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Pearl is not a new name in the world of drum sets. It is one of the best brands that make acoustic drums in the world.

The Pearl Roadshow series features full-sized affordable drum sets. They come with everything you need to stand playing as soon as you want to.

Pearl’s Roadshow 4-piece jazz drum set is a compact drum kit designed for jazz drummers. Note that the whole series is made for beginners and intermediate drums. This means they are affordable and yet very functional.

You will love Pearl drums because you don’t need exceptional knowledge to know they are good or use them. They are designed to meet the market needs of modern drummers.

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What Makes the Jazz Kit Stand Out?

Pearl’s Roadshow series come in many configurations, which include the rock kit, the fusion-plus kit, the fusion kit, and in this case, the jazz kit.

Roadshow jazz kit from Pearl is made for those who enjoy playing jazz. This the smallest sized configuration, which makes it easy to fit even in the smallest spaces.

The configuration does not have a second tom because it is not necessary in many jazz music cases. This further reduces the size of the entire kit.

Also, the drums are smaller in size. But this does not mean they are not good sounding.

Besides, the jazz kit can also be used in other music styles. For instance, gigging drummers find it highly portable and effective. Their full sound is all one may need to make good music.

Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Jazz Kits Reviews

Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Jazz Drum Set Charcoal Metallic

Talk about high quality and affordability in drum sets, and you will not miss Pearl’s Roadshow kits. They are designed to deliver high performance at the lowest price.

And in this case, the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece jazz kits are the real deal.

As you may already know, the jazz configuration is the smallest in the Roadshow series. It does not come with the complete number of toms, and the rest of the drums, especially the bass, are smaller in size compared to other kits.


The 4-piece jazz kits are designed to offer a perfect solution to jazz sound needs. They are therefore designed with Pearl quality but with compatibility in mind.

This kit features 9-ply, 7-mm poplar shells and is equipped with 1.2mm triple-flanged hoops.

They come fully equipped with heads and double-braced hardware.

Drum configuration includes an 18 by 12-inch bass drum, 10 by 7-inch tom, 14 by 10-inch floor tom, and a 13 by 5-inch snare. The small size of drums makes it ideal for small space and for carrying around.

In addition to this, the kit comes with a 16-inch brass crash cymbal/ride and a 14-inch hybrid hi-hat.

All the hardware is included: boom cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, snare stand, bass drum pedal, a throne, and a tom holder.

It is, therefore, everything you need to start playing. Also, you will get drum sticks and a professional stick back.

You are ready to rock right from the box.


• Full kit

• Jazz-sized

• Affordable


• Poor quality cymbals

• You may have to change the drum heads

Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Jazz Drum Set Jet Reviews

I was going through some online reviews about the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece jazz drum set jet, and I was glad some of them agreed with my reviews. Generally, this is a complete beginner jazz drum set that comes with everything you need to start playing.

Whereas most beginner drum sets are not the best sounding, Pearl has dedicated a lot of time to the quality of their sets in this category. This is why you will find a lot of drummers with good reviews about this kit.

One says, “you get a lot for your money here. The drums, the hardware, cymbals, sticks, stick bag, drum key, posters. For now, the quality …. The wrap on the bass drum shell came loose in one corner. I managed to press it back into the round, but it definitely worries me for future head changes …. The bass pedal, the hi-hat stand, and the snare are impressive for the price …”

Another one says, “Very good product … I happen to receive multi-color set … 3 drums black and 2 drums bronze … a black box … can live with it… still will play the same…”

Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Jazz Drum set vs. Sonor Martini

In the world of drum sets, very few brands have what it takes to offer good quality. Pearl and Sonor are two of the best.

With the demand for compact jazz kits on the rise, these two manufacturers have been offering a lot of services to the industry.

Pearl Roadshow 4-piece jazz drum set and Sonor’s Martini kits have been competing for long. These are two very useful jazz kits from top manufacturers.

It can be a bit overwhelming to know which one is the best.

The drums

Pearl Roadshow comes with an 18-inch kick drum, 7-inch tom, 14-inch floor tom, and a 13-inch snare, while the Martini has a 14-inch by 12-inch kick, 8-inch tom, 13-inch floor tom, and a 12-inches. Also, the Martini has maple hoops.

As such, the Martini is smaller and more compact. It comes with a bass drum mount and floor tom legs. This makes it a great kit for beginners.

A pack of Remo’s heads is also included, although they are cheaper ones made in China. Other components you get in the box include a bass drum riser, a ball and socket tom holder, and TuneSafe Technology on the tension rods.

Unlike the Roadshow jazz kits, the Martini is not a complete kit that comes with everything you need to start playing.

Another difference with the Roadshow jazz kit is the steel snare drum. This is one of the pieces that ensure superior sound from Sonor.


In terms of sound, it is hard to tell which one is the best. This is because everyone has their own needs.

However, each of these kits is a good deal for beginner jazz kits. Although Sonor seems to offer more advanced features, it’s still not the best quality from the brand.

Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Red Wine (RS584C/C91)

Pearl’s Roadshows series is a beginner line of drums from Pearl that offers good-quality performance. If, therefore, you are looking for a kit that will make your jazz drumming easy, consider this Roadshow 4-piece kit.


It comes with 9-ply 7-mm shells and 1.2mm triple-flanged hoops. The heads are included with double-braced hardware.

The kit is configured with an 18-inch bass drum, 7-inch tom, 14-inch floor tome, and 13-inch snare drum. This makes it a compact kit that will fit in any position.

Apart from the drums, you will get a 16-inch crash/ride cymbal and a 14-inch hybrid hi-hat.

The hardware given is really good. It features a boom cymbal stand, in hi-hat stand, snare stand, bass drum pedal, a throne, and a tom holder. Besides, quality drum sticks and a professional stick bag complete the package.

This is everything you need to start rocking straight from the box. Although some of these components are not the best quality, you still get a good deal for the money.

Also, the tonal features of this kit vary depending on your experience. But you should only use it as a beginner set.


• A full kit with everything you need to start playing

• Affordable

• Good sound


• You may need to change the drum heads and the cymbals

• Poplar shells are not the best quality


Jazz is a very interesting genre. It requires subtly. This is why the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece jazz kit is the perfect solution. It is a good deal for a beginner, but not for advanced or professional drummers.

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