and designed a drum series that changed the current balance between performance and value. Many users only knew the low-end poor sounding options and the unaffordable higher-end options.

The result of their ingenious thought was a brand-spanking-new line of pocket-friendly, well-designed drums called Pearl Decade Maple series. It is incredible how the company went on to deliver high-end sound, durability, and looks while ensuring it was within reach of most users.

If you are looking for a real-value-pay, this is the solution you may need.

Ludwig Accent Drive

Ludwig Accent Drive Set 1
Ludwig Accent Drive Set

The Ludwig Accent drum set is an entry-level drum kit that comes with everything a drummer needs. It comes from one of the most reputable brands on the market.

Ludwig has always been considerate when it comes to quality and offering useful products. This is why no one can ever doubt the quality of this set.

Ludwig brand belongs to the Steinway Music group, which makes it a good brand. For long, the Steinway Music Group has been contributing to the music industry. The Ludwig Accent Drive is a good example of their quality for different products.

Mapex Saturn

Mapex Saturn V
Mapex Saturn V

Mapex Saturn is a perfect drum kit for modern drummers. It is designed for high-quality and offers long-lasting services. The kit follows directly in the marks of Mapex’s Armory and Mar series, which makes one of the most significant upgrades. Its Soniclear bearing edge is, without a doubt, a wonderful component for any drum.

The inner edges are trimmed to 45 degrees for the rack toms and 60 degrees for the kick and floor toms. This is better than the usual sharp summit as it is a slightly rounded, flatted back-cut component, which comes out from the outer edge of the shells. With this, the drums ensure greater contact between the head and the shell. Mapex says this is too coax as much depth from the drums. And it also helps in tuning.

Mapex has been focused on innovation and discovering better ways to make drumming more sensible for the modern drummer. And for them, this feature is a delicate balancing act between getting out as much resonance from the shells and reaching a fundamental tone from the shell.

Mapex Armory

Mapex Armory Set Kit
Mapex Armory Set Kit

One thing you will love about the Mapex Armory is its construction. The shell pack is made to impress the user. Even if you are not a drummer, you can be sure to fall in love with this piece.

The shells are six-ply 6.2 in thickness comprising a birch outer and inner maple core. These shells take advantage of hybrid birch and maple shells for more optimized sound output. They deliver a lot of warmth and projection from the maple as the bitch plies get rid of excessive overtones.

From the first time I played the drums, I discovered they had such focused sounds that give the drummer a feeling of great control.

I have reviewed many drums at this price range, and they don’t have great shell construction. Mapex has tried to get rid of this tradition by perfecting the  Armory. The company seems to have taken enough time planning and considering every approach. This can be seen in the blend of these two types of hand-picked wood shells resulting in the smooth tone it gives.

Mapex Storm

Mapex Storm
Mapex Storm

Mapex Storm one of the most popular drum sets from the company. It is among the most affordable products aimed at lower-budget buyers. If you are a beginner looking for a quality drum set, this is one choice you can count. It has been on the market for some time now, and many stores claim it has been selling quite well.

There are two kits in his series. Let’s look at each of them separately. Mapex Storm Fusion kit comes a choice of 20-inch Fusion, or 22-inch Rock five-piece shall pack. It also features a complete set of new Storm hardware and the option of a cut-price cymbal set from Paiste. The set also includes a second flow tom for free, depending on the stock reserves.

You will start playing the drums straight from the box, which makes them a great convenience for beginners. The user does not need to spend money buying hardware and other necessities.

Mapex V Series

Mapex V Series
Mapex V Series

The V-series comes as a replacement for the previous range of drums with the same name. They retain the same basic construction, but it looks and feels different.

It is done with a selection of sleek lacquer finishes that makes it stand out from other kits at the same price range. Also, the series market across the glove wrapped and lacquered finishes. In the UK, however, Mapex has taken a bold step offering lacquered finishes only. And it seems the British drummer prefers lacquered to wrapped kits.

Other distinguishing features further spit the lacquer choice. They are, for instance, predominantly matt wax finishes. Until recently, gloss finishes were more prevalent, which meant that matt wax or brushed finishes remained unnoticed.

