Ludwig Breakbeats White Drum Set With Cymbals

The first time I used Ludwig Breakbeats made me ask why I had never known about it. At first, I thought it would not meet my expectations.

I mean, this is a drum kit designed by Ahmir “Questlove” Thomson! Almost every drummer knows Ahmir, the famous drummer of Jimmy Fallon’s house band.

How can such a great drummer design something cheap?  

Let’s just say it exceeded my expectations after playing and playing. This led me to do this review.

About the Ludwig Breakbeats

The Breakbeats kit is a design of Questlove. drummer of The Roots.

In his mind, he wanted to resolve the issue of travelling with drums to gigs. It is for NYC drummers to use the subway. Besides, most NYC apartments are not big enough to hand large drum sets.

Features of the Ludwig Breakbeats

I was comparing with other sets, like Ludwig Accent, to see what I could use on my next trip. The following features make this brand a winner.

It is not only suitable for NYC drummers, though. Just like market leaders like Pearl, this mini drum set is for everyone, especially beginners. It is an excellent deal for:

  • Adult beginners looking for good quality first drum sets
  • Junior players looking for the great drum and percussion sounds.

Note, however, that the Ludwig Breakbeats don’t come with hardware or cymbals. I found the information online quite misleading. Instead, you get the following:

  • A snare drum measuring 14 inches by 5 inches,
  • A bass drum measuring 16 inches by 14 inches
  • One tom measuring 10 inches by 7 inches for mounting bass drum
  • One floor tom measuring 13 inches by 13 inches
  • Tom mount, with ride cymbal clamp
  • Legs for floor toms
  • Bass drum riser

Great construction

These drums are made with 7-plywood shells popular. They are then fitted with Remo’s heads. This feature is important because it beats most drums in the same categories in sound production.

You can feel the power even when you have not mounted the drums. When you are on stage, people will judge you more from your appearance than your skills.

Ludwig’s construction gives you that stunning look. The drum set is simply built for looks.

Excellent sound production

I found the tom and the bass drums quite impressive in sound production. They are quite easy to tune too. Whether you are looking for punchy low or Bebop high, this drums set will give you that.

Compared to other sets, tuning this one to low is no hustle. It is simple and straightforward.

This feature is crucial for those looking for professional sound, but they can’t invest in more expensive sets. However, you should go for another alternative if you intend to play metal rock or heavy metal.

It can play the tunes, only that it’s too small to handle the pressure in these genres.

Many drummers playing jazz, hip-hop, R&B punk, and smooth rock find the Ludwig quite amazing. It produces just the right sound for whatever gig is necessary.

An applicable bass drum riser and mount

One of the downsides of this brand is that it does not come with hardware, hi-hat stand, and cymbals. It is called a “drum pack” simply because it comes with a bass drum riser.

This feature is significant because of the size of the drums. The drum rise helps in setting the drum in the right position so that the drummer always hits the centre.

Aside from this, it has the tom mount. You can use this to set the tom drum on the bass. And if you wish, you can add cymbals. The clip is already provided for these components.

Perfect for gigging and more

The Ludwig Breakbeats was designed by Questlove, a drummer who understands what is best for what occasion.

It is, therefore, good, not only for NYC drummers street drummers, but anyone else looking for a handy drum set. It is easy to play, hence functional for adult beginners.

Young kids will also find it a perfect fit because they are smaller. It is, however, good to note that they are a bit more costly than other complete junior drum kits.

A drum kit for street gigs

The reason Questlove designed this set is that he wanted a solution for his constant travel in subways.

Bigger drum sets could not fit well, even in most NYC apartments. Hence, a smaller drum set.

This size makes it a perfect fit for street gigging. There are many rampant entertainers in the world today who wish to impart their talent everywhere. This portable drum set could be the ultimate solution for such needs.

Social proof

During my search, I went through the internet and found several reviews that seem somewhat positive. Most of the caught my attention and encouraged me to give it a try.

This is how I buy things online anyway. I always go through the reviews of other customers before committing to a particular product. Here are some great things people say about Ludwig Breakbeats:

How do you know if a drum set is good?

Just like many other things, the quality of the set will determine how much you spend. In most cases, the least expensive ones come with many shortcomings.
However, that does not mean cheap drums are all bad. For instance, many drum kits for juniors are not expensive.
They also come with everything included. But chances are some things will not work as well as you would expect. The shell may be high, but the cymbals will make an expert close their ears.

How to carefully research the drum hardware?

It is essential to take a look at the hardware and ensure it is stable. It can be tricky for online shoppers.
Luckily, there is virtual reality, which can help you get a more detailed look at the images.

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Drum Set Online

The internet has indeed made things easy for the world. However, there are certain things that you cannot just buy as a first-timer. And drum kits such items.
Having your own drum set is exciting, right?
I mean, you will get all the time you need to practice and improve your skills. It is the dream of every beginner to have their staff. It makes you look more of a musician than a joker.
Before you start thinking about your own items, you should have some necessary music skills, and what kind of drum set is the best.
When I decided to buy my first cymbals online, I had to go through different reviews just to be sure what about what I really needed.
Buying online drums may not be a good idea for you if you want to test them onsite. Unfortunately, the internet only provides images.


This drum set does not come with hardware and cymbals. Besides, it is more expensive than most complete junior drum sets.

So if you are looking for a set with these items included, or perhaps you want a cheaper alternative, the following sets could be worth looking at.

1.      Mendini Drum Set

This is the most affordable drum set for beginners on the market. They produce a pretty decent drum set. The price is just way low for such quality.

The only problem is the cymbals.

They are thin and don’t sound as great.

But is it pocket-friendly compared to Ludwig, which does not have cymbals?

Apart from this, they come in different color selections. Either you can get a blue drum set or a red drum set.

With seven colors to choose from, many people find it quite fancy.

2.       Gammon Percussion Pink Drum Set Full Size

The Gammon resembles Mendini in many ways.

It has decent drum sounds, which is quite impressive, considering the price.

Unlike the Ludwig Breakbeats, it’s a complete drum kit with cymbals and hardware.

It is cheaper too, way less expensive.

But the cymbals sound bad.

Such low quality is unfortunate but very normal.

3.      The Pearl Export Series

This is my favorite beginner drum set of all time. It is best on Pearl’s advanced production technologies and includes the best cymbals I have seen in many such sets.

I found it to have better sound production than all the drum sets above. And what is more, it is cheap! Despite the cymbals being great, they don’t compare to brand cymbals.


Finding the perfect drum set for beginners and street gigging has been a problem for many other drummers and me. Many drums sets are more extensive and quite expensive. Luckily, a fellow drummer, Ahmir, saw this and designed something that fits all.

The Ludwig Breakbeats is small enough, hence portable. You can carry it anywhere and is a fit for junior drummers. It comes with drum risers, which enable the drum beater to hit the center. Finally, it is cheaper, with great sound production.

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