Mapex Mars

Mapex Mars Drum Kit
Mapex Mars Drum Kit

Mapex has been at the forefront of innovation with drums. And the Mars five-piece shell pack is among the best products for the budget end of the industry.

There is a different configuration on the set. In this Mapex Mars review, I will be reviewing Mars kit featuring 10 x 7 and 12×8 mounted toms, 16 by 14-inch floortom, 22 by the 18-inch bass drum, and a 14 by 6.5 snare.

The Mars series offers 100% birch shells that appear in shallow depths and the SONIClear bearing edge. According to Mapex, this feature is responsible for producing a fast, clear tone with a faster rebound. They come with the ‘rock’ shell pack, which carries different sizes to meet the different needs of players.

The design also comes with low mass lugs based on the same design that was developed for the Black Panther series. Also, you should enjoy the Mapex’s elegant SONIClear tom mounts fitted to the toms.

Mapex Pro M

Mapex Pro M La Kit
Mapex Pro M La Kit

The Pro M series has been an outstanding drum in the Mapex for several years. In 2004, Pro M shells were given a promotion to all-maple status and are now similar to those found in Mapex’s Orion Series. For the Orion drums, the outer layer made of ply is a more attractive maple burl, which gives the difference. It is the maple shells that define the LA kit.

The thickness of ply used in making toms and snare is 5.8mm while that used to make bass drums is 7.2mm. This thickness indicates a positive response to the drums. The depth of the bass drum and the snare indicates plenty of power. The bass drum is further strengthened by being drilled. When you sit behind the kit, the kick seems to stretch to the horizon with the wooden hoops taking its overall length to a tremendous 22 ½ inches.

The kickdrums length offers you a chance to appreciate the lacquered finish of the kit. Platinum sparkle is a silver sparkle that is much suitable for this kit. Another new lacquer choice is a blue sparkle called Bermuda Sparkle. The sparkles are only available with this LA kit. The only non-sparkle lacquer that is also cheaper is the Midnight Black and is available across the Pro M series.

Mapex Meridian Maple

Mapex Meridian Maple
Mapex Meridian Maple

The whole kit comes fitted with Remo HT heads, which is usually the twin-ply Pinstripe versions on all toms. The real influence of these heads and the features they possess comes from the toms. I could feel the fat, juicy notes from the start. They are really amazing how they sounded, making me feel like this is a kit I should have had a long time ago.

Pinstripes seem to subdue attack in favor of a thicker sound. It could be seen clearly through the deep, warm tones from the toms. The bass drum did not disappoint in delivering a fat sound either. It comes with a simple-ply batter, yet offered impressive tones at the bottom end.

I wanted to play some of my favorite rock tunes, but I did not have good sounding cymbals yet. So I opted for something more subtle – some jazz.

Mapex M Series

Mapex M Series
Mapex M Series

This drum kit is the best at this price range. Most similarly priced kits feature crappy finishes, and they are not impressive in terms of sound production. The sound from the kit is surprisingly nice. I compared with the standard Pearl Export I had been using for a while and found this to be much better.

Mapex is has been operating on the market for more than 18 years now. They, therefore, have the best experience to offer modern drummers with everything they need.

The team that creates these drums is music lovers, mostly drummers who understand what it takes to get good sound from drums. Everything that comes with the Mapex M series is designed for high-quality performance. For instance, the Fusion tom sizes are a little deeper than mores sets, and hence, they sound deeper.

Mapex Saturn IV

Mapex Saturn Iv
Mapex Saturn Iv

Mapex introduced to the market its new Saturn Pro line of drums at the beginning of the new millennium. This series quickly became a major player on the market, offering immense benefits for those who needed something extraordinary. After five years, the rebranded their products, giving birth to the Saturn series. And for the many years that followed, the pro-level drums have gone through different rebranding and re-engineering levels to meet user’s needs.

Today, their fourth incarnation, Saturn IV, is making the same mark across the globe. They are pitched just below the Mapex’s flagship Orion series, occupy the second place slows in the

Mapex rankings. In other words, owning a Mapex Saturn IV shell pack is a great way to achieve professional drumming. They are constructed with the best materials and top-notch sound configuration. Mapex is a wonderful company in terms of creating affordable drum sets with top-quality construction. Their products offer long-lasting benefits.

Mapex MyDentity

Mapex Mydentity Set
Mapex Mydentity Set

The Mapex MyDentity drums come with either 7-ply all-maple or 6-ply all-birch shells. Bass drums bear 7.2mm thickness, while the toms and snares and 5.8mm thick. All drums have 45-degree back-cut bearing edges.

Most of the bass drums feature eight lugs, except the 24-inch and 26-inch ones, which have ten. They also have wooden bass drums with matching inlays.

The snare and tom rims are 2.3mm Mapex triple-flanged Powerhoops, which offer super-quality functionality. They use Mapex’s ITS mounts for mounted toms, even though the bass drums are ‘virgin.’ This means you will hang the mounted tom on your cymbal stands.

Mapex Voyager

Mapex Voyager
Mapex Voyager

All voyager drum sets are designed and packaged to be ‘ready to go.’ The package consists of a full set of all-new Mapex 330 Series Hardware, an optional set of Mapex Cymbals, a setup, an instructional DVD, and a padded throne.

The drums feature newly designed appointments that include lugs, mounts, badges, and bass drum claws. The Voyager has 7.2 millimeters basswood shells with recently designed, low weight lugs.

These lugs are attached to the shell using only one point of contact, reducing the number of holes drilled and enhancing resonance. The voyager series features a self-muffling bass drum head.

Mapex Shell Pack

Mapex Shell Pack
Mapex Shell Pack

When it comes to getting the best out of drums, choosing the right brand is key. In the world of affordable drums, Mapex can be seen as a market standard. The Mapex drums sets come paired with your favorite high-quality stands for optimal performance.

Whether it is at home or on stage, these drums can easily give you everything you need in a drums set. Owning a Mapex drum set is one way to get good value for money in your drums. And most of them will surely hit the right note. It is hard to tell if a drum set if good by simply looking at it. You have to listen to them and experience the drums from a personal perspective.

When choosing a drum set, I always consider another drummer who uses them. In my experience as a drummer, I have come across many beginners, and even experienced drummers make mistakes by choosing the wrong inspiration.

Pearl Midtown

Pearl Midtown
Pearl Midtown

I have been using Pearl drums for quite some time now, and I know what they stand for. When it comes to quality products, not one can deny this company has so much to offer.

Even if you are a hardcore fan of other brands, you can easily side with this statement. The main reason is, you will always come across a Pearl kit anywhere in the world. This means it is a large and reputable brand that makes many drummers smile.

Every user expects that every drum the manufacturer makes at least offers a solid feel and function. The sound is also expected to be decent as the kit survives a large share of abuse. The Pearl Midtown Drums will fulfill these expectations. They come bearing the standard quality features and construction of the brand.

Mapex Rebel

Rebel 5 Piece Sro 1
Rebel 5 Piece Sro 1

Therefore, stop buying drums will break after a few days and frustrate your budding musician. We are aware that it can be hard to figure out musical instruments, especially at the entry-level. Therefore, we will look at the Mapex rebel drum set and Mapex 5 piece drum set.

Are you looking for a product with great affordability and quality? If that is the case, then the drum kit Mapex set is the right product for you. The entire drumming experience is assured. This starts from unboxing and setting up to tuning the drum set and its maintenance. The rebel kit has five pieces set made of 9-ply, 7.2mm poplar shells that offer plenty of tone for the amateur.

Its base drum offers a solid low-end punch to get the creative juices flowing. The Mapex Rebel kit has everything that is needed to get started right away. It comes with stands, cymbals, throne, pedals, and many others.

Mapex tornado

Mapex Tornado Set
Mapex Tornado Set

The tornado drum kit is made by the most trusted and well-renowned company in the world. It provides drums to all sets of players, from amateurs and students to professionals. This series has turned into the best-selling kit in the UK.

Its drum shells are made of basswood ply’s that are durable. All kits have ball and socket tom holders that keep all drums in the right positions. The drum kit has a well-printed badge and logo head so that you can quickly identify it.

It comes with the 200 hardware series that is double braced. Thus, you need not purchase the hardware separately. They also have a matching wood shell snare drum, hi-hats sticks, and crash/ride cymbals to give you all that you need to start drumming.

Mapex Horizon

Mapex Horizon Set
Mapex Horizon Set

The newer drums feature all-birch shells, whereas Horizon Birch ones included a Birch/Poplar hybrid.

They are widely available as advertised on major online stores. These drums are very affordable too, often coming at a street price of about $550 for a five-piece shell pack.

To me, they look like an incredible value-for-money option. Besides, coming from Mapex, you can be sure of the quality of the drums. I was going through some online comments about this drum set, and I was very impressed. Many of them agree that this is one of the biggest players in the market for high-quality entry-level drum sets.

his could be the best summery of the Mapex Horizon drum kit. It comes with all the features that will make a drummer feel like they made the best decision investing in the kit.

Mapex Saturn Pro

Mapex Saturn Pro Drum Set
Mapex Saturn Pro Drum Set

Mapex launched the Saturn Pro series of drums at the turn of the new millennium. Over the years, this high-end product line has evolved, marking the beginning of the Saturn series. These pro-level drums have gone through different re-definition and re-engineering, giving birth to their fourth incarnation.

The Saturn series is generally pitched immediately under the flagship Orion line. It holds the second rank in Mapex ranking.

They also come in different finishes for unique selections. The drums I have come from Mapex MH Exotic edition, which includes black-chromed hardware. I ordered a four-shell pack for this review, consisting of 10 by 8-inch and 12 by 9-inch rack toms, a 14 by 14-inch floor tom, and an undrilled 22-inch by the 18-inch bass drum. It comes with suspended toms that hang from the resin-style mounting clamps offered.

Mapex M Series

Mapex Armory 5 Piece Drum Kit
Mapex Armory 5 Piece Drum Kit

Mapex X series is another set of drums from Mapex Company. This series came into play as an advancement from the previous set. Mapex Company has been improving its previous sets to suit your drum needs. The company has members who are musicians; hence they help the company with modification of their drums.

The armory series is the most recent realization of the Mapex m Hybrid shell concept. It has a fusion of Birch and Maple that gives a tonal expression. The SONIC Lear bearing edge allows the drumhead to be flat, giving out the best response by utilizing the relationship between the head and the shell.

he raw materials used to make these drums are the best. The company has experts who are useful in selecting the best wood. Premium grade hardwoods are selected from all over the globe. Experts then match the wood, ensuring that every drum produces the tones and resonant properties that make the drums unique.

Sonor Safari

Sonor Safari
Sonor Safari

Before looking for this kit, I went online, on and found some comments about the kit that caught my attention.

One of them says, “I wanted to buy a Sonor Safari kit. I noticed one online distributor say it was crafted from select maple basswood. On all other descriptions, it says 9mm of poplar. The one described with basswood retails at $389, while the others are $479. Any Sonor fans who know the answer?”

This is a major concern for many Sonor users. I did have the same issue, especially with an online review.

However, I did not care much about this. Some users say their products are said to have select hardwood, while others go with poplar.

Mapex Black Panther Drum set

Black Panther Drum Set
Black Panther Drum Set

In this review, I will be focusing on the Mapex Black Panther Widow Kit. Any drum that is in the Black Panther range by Mapex has to be very special. And the Black Widow kit carries all the features that describe this line of drums.

Talk about the best quality built and detail; this kit has it all. It delivers warmand resonant toms with a flexible snare that leaves nothing to chance.

The only issue I have with this line is the lack of options and limited production line. I find this to be an interesting tactic that may not end up well.

Sonor Martini

Sonor Martini Kit
Sonor Martini Kit

The Sonor Martini has been discontinued, and it’s not widely sold anymore. So, if you want a compact drum set as soon as possible, you can try out something like this kit.

Nevertheless, you can still find the Martini from several sources online, like this one. Otherwise, there is nothing much to look forward to in terms of updates, except for what I will be discussing here.

The drum set was introduced in the last quarter of 2013. Originally, it was only available in Turquoise Galaxy Sparkle, but today there are two other finishes.

Sonor is one of the best drum manufacturers on the market today. And therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the Martini could easily be the winner in the 14-inch class; there are no contenders anyway.

Sonor AQ2

Sonor Aq2 Safari
Sonor Aq2 Safari

If you need a little drum kit for gigging, consider the Sonor AQ2 Maple Safari kit. This four-piece maple shell pack comes with the best features you can expect in any drum set. Besides, it is one of the most versatile solutions out there, perfect for funk, hip hop, and swing setups. For those who play on quieter stages, you can always count on Sonar for the sound.

The shells come from rich, broadband maple and are topped with a set of beautiful wraps. They make the kit look like a professional piece – well, it is.

When I unpacked my kit, the hardware made me feel like I had made the best decision. They all looked nice, and I could not wait to set them in place and start playing. Coming from Sonor’s SmartMount tom mounting system, you can be sure of the best quality. This hardware is designed to reduce metal-one-shell contact, ensuring better resonance and sustain.

Sonor SQ1

Sonor Sq1
Sonor Sq1

I had never played high-end Sonor drum kits before, and the SQ2 performed beyond my expectation. The line came with a definite sound that could not be heard anywhere else. And for many years that followed, it was all I wanted to hear.

So, when Sonor introduced the SQ1 series in 2017, I was overly excited to try them out. Manufactured by Sonor company in Germany, the birch shells on this drum seemed better than its predecessor’s bespoke format in terms of price. And hence, the SQ1 came as a more affordable option, apart from being versatile.

Their shells are made from Sonor’s CLTF Cross Lamination Tension Free Process, and they have an Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM). This means they have a slightly narrow outer measurement and 45-degree bearing edges, which ensure optimized shell contact.

Sonor SQ2

Sonor Sq2 Kit
Sonor Sq2 Kit

Generally, the Sonor SQ2 series offers luxurious kits. What is more, the evolving Designer idea enables Sonor to add better shell finishes, materials, and construction options. Everything is handed over to the drummer in the best finishes.

Sonor has been on the drum market since the late 1800s. Therefore, the company has the best experience and reputation for offering the best solutions. Sonor is known for making the heftiest hardware. But they have improved in the weight of their drums over the years, and hence, this piece looks in proportion.

Visually, the SQ2 is a beautiful and attractive kit. The same goodness is transferred into their sound, which consummates with the incredible craftsmanship. Also, they come in different choices.

Sonor Vintage Series

Sonor Vintage Series
Sonor Vintage Series

The first thing that will capture your attention with the Sonor Vintage Series is the vibe of the 1950s, which marked Sonor’s first steps into the modern realm. They represented a period up to the 70s when the more popular Sonor heavy-duty drums were seen.

As stated above, the Vintage series is Sonor’s recreating their original styles. Even though we are looking at modern features in drums today, there are many of us who still consider the vintage features better.

Sonor has tried to recreate their roots here, bringing back the past into the present. As a result, you get some of the most unique and original sounds no other drum set can offer.

Toddler Drum Set

Toddlers are quite adorable, right? And you want to make sure your kid enjoys being a kid. Hence, when they start showing interest in something, a parent tries to provide the best environment to natural talents.

So, has your toddler shown interest in drums, and you don’t know what to do? You can always see this through their reactions to drums. It can happen, perhaps when they see someone playing or through exposure.

Drum kits can provide endless hours of fun for your kit. So, the first thing to do is buy the right drum kit for kids. The set will encourage your toddler to take up music from an early age. But the time they grow, you will have helped them learn everything they need to know.

Ocean Drum

Remo Ocean Drum Fishhead
Remo Ocean Drum Fishhead

Take it literally from the name; an ocean drum is a percussion instrument that can produce soothing sounds similar to an ocean breeze. In other words, hitting the drums gives out sea sounds.

In general, it can be described as a round object with small metal beads on the inside. It is usually transparent in an appearance on the side, and with a fabric material on the remaining part.

It is not a drum per se. You plat by rolling the wrist to give various sounds. 

An ocean drum is a unique instrument and one of the hottest pieces in percussion today. 

Depending on the velocity of movement, you can get varying sounds from gentle to crashing waves. And that is where they got their name.

Electronic Cajon

There are so many instruments for drummers in the market, right? So chances are you have not yet heard about an electronic Cajon.

Well, don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here is what you need to know about an electronic Cajon.

Electronic Cajon
Electronic Cajon

The Cajon, in general, is an extremely versatile music instrument. It also comes with portability like no other. It has been equipped with a variety of acoustic music.

Everything is housed in a small box. This are the features that make it very attractive. If you are looking for the traditional feel of a Cajon with a modern touch, then the Roland EC-10 El Cajon should be a great choice.

Hang Drum

Pyle Professional Steel Drum
Pyle Professional Steel Drum

A hang drum simply two half-shells joined to create a convex lens-like shoe with a hollow inside. Perhaps this is why they are called hand drums.

 This build is meant to create a Helmholtz resonator. I know many are not physicists, so this term can be just confusing. But, do you remember when you were growing up, and sometime you would blow over and empty bottle? Many people still do this in their old age. 

Well, this is basically what the idea is all about. With that in mind, you already know what I am talking about. The bottom of these devices has a plained surface with one hole at the center that appears rolled. The top carries what they call a Ding, or center note. Seven to eight additional tones surround this part. 

Quiet Drum Set

The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad Four Different Playing Surfaces

The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad Four Different Playing Surfaces

When it comes to practicing drums, people are always concerned about the noise. We all know that drums are naturally loud, and this can be difficult if you need extensive practice. 

Most beginners don’t go far because of limited mobility and time factors. They can be a big hurdle for gaining the right experience necessary to become a good drummer. 

It is especially challenging if you move around a lot, or you don’t have a dedicated practice area. For those who live in apartment homes, your neighbors may not enjoy the loud noise.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to use your drum kit without creating a ruckus. Here how you can make your drumming quieter so that you can practice anytime and anywhere. 

Steel tongue drum

Steel Tongue Drum
Steel Tongue Drum

A steel tongue drum is also referred to as a hank drum, or steel drum is a concept that started in 2007, inspired by the hang drum. It is a percussion instrument that features in the idiophone group. And so you know, idiophones are musical instruments that produce their sound through the vibration of its material. This means it does not require, strings, membranes of external resonators. 

It is one of the most melodic percussion instruments you will find on the market. And for this reason, it has been highly appreciated for the relaxing sound it produces and how easy it plays.You don’t require any particular skills or technique to play the tongue drum. It is something just anyone can pick up and begin playing.

Note that the number of slats or ‘tongues‘is equal to the number of notes you get from your tongue drum. And you can use your hands to play if you are the ‘hands-on’ type. And if not, you can still use mallets. 

Best Bongos

Latin Percussion Aspire
Latin Percussion Aspire

No one knows the exact history of a bongo drum. But the first documentation came from Cuba, which is also why it is best known for Cuban moves. It has its roots in central and west African drums.

It is important to note that the bongo is one among many Afro-Cuban percussion families. Its European aspect comes from the beat, while the African and Caribbean styles dealt with the offbeat syncopations. For those who like funk, dance, pop, and any other music genre that forces the body to move, you know what Afro-Cuban polyrhythms entail. These are rhythms you will never play without shaking your body a bit.

The last and most important aspect of a bongo is the drum head. This is the part you hit to produce that sweet sounds bongos make. The head can either be made from animal hide, or synthetic material. The big drum in a pair of bongos is called the hembra, which is Spanish for females. The small one is macho or male.

Best Congas Review

Latin Percussion Lp City Wood Congas
Latin Percussion Lp City Wood Congas

Conga is a drum with one head and has a narrow body. Conga players use fingers and palms of both hands in playing conga. Congas are of different sizes, with the largest being about 15 inches while the smallest is 7 inches and can be hung on the shoulder by a strap. The size of a drum affects the quality, pitch, and volume of sound produced, and thus large congas are for lower rhythmic songs.

Most people know of the conventional drums found in most parts of the world, but few people will understand when you talk about the congas. But for the more significant part of the world who do not know much about congas drums, relax and let me share some knowledge on conga drum with you.

With the advancement in technology, most conga drums have been changed to suit the current needs. Thus the model used back in those days is not the same as the current. Significant changes have occurred. The modern conga drums possess wooden or fiberglass and a drum head screwed onto it.

